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PC killers are sweaty



  • leyzymanleyzyman Member Posts: 355

    Ehhh, steams alright, I guess.

    (I hope this is a lfd reference)

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,426

    crossplay hasn't been play for me as killer or survivor pretty fun.

  • SporkSpork Member Posts: 122

    I think it's a difference in platform. Console players or people on controller have very different movements from what I've seen. A mouse is a huge and accurate advantage over it. It doesn't make killers sweaty, it's just better accuracy.

  • TecmagDiamsTecmagDiams Member Posts: 13

    "PC Killers are so sweaty"

    Dude my first 3 matches against console survivors had 3-4 brand new parts each... Tell me again who's sweaty.

  • divineavengerdivineavenger Member Posts: 4

    Firs of all , you can argue and be polite at the sam time, there is no need to call other people ideas BS or calling them idiot

    I must say this cross play is awesome. Waiting time is shortened. People of other platforms play a little bit different than super sweaty pc survivors who forced you to chase like a 3 min in the shack! less superloop, less constant chasing killer with flashlight to trolling you(thank god for flash nerf or bug or anything), and the worst of allllll is Gene rushing

    There is nothing worse than gene rushing.Specially when you accidentally choose a red rank 5k playtime to chase at the first of the trial and by the first hit, there are 3 genes have been repaired.With cross playing, at least I saw less gene rush and less swf. Maybe it's just a math, just because there is a bigger comunity now, so there is a lesser chance of going against super toxic teams.

    And I'm survivor too. It has been way more harder to play with other platforms' survs, Yesterday I got 4 depip in a row. It was nightmare.interstingly one of the killer was the nightmare. But at the same day, 4 clean victory as a killer in a row too.

  • divineavengerdivineavenger Member Posts: 4

    It is the natural selection. pc survivors and pc killers adapt to each other sweats and toxic forms of playing, so there is a new environment for console player. I get it

    But variety is a bless. May be you can opted out in this game , but you know what! life gives you no choice

    Sometimes you have to do it ,and it gets you stronger

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 828

    just as an FYI, if you're on console and see the globe icon.. pretty sure that could mean the other person is on another console too so not necessarily PC

    pretty sure

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 319

    Do you cry and whine and DC every time a new killer comes out or do you learn how to play against them and make adjustments to your playstyle?

    Because this is no different.

    You have not had to go against these mechanically demanding killers at their full potential, while PC players have been dealing with them for YEARS. We know what to do, and you can learn too. It's time to #########-ing learn my friend— not puss the ######### out with your tail between your legs.

  • DrunkenXSMonkey8456DrunkenXSMonkey8456 Member Posts: 53

    This is why I completely stopped playing quite some time ago. Because this game is so toxic the fun element is just gone, I love this game. But I just can't bring myself to play it in this state. I'll just wait and by my time.

  • matthermatther Member Posts: 3

    Uhh then you havent played enough games yet then. Nurse and spirit are strong killers don't get me wrong, but red ranks are absolutely not filled to the brim with tryhard sweats every game like so many people like to claim. Especially with nurse and spirit. Spirit i see every once in a while but nurse is almost never. As a matter of fact, usually the first words out of my mouth when a nurse is in the game is something like "holy crap its a nurse #########" cause you almost never see them. I do share distaste over playing against huntress but shes just a popular killer not a "youre the only killer i ever see" kind of killer. Idk just play more games and you'll see. Plus honestly i wouldn't even worry what killer it is if its PC vs Console. Playing console in itself is a disadvantage. Not meaning that as an insult its just plain fact that PCs can be, and usually are, a lot faster than consoles.. Like alot faster. Besides, chances are much more likely (one could say 4x the chance) that the killer is going to have to play against a sweat build than a survivor does.

  • LilituLilitu Member Posts: 1

    Is it not an option? On Xbox you can turn it off. I understand being frustrated over the same killers, I went against Billy like 5 times in a row, and yeah I got destroyed... but I just took a break. All you are doing is judging on what people like to play, and hey man.... after spending my own money, I will play whoever I want. Yes it can be boring but you will get better playing against them so use it. Soon you'll be ######### them over hard. And one thing I hate about this is the whole sweat thing.... like what y'all want no challenge? I hate it when I am with people who just mess around... and think, maybe the person got no kills last game and wanted to do good. It's kinda weird how you seem to think that they are just like that... like bruh they probably got destroyed hard game before (and no it isn't your fault but still I get how they'd be angry) .... I mean I watch my bf play killer and I only see him sweat when he's got no kills last 2 games... but nobody is the same... just keep in mind there are new players too that may just want to get better with a killer... just like me with Claudette, I main her which I'm sure many killers don't enjoy as I run some good perks but I still am learning and right now i am good with Claudette. Just take a deep breath and play minecraft if you get bored lol stay safe everyone 👌

  • Crap_MartiniCrap_Martini Member Posts: 50

    The sentiment "only the killers/survivors troll" is disingenuous.

