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Deliverance × Adrenaline

1. have Deliverance and Adrenaline
2. saved a mate once
3. 5 generators already fixed

4. and now I'm hooked for the first time

In this case, do both perks work after escaping from a hook?

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  • Mr_Jay_StarkMr_Jay_Stark Member Posts: 539
    Answer ✓
    You stay injured trust me I thought you wouldn’t but you stay broken. You do get a speed boost but you’re not fully healed 


  • Mist_ScarfMist_Scarf Member Posts: 38

    For some reason, 4. in my question is emphasized, but
    please don't care.

  • AmbassadorLoliAmbassadorLoli Member Posts: 13
    edited October 2018

    Imo it just made it look like a buildup to a hype circumstance. Lmao I'm actually curious too, though I imagine you stay injured but still get your 6s sprint

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,089

    Broken prevents any healing. Let's answer the question with a question (even tho it was answered)

    Do you get healed with Adrenaline while wearing No Mither?

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