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Somebody talk Kate down off the roof!

Don't do it Kate! I know you didn't ask for this entity life, but this isn't the answer! Somebody get Max Caulfield from "Life is Strange" up there RIGHT NOW! :ohnoes:


  • DaltonioDaltonio Member Posts: 21

    Paulie, I love you but please don’t give me any more LiS PTSD. I couldn’t save Kate. :'(

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874


  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 1,916

    She just needed a good stage to show of her great singing voiiaahh ahhh-ahhhh sstop Kate plleeeeaaase stop screaming that's not singing I uhh.. oo.. she actually jumped... riiight onto the hook.

  • ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177

    *Gets Pink shirt ace, Pizza dwight with Dappy Dwight, Shirtless David and detective Tapp, along with Micky Boi.
    *sees her coming down
    Case solved.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,605

    If we got Max she would propably just lose her ability right there and say something stupid and Kate would jump anyway so no.

  • iOrangeStainiOrangeStain Member Posts: 81

    Life Is Strange (2014)

  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 47

    Don't jump, I have a purple flashlight with your name on it.

  • MineAntoiyaMineAntoiya Member Posts: 812


    ....You know she'd go back to the campfire right? ;)

  • rollerskaterollerskate Member Posts: 13
    edited June 2018

    ..you know, it just occurred to me that technically, rachel amber can be somewhere in the world of the entity

  • Der_dasMannDer_dasMann Member Posts: 8

    Do a flip!


    hello paulie , im a fan :)

  • SilasSilas Member Posts: 307

    She gon' pull a Chloe from Harper's Island!

    "You can't have me."

  • Smitt895Smitt895 Member Posts: 6
    Don't worry, she's got balanced landing
  • flamestandishflamestandish Member Posts: 129

    Do a flip :'D

  • FSB75FSB75 Member Posts: 474

    @flamestandish said:
    Do a flip :'D

    Beat me to it!

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