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Error Code 112 | Volunteers Wanted (UPDATED)



  • SnoofloSnooflo Member Posts: 1

    I would love to help so the Error 112 can finally be solved. Hope I can help you.

  • Twenties20kaTwenties20ka Member Posts: 180

    I run into this problem all the time. I'm ready to help!

  • LargooLargoo Member Posts: 10

    I can help with that

  • МадинаМадина Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I am big fan of dead by daylight. Belong 3 weeks i have deal with error 112. I have many free time and i will glad to help you with correcting this error

  • martinyumartinyu Member Posts: 2

    I need help

  • xGeniusxGenius Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2020

    I would love to test the fix

  • Agent_ToxicAgent_Toxic Member Posts: 1

    I'm down to help. :)

  • Count me in! =D

  • ChocobackeChocobacke Member Posts: 1

    der fehlercode nervt und man verliert die lust am spielen Ich wuerde


  • nakesun25nakesun25 Member Posts: 2

    Please allow me to test this fix. I'm experiencing this fix since July 31, everyday all the time.

  • rahoome_6rahoome_6 Member Posts: 1

    I'd love to help

  • SuzziSuzzi Member Posts: 1
      I suffer from this error every day, I want to help test

  • scharlatanscharlatan Member Posts: 1

    i would like to help, got the error code since the last two days

  • Potect0rPotect0r Member Posts: 1

    whatever it takes to fix it.. im down xD literally get this error like every second or third match

  • alarmaalarma Member Posts: 1

    I would like to help

  • St1ngBGSt1ngBG Member Posts: 23

    Don't know if I am late,but today I am free and can test out the fix. I am experiencing this error every match since 4.0 release

  • xDope98xxDope98x Member Posts: 1

    I would be happy for helping you, cause this Error Code is annoying ... and this Game is unplayable...

  • mortimorti Member Posts: 1

    i can help, faced a couple times problem error code 112

  • IndraIndra Member Posts: 1

    Count me in. I do everything to improve this game. 😁


    I want to help

  • royalFlushroyalFlush Member Posts: 1

    I want to help, this error always occurs when I finish a game as an assassin.

  • Muzzy5150Muzzy5150 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2020

    I would love to help :) Hex: Dick~Snickers on steam

    I have gotten the error a few times but not in recent days.

  • BugsNdaSYSTEMBugsNdaSYSTEM Member Posts: 1

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to test out this fix and make the game better for all! I'd love to be a part of it.

  • mfyrenmfyren Member Posts: 1

    I would love to help out get this fixed

  • MaxieMaxie Member Posts: 1

    I've been having a lot of trouble with this error so I'd be down to help. The sooner it's gone the better.

  • Stormljones3Stormljones3 Member Posts: 1

    I've been having the rank error for months, now this. I'd be happy to test the fix.

  • C4RLC4RL Member Posts: 18

    did someone get an invite to test error 112? did the solution help? (sry for offtop. important question for me)

  • Chipstarr878Chipstarr878 Member Posts: 1

    im happy to help

  • DT3_SPDRUNDT3_SPDRUN Member Posts: 1

    i would apply aswell since I get this error every game. I can say that when i Downloaded the PTB the error stopped but when i go on the live version it comes back.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,677

    A huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered. Your willingness to help out is greatly appreciated! We've contacted a bunch of your to request your ID, please check your private messages at the top of of the screen (next to notifications, or on the bottom bar if you're on mobile).

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