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Out Of Ideas - 0xc0000142 Win64 Shipping.exe Application Error

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
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I'm out of ideas. I've verified integrity of game files and installed all windows updates, rebooted PC several times and still getting the error message below:

Anyone else had this problem and know of a solution that'd be just fantastic.

-edit- apologies I seem to have posted this in the wrong area, if this could be shifted to technical issues that'd be great too. Thanks.


  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

    Soooo I've now uninstalled and reinstalled dbd, still getting this error:

    I've also tried a bit of techno sorcery with the command prompt and regedit to no avail.

    I guess that's it then as there appears to be no solution as no one else is experiencing this problem I'm kindof getting the feeling that I won't find a resolution and I'll just have to ditch 4 years of fime and money invested into dbd.

    So yeah. Totally out of ideas now. Fantastic.

  • Masochistic_KillerMasochistic_Killer Member Posts: 413

    EAC works like malware. It's possible there is a conflict with A/V. Just from your screenshots that looks like an EAC issue rather than a DBD one. I don't know if you did, but you probably need to restart your machine between installations, EAC runs services among other things, I found that manually stopping/starting them did not work. Pretty sure it's dong kernel injection ######### like malware/viruses do to spy on processes and god knows what else.

    If they have a clean up tool I would run that first, reboot, then try the re-installation, reboot. Pray.

    Only you know what you did to your registry, that could have made it worse. Also system files and whatnot cannot be touched directly even as an Administrator. Trusted Installer handles a fair bit. There programs that will let you do things as though it's Trusted Installer doing them, can't remember if that's part of Systinternals these days or a separate thing cause it's been a minute. Windows 10 + EAC is the cirque du soleil of scatrobatics. Good luck.

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
    edited August 2020

    Apparanty this was supposed to work:

    Rght click on dbd in Steam - properties - Local files - browse local files -> EasyAntiCheat -> Delete Certificate folder was supposed to work.

    It got me past that error message but then the game closes down, likely because it NEEDS that folder to start. Restored folder and back to the same error message.

    Is there anywhere I can go for support on this type of thing or is that just it for me.

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