    You troll because you troll. Simple.

    Everyone of these comments is ridiculous.

    Toxic players (survivor or killer) are toxic players.

    I played enough and watched enough streamers play to see it on both sides consistently and 90% of the time it's because of perceived trolling or an excuse to troll.

    It appears this community has never heard the phrase two wrongs don't make a right.

    I await the trolling replies.

  • BubbaMain64BubbaMain64 Member Posts: 546

    Blame the meta. Sweaty tactics and high tier killers are needed for consistent results. I personally don't play many of them since I enjoy other killers, but there is a reason it happens. Slugging, proxy camping, mind games, etc. are all strats that are needed to keep up with survivors. If you just hook people one by one that's not enough to stop the team from doing gens, which is the killers priority. Pair that with meta survivor perks like Sprint Burst, Decisive and basically all the other ones made to waste the killers time and deny them advantages, there really is no other option unless you want to lose just to be nice. Normally that isn't too well received anyways since you get a "######### you lmao" at the end of every match.

  • K1k0TVK1k0TV Member Posts: 4

    Ikr? I'm a main survivor who used to depend on ds, exhaustion perks and unbreakable on the ps4. Makes almost 1 year that I changed back to the pc. And whenever I play killer, I get those 4man swf with those builds. I'm just glad I got used to not use those 2nd chance perks anymore. I feel like it makes a game more interesting because now I depend more on the vaults. Maybe you would go play against me someday

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Nothing wrong with trying to win mate.

  • K1k0TVK1k0TV Member Posts: 4

    I don't really care about going against a huntress. I went against 3 huntress in a row and 2 of them had iri head. Spirits I'm trying to find more ways to counter, but it's impossible when you have 1 or 2 dcs. There are killers that I dislike but whatever, I just play the game normally and it doesn't matter which killer I'm facing, even if it's a stridor spirit. But on consoles most of the things changes

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    We play the game to the fullest and its the right wae to do it.

  • greekfire774greekfire774 Member Posts: 170

    Every single pc killer I've gone against I've survived. They aren't sweaty tryhards they are just playing the game as it is meant to be played on their system. I've had one pc player escape my trials and they sent me a "gg. Finally a good console killer." If you can't adjust and adapt to the new players then I feel like the problem starts and ends at YOU not them.

  • YehBoiGokuYehBoiGoku Member Posts: 248

    I don't understand how people can be so entitled. smh

  • Mobile might not be as bad as pc but man there is this epidemic where every second game is either ebony or more or some overpowered add-on combo.

  • TattooJakeTattooJake Member Posts: 158

    Unfortunately my dude you are posting in a killer main sided forum if you couldn’t tell with most of the responses. My only advice is you will just get use to it after a while. I play red ranks and surprisingly I don’t see many nurses, I guess I’m lucky. I see a good variety of killers but most would have to be Deathslinger, PH, Huntress, Legion and Oni. If you are playing solo you’re probably gonna lose a good 80% of the time unless magically you end up with a good team. If you want fun to be more of a factor play with some friends. Plus if they are decent at the game you can actually get that 80% down to 60 or even 50%. As for sweaty ass killers well that’s just red ranks for ya.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,244

    Truth is game was rigged from the start, as soon as ps4, xbox, switch joined pc the meh killers would be top tier due to people actually being competent with them, also on pc everyone hates spirit, but nurse is fun to go against and huntress is fun unless they use iri head

  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,870

    Same guy who slugged my whole team to death because one was "cocky." You can not complain.

  • Hahahhahah855Hahahhahah855 Member Posts: 7

    So you play consoles?

    Doesnt kean you are any different, idiot. On, both ps4 and xbox, dead by daylight they actually tunnel, face camp, normal camp, etc.

    So how are console players better when they are even more sweaty performing those actions?

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 487
    edited August 2020

    Funny how bad survivors think the Spirit's, Huntress', and Nurse's they play against are godlike, when the reality is they're just used to bullying ezmode console killers, none of those killers being the ones they ever really face lole

  • BeardedMenaceBeardedMenace Member Posts: 215

    Wow, that's crazy. Must be your luck man. I have yet to get a campy PC Killer or any campy Cross Play Killer. Hope your luck gets better. I've actually been fortunate enough to have good matches with respectable Killers. I get what people are saying though. I've watched a lot of people who can't do much anymore because bad matches.

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