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Anyone else unhappy with the 'entity cult' thing?

MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

So, from what i understood there's some cult thingy aware/worshipping/whatever the Entity in each reality survivors are taken from, did I get that correct?

Am I the only one who thinks that makes the lore less interesting?

It feels like it takes the suspense/danger out of a situation for me.


  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    My 'issue' with it is less what it does, regardless what it is, but more that it is a connecting factor. I dunno, it feels to me as if it takes something away from... i dunno... the sense of dread?

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    But it is not a connecting factor, as they are not a constant. Unless you are talking about some leak lore from the archives that I haven’t read, the group that fights the Entity is not a constant, and although there are implications about ancient cults and tribes that have knowledge of the Entity, again, they are not referred as a multiversal constant.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,208

    The Secret Entity-Studying Society in Felix's lore was hilariously convoluted. You're telling me these parents let their children just run around freely on an island they know is linked to and preyed upon by a malevolent eldritch horror?

    And their only response when said horror shows up, the same entity that they ostensibly have been preparing to meet for generations, was to just be taken themselves?

    Sometime less is more. Both Felix and the Blight have lores that could have had half of the weird Entity stuff excised and it would have made for a much more tidy story.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    someone stated the devs said something about these cults, i'm currently trying to find the source.

    funnily enough, I would not be adverse against more of the characters' stories being interconnected beyond chapters (like, Jeff and Legion, or zarina and deathslinger have their lore connected within chapters, but i would like to see if some other chars are connected on a smaller, less ... absurd (?) scale than some weird cult thing

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    Not really, at the very least with Felix, that has a lot of his backstory and character connected to his father and the group, and Talbolt only start exploring the metaphysical (and thus, attracting the Entity) after being saved by the group. I don’t see why the existence of the cult is such a problem, again, is been mentioned before.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    not the existence, but as i've seen a couple of times now, apparently the devs said that such organization exists in each reality the entity takes people from, as in these cults are what gives it access to these realities. IF i understood things correctly. if that is the case, that's what I am unhappy with. the idea that the entity needs a bunch of morons before it can interact with a timeline.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,208

    It's fine if you don' mind the existence of these cults in the lore, but it's pretty hard to argue either of them were well-written. With both of the new characters, the addition of the Entity studies is clunky and heavy-handed. Blight had a standard story that could have reasonably ended when he was left for dead in the ditch, but for some reason he had to be mysteriously saved, only to be mysteriously betrayed, and finally to mysteriously disappear. Why any of this necessary when Blight had already been blithely responsible for mass murder and been extensively involved in the botanical experiments that tie into his powers is the real mystery.

    And I already explained how the actions of Felix's father's group are absurd even if you actually accept that Entity-aware secret societies exist.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599
    edited August 19

    This too.

    Like, would a lot of us mind if the devs would go and just bin about half of talbot's story, and instead have a dark fog seep from the dead woman's eyes, engulfing him?

    Or if Felix just went on a typical white upper-class douche begbacker trip and got lost in some ruins?

    EDIT: you know what I reckoned would have worked as well?

    Scrap felix as a whole, and give us Talbot as both Killer and survivor. I mean, Talbot is the alchemist from back when, and space is warped and time in bendable in the Entity's realm, so, it could as well have worked the survivor!talbot would 'yet' have to become The Blight, or that the Entity didn't know what to make of him, so it could both timelines in.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    Yeah, I don’t remember such a quote coming from the devs, at least from the official Q&A that they had in the past, so sorry if I am a bit skeptic, because the rest of the lore still went for the explanation that the entity is attracted and can enter into worlds and places where great violence, pain and death has occurred.

    It could be pretty hard to argue that for you, because I see it as the opposite, specially for Felix, whose backstory had a “It” from Stephen King feeling about it. You said that is stupid for the group to be in an island where the Entity had taken people before, but we don’t know if the group even knew about that. Yes, they were prepared to face the Entity, but in the present, Dyer Island was not a hellhole or had the markings of a place that would clearly attract the Entity, and the kids only found it because they went to an unexplored part of the island in journeys that they weren’t supposed to do. And given what the Entity is meant to be, I find it impressive that they even managed to avoid it taking their kids (which you know, it would be a first).

    Talbolt, eh, it could have worked without it if Talbolt was always meant to be a killer, but he started as a survivor and he clearly regretted and wanted to make amends from his crimes, so the entity couldn’t have taken him at that time as a killer(You could say that is similar to Adiris, but she was in a very different situation and mental space and more importantly, she inadvertently called to the Entity and was kind of tricked into joining its service). The part with the scholars helped give more character to him by showing his regret and fully show how he was consumed by his obsession and need for knowledge, because that was not explored before.

  • MargretAtWalmartMargretAtWalmart Member Posts: 162

    I remember reading somewhere that the entity targets dimensions that are dystopias or are generally full of more despair and that can't manipulate auric particles. I think this was from the first tome's observer logs? Apparently some dimensions have the ability to control the auric particles I guess and make them into stuff (Like clothing) which would explain why it's one of the in game currencies. I don't think it only comes when it summoned but I think that can contribute to it's arrival.

  • GruoGruo Member Posts: 32

    Talbot wouldn't work as a killer because he didn't want to kill like most of the killers. He wanted to help humanity, but end up with the unintentional deaths of many. He only experimented on enemies (war is not black and white) and felt guilt over the deaths he caused unintentionally and had nightmares over it.

    He even didn't hurt survivors in the realm (he only targeted killers) he did that after he was driven crazy by the Entity and become Blight.

    They can give us Talbot as a survivor by separating the man from the beast. Either let Talbot free himself from Blight or let Vigo step in and help him, Talbot have information Vigo could be interested in. Blight will still be around to torment Talbot because it amuses the Entity.

    The Entity feels more like a parasite than a god with the way it behaves and it needing people make sense.

    The monks from the ancient mystery school pretending to be a monastery could be one of those Entity cults. Their work was meant to be hidden since they were working on are forbidden and lost texts that are not available to just anyone. Talbot wanting to share what he learned was a threat to them. They used Talbot and got rid him after taking what they needed.

  • Rex3Rex3 Member Posts: 87

    No because I love the idea of The Pariahs that was brought in with Felix. I hope we get more regarding that.

  • FogBringerFogBringer Member Posts: 344

    I still hope we get that unknown female detective that was snatched for the trials the observer spoke about as an actual survivor one day.

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