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Blocking pallet use is NOT healthy for this game

Exactly as the title implies. What else are survivors supposed to do in a chase? Just die in 5 seconds?

Doesn't seem very fun ... Ever since Deathslinger came out, I swear I feel like the devs are just making survivors gameplay more and more unfun with each and ever new chapter. It seems like not a lot of thought was put into the design, and the "new devs" are just entitled killer mains who want an effortless 4K with no real skill required.

Pallet blocking perk topped with Bamboozle .... Yeah, that's seriously gonna harm your playerbase if that becomes meta. Can definitely see survivors outright DC and quitting the game entirely if this is the direction the game is going.

Especially considering that, after the map change update - There's nothing but more deadzones and more unsafe pallets.

What were you thinking ....



  • IamDwightIamDwight Member Posts: 236

    I think it's very constructive to criticize a new perk the Devs are adding into the game without much thought.

  • ArtickArtick Member Posts: 618

    Literally the best advice killer mains can't come up with. "Don't get hit" by the faster killer when you have no pallet/window.

    Also, why don't you killers just don't get genrushed? I mean it's that simple, right?

  • IamDwightIamDwight Member Posts: 236

    Thank you for an actually constructive reply!

    Is it really a hex? I've not read much into it. Literally just woke up and read bits of the "news" on the new perks.

    But regardless, it's still scary on some maps.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061

    but its only 16 meters also "dont get hit" argument is pretty vaild. His fast but easy to juke, the turning is very clumsy. Maybe read about the perk first before you complain?

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 338

    Being a hex is what makes this perk not the greatest.

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 718

    ITS A HEX though. It’s only going to get one, maybe two uses before it’s destroyed.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,090

    It's a Hex and only activates on a hit. More often than not, if you're trying to drop a pallet within 16m of where you were just hit, your pathing was extremely poor. You should be using the speed burst on hit to get halfway across map anyway, regardless of this perk. That's basic survivor play.

  • ZensunimZensunim Member Posts: 116

    Do bones.

  • IPlayOniWayTooMuchIPlayOniWayTooMuch Member Posts: 29

    It only blocks pallets in a 16 meter range which isn’t that big maybe 2 loops at max but since you need to be hit for it to trigger just use the speed. Post from getting hit to run to another tile since the perk probably didn’t effect it. And also it has HEX in its name so what does that mean?

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,834
    edited August 2020

    There is though. And clear counterplay to the perk.

    Don't get it, get hit when not within pallet range or change the loop.

  • DexyIVDexyIV Member Posts: 506

    If you're staying at a loop you got hit on, you're not making efficient use of your speed boost. Get hit, go to another loop or window.

    This isn't even taking into consideration the fact that it's a Hex perk that has a cooldown, which is the first of its kind. The effect itself can be played around, you can cleanse it, and you can play around its cooldown. It's perfectly fine.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    I don't have excessive issue with the perk (in fact, I'm sure it'll be harmful for a number of killer players who see survivors drop pallets after being hit regularly, so I'm never using the perk) especially since most survivors will either speed boost away from the tile or be able to last the full duration before needing the pallet.

    But I do agree that it is bad design to prevent pallets from being dropped by sheer "prevention". It reduces the cases where pallets are used just to close off a pathway for a killer instead of for looping purposes.

    So, here again is another case of the developers making the game harder for players who don't want to be meta at looping while not affecting players who are already great at it. Just like Nurse's changes, this perk aims to make the game less fun for everyone except the peak of players, the exact opposite of top-down balancing.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,715
    edited August 2020

    It's honestly a weak perk.

    Who cares if the pallet is blocked if you just got a speed boost from getting hit to sprint to the next loop...

    Not to mention it's for only a very short duration. You can literally loop a window twice and it's basically available again.

    Oh we haven't even got to the fact that it's a hex perk AND has a long cooldown...for some reason. A lot of negatives for a pretty mediocre perk.

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    Lol that perk is an hex totem just do bones or go to another loop when you get hit this should be easy for the average player if you cant do this then the problem is you not the perk

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 686

    You're right, they didn't put much thought in here. This killer perk encourages survivors to play effectively and use their speed boost to make distance. Not to mention that if you REALLY want to stay at the loop than this perk can be removed from the trial. This is probably the weakest perk in the entire chapter, and of 2020.

    Is it unfun, eh, the only thing it encourages people to do is play better and improvise, which doesn't really sound that bad to go against imo.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    killers forcing survivors to play better because the killer is good is great! Perks that just block off options that are less efficient....ehhhhh not so great. Variety in skill is cool. Forcing people to be competitive gamer pros or else not have fun isn't cool.

    It's also not that powerful.

  • HarHenHarHen Member Posts: 28

    I think the main point of the perk is to counter pallet saves

  • ParzivvalParzivval Member Posts: 29

    Mabye getting hit isn’t an efficient risk, as you are now guaranteed to go down especially against this new bullshit, no clue why your reply has more upvotes then the actual comment, proves that this whole community are killer entitled and clearly these new devs just push it and keep pushing it

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 1,035

    Its not that bad for a few reasons:

    -its a hex

    -it only affects pallets in a small 16 meter range, which you can get out of with the hit speed boost

    -You can still window vault

    -you can still dead hard away if he catches you before you get to the next unblocked pallet.

    I think the best implication for it for the killer isn't when you hit a healthy survivor. For me, the attraction is for blocking pallets after downing a survivor (if it has cooled down since your initial hit). I hate it when i down a swat survivor when friends are nearby, they crawl to a nearby pallet before I can pick them up, and as soon as I pick them up their friend swoops in to pallet them out of my arms.

  • sad_killer_mainsad_killer_main Member Posts: 785

    You already have bamboozle which blocks 1 window at a time.

    With this new perk, "Hex: Blood Favour", you can only block pallets within a radius of 16 meters.

    That's a really small area, so you'll end up blocking maximum 2 really close pallets. Usually you'll just block 1 pallets at a loop.

    The maximum CD is 40s, which is ok to me, not really op.

  • HolyLadyGagaHolyLadyGaga Member Posts: 51

    It's only blocked for 15 seconds in a 16m radius isn't it? Just get to another tile and move on, it's not that serious.

  • ccactus623ccactus623 Member Posts: 214

    This blocking pallets should be added to cruel limits to make it useable as a hex perk it's pretty weak

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