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Blight is the first killer I felt genuine frustration while playing as.

I don't even know where to start from, how about the positive things I see in that killer. That would be visuals, lore and sounds. Without considering his gameplay, I think this killer is amazing. Finally getting to know the person behind blight experimentions, more blight lore in general, his visuals, mori. That's amazing. Also, new generators, animations and maps on PTB are amazing. I really love that and I always wanted such things to be in dbd. Honestly, I would even consider maining this killer. However I would not and here is why.


Okay, firstly let's just say how boring it is. How many "run fast af" killers do we have already? Three - Billy, Legion and Oni. Blight is forth. He barely brings anything new (apart from "bouncing" gameplay, which I'll talk about later) and his kits just feels underwhelming.

On paper his power sounds good. Boring, but good. As it is similar to some other killers, it should probably give the similar advantages - huge mobility, map pressure and maybe even shutting down loops, as it doesn't instadown survivors (lol no).

I have no questions to his addons. They are +- good. Not terrible, not amazing. Good.

Imagine if we took Oni, Billy and Legion. Removed instadown, deep wounds, everything from that mix of abilities and left only speed. We'd also make this speed ability have the most awful steering in the game and made it bump into every pixel. Moreover, we would make bumping into every pixel a CONDITION to make this power do something. And we add cooldowns on it. Many cooldowns. Sounds about right, yeah? That is this power. It metaphorically gathered the worst from these killers and barely got any good things from them.

This killer is the FIRST killer in 4 years, that made me, LEGACY killer main, who played since BETA and witnessed ALL kinds of [BAD WORD] this game has, ACTUALLY FRUSTRATED. I used to feel mild frustration from what survivors could do or how their perks work, how bad sometimes maps generated, how bad some bugs were and so on. But I NEVER was frustrated by the killer and his gameplay. Sometimes, like in case of the Huntress, I would say "nah, this is not mine" , but I would never feel any negativity from purely playing the killer. Even when I'm playing Nurse (who is more about fighting bugs of her power, than survivors themselves) I don't feel much negative emotions. I remember HAG BEFORE HER CUBE, AND EVEN SHE WASN'T THAT FRUSTRATING. I REMEMBER TRAPPER BEFORE HIS BUFFS AND HE WAS NOT THAT BAD AS BLIGHT. I REMEMBER PLAYING TRAPPER WITHOUT TRAPS AGAINST OLD INFINITES AND EVEN. THAT. WAS. NOT. AS. FRUSTRATING. AS. BLIGHT.

The Blight is the first killer, the first THING in this game that made me rage quit.

I'm being a bit puzzle-pated here, so I'll just list every frustrating thing about this power I have noticed so far:

  • You can't use your power until it's fully charged
  • Your steering is incredibly low
  • You have 2 cooldowns
  • Your attack animation is 2 separate animations (weapon swing and his left hand moves, that makes me think I'm ready to hit, but I'm not, ffs, not the big of a deal, but I'll still add this to the list)
  • Your collision is huge. I wasn't joking when I said you bump in every pixel on the map.
  • Your window between rushes is very low.
  • You have no idea when you rush ends so you have to just bump into walls when you feel when you're almost over. In case of bubba we have a meter at least.
  • Camera is very low.
  • Your steering is still very low between rushes, which makes using your rushes even more difficult
  • Because of how huge your collision is, you can actually bump into the same wall 2-3 times losing distance.
  • You can't cancel your rush in case you failed it. I had several moments where I just yeeted myself 30 meters away from the survivor because I was unable to cancel rush and they performed a simple juke in the beginning
  • Your lunge attack from the rush feels short. I know it's technically normal, but it feels so clunky and horrible to land. Especially after playing Oni who can prepare his attack a bit earlier, hold it and then slam survivor into the ground.
  • Getting on maps like Lery is a nightmare. I got on Hawkings once and it made me want to DC, but I just didn't use the power at all and played m1 killer.
  • Bumping just feels wrong. Why do I have to get beat by negative ######### to get something positive?
  • Where's his chase music btw?

There's more though, but I think even that would be enough.

Why does THIS power has NO instadown, but somehow billeh and Oni have it. Legion's power can insta injure survivors and it is extremely easy to control and it counters pallets&windows.


  • rework him
  • if you don't want to rework him, please address the things from the list above/do the things I suggest below
  • Give a meter to track the duration of current rush/Create a visual/audio cue telling that the rush is going to end.
  • Give his power instadown. For what you have to go throw in order to make it work, it deserves an instadown.
  • Make his collision smaller
  • Increase his lunge length in ability
  • Allow him to use his lethal rush without having to bump into #########. Make it take 2 tokens or even all remaining tokens in return.
  • Increase his steering.
  • GIve him 2-3 seconds immunity to bumping after bumping into collision&initiating a new rush to prevent situations where you waste all tokens trying to get out.
  • Give him "Displays the location of Slam" part of that grey addon as basekit. That's a very handy effect overlayed by the other part of his addon.
  • Allow him to break pallets by attack from Lethal Rush like Demo can with his Shred.
  • Make his attack from Lethal Rush a basic attack (I don't know whether it is, I haven't got any basic attack perk and I have no friends to kill in lobby)

Please, do the right thing. I believe this killer has a potential to be much better than he is. Right now he isn't even fun to use.

Have a nice day.


  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 407

    This is best post I have seen about the PTB so far.

    I would like to add a couple things - it is made even more frustrating by the fact that it is a PTB. IDK If I have super bad luck or Anti-Cheat is disabled on PTB, but I had to stop playing because of how many speed hackers I encountered. It really swayed my view of his ability because I thought it was MEANT to be the same speed of survivors, at first.

    Additionally, the graphical update is ######### - It looks cool, but this is far too competitive of a game to have things be this dark and hard to see. It was so easy to lose people because of how dark the new maps are and also the fact for some reason, they lowered the draw distance. The sounds are so bad too, its like everyone has Iron Will 2 equipped. Finally, the scratch marks are harder than ever to see now.

    However, this is one good thing to look forward to - Daddy McLean, my lord and saviour, has confirmed that the PTB is actually outdated - in a stream he stated that this is so different and frustating for him because the PTB is a whole week behind on his changes. I don't know if we will have a PTB update, but at the very least we can know that the full release won't be this frustrating anymore - at the VERY least, we will have working Anti-Cheat, scratch marks, and sound.

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 1,101

    I really hope they give blight some buffs or they have already given them and they would come in effect in live. Fingers crossed, though I'm still a bit pessimistic because the main problem of this killer is in the very design and mechanics of his power, which wouldn't work well in DbD at its current state

  • HarHenHarHen Member Posts: 28

    According to a developer on twitch(I can't remember exactly who) the current PTB Blight power is a week old and they have updated it, so hopefully they have reworked or fine tuned the power. I just wish they would be more open and tell us what changes are going to be made so they can see the player base's reaction and adjust accordingly. I fully trust the game builders to take our opinions into consideration but I think now is a moment where telling us what changes will occur before they sink too much time and resources into it would be a good decision.

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 1,101

    I believe they aren't saying anything because 1) It might get changed again 2) They know what feedback to expect, so they purposely pushed even weaker version on ptb so the actual power, no matter how bad it is, will feel good compared to what we saw on ptb.

  • kosmikosmi Member Posts: 363

    Hope they change something...

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 1,856

    He needs a whole ass power rework and remake tbh....I dunno what was going on, im sure it had something to do with the disease running rampant maybe putting them out of the groove, but this killer....MEGA YIKES!

  • Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 88

    Lorewise his power doesn'T mnake any sence. Even his discription stated him as "unnatural" or "unpredictable". Well, the only thing unpredictable is how often he needs to bump into objects and if it hurts him or not. And to run isn't unnatural. lol.

    His lore is damn amazing. He as a killer is weak asf and just boring.

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 1,101

    Well, it's kinda scary and unpredictable when a dwarf suddenly starts moving at mach 20 speed.

  • MrGimmsYouTubeMrGimmsYouTube Member Posts: 47
  • ShenaniganShenanigan Member Posts: 208

    You might already know this and while I wholeheartedly agree with you on this, but this ptb blight is a week late from it's current version (at least that's what I've heard) so the current version might be different than the one you guys might be playing with now. But the only thing that I don't enjoy is the camera height. Legion without using their power feels sort of fine, but when you activate feral frenzy I feel overwhelming short compared to the environment around me. While I understand Blight is hunched it still would feel a little nice to have the camera raised up just by a little bit.

  • BlackcatnightBlackcatnight Member Posts: 14

    When I saw videos of others playinv him I was beyond disappointed. I really hope the devs do something because otherwise I will not buy him which sucks since I love the game a lot and want to have every character in it.

  • BluegattiBluegatti Member Posts: 80

    uh man the power stuff and the gameplay I think it is quite okay tho, it is hard to play and I do see the potential that if someone able to master this killer it can be really powerful.

    However, I do think the main issue with blight is that the camera is so low and the screen shake when you bump into things is extremely unpleasant that may cause you actually have headache or throw-up after few games. I play about 5 games that I think I physically having unpleasant feelings that cause me to go to the bathroom, my friends who’re watching me playing the blight saying that it’s painful to watch and they almost gonna throw up

  • BlackcatnightBlackcatnight Member Posts: 14

    I've played him a bit now and he has no maneuverability, especially when it comes to looping and once survivors get to know his play style and weaknesses him getting kills will be very difficult. So far I think he really needs a buff to be viable. I was really hoping for a bit of thought put into him and maybe a unique, fun, power but then I get a pinball machine who may as well be a watered down version of legion. Disappointed doesn't begin to cover how I feel about him.

  • I can agree with you on this %100 normally when I play a new killer I can get use to their power within a few games and get better slowly but with blight he is just crap the power is stupid it doesn't work well at all and I really hope he gets rework done, I was so excited for chapter 17 but now I am very disappointed about how it has turned out.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    Agreed. Crap killer.

    So he runs fast...but has to bump in to something in order to have an attack at the end of the chain? Ridiculous.

    He feels genuinely weak. A frustrating mess to play as.

    The appearance, music, lore etc are all very nice...but I'm never going to use this guy. He's honestly terrible.

    The killers are getting worse and worse in my opinion.

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