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Remove disconnection penalty’s

there is plenty of reasons why this should be removed 1 you could have bad internet 2 servers can go down or certain platform services can go down such as joining a friend the ability to play a game etc Xbox usually has a problem with services pretty frequently. 3 servers can go down for updates and could get a dc penalty for it when in a match. 4 it’s a good way of losing players. Let’s be real here this a bad way of stopping people from disconnecting on purpose there is many other ways this can be handled like removing the ability to leave. But getting a penalty that wasn’t on purpose or wasn’t your fault is a great way of losing players and should never be in any game period unless you don’t care about your customers.


  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,571

    dc penalty is pointless like most survivors dc that ruin the game not killers dc but survivors can just kill them self on hook to by pass the dc penalty killers just stuck in the game or they get the dc penalty also with how random disconnecting on people who don't do it on purpose most just quit it going to hurt the game in the long run oh well.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145

    DC penalty its for man babys rage quitting during matches. Have bad internet? go fix it or play single player, stop ruining for other ppl.

  • BitingSeaBitingSea Member Posts: 167

    I've honestly just stopped caring about Dc penalty as killer, I really only DC when I'm angry, I just use it as a break period at this point.

  • lusaphinalusaphina Member Posts: 1

    I agree 100% I played today for a few hours. I was kicked off their server 5 times then penalized for “disconnecting” when I didn’t. I know I’m not the only one with this issue because I started serval trails that were ended due to other players disconnecting. With the frequency of 3:1 disconnects for my gaming time statistically that’s not a bunch of people just disconnecting in the first 3 seconds of the game. Disconnect penalty just makes me feel like I wasted $60 on this game and I should be playing something else. Fix the servers or do away with it.

  • LankyDisc977698LankyDisc977698 Member Posts: 10

    Um sir first of all it’s my feedback post 2nd of all you are acting like a man baby saying this a good feature and I’m not ruining for other people. And why waste your time typing this. You are acting like a child look at what you just typed

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 10,227

    I'm quite happy with the DC penalty and I've definitely noticed a decrease in people disconnecting from games since it's been back in place.

    Whilst there are a few instances that you need to genuinely leave the match - IRL emergencies for example, these instances are rare.

    And if there's an internet issue, the penalty is 5 minutes, which is enough time to get your internet back up and running without you probably even noticing the penalty. The Servers have very rarely gone down, and even Steam maintenance on a Tuesday doesn't kick people out of the match, it just prevents matchmaking from happening (meaning that you have to wait for the maintenance to be completed before starting a match). So I do think these are very rare occasions and the 5 minute penalty wouldn't affect you in these circumstances.

  • DDomina422DDomina422 Member Posts: 5

    I just had a match disconnect mid match, I was playing killer and "lost connection to host."

  • LankyDisc977698LankyDisc977698 Member Posts: 10

    True I just think there needs a system to tell if it was on purpose or on accident. Because today I got penalized because my game crashed for no reason what’s so ever but In my opinion you shouldn’t well be penalized for something that wasn’t really necessarily your fault if you know what I mean.

  • IamDwightIamDwight Member Posts: 236

    I would rather see this system removed entirely. It's not healthy for the game - Considering the number of issues and reasons to actually DC.

    Look into those issues and reasons first.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 528
    edited August 2020

    Eitherway, the company is VERY apparent that it doesn't like FEEDBACK as to why players are unhappy enough to pull the plug in droves and we aren't supposed to talk about it.

    The last time I checked. This wasn't a problem until they implemented hatch closing. Im not stating the facts. Just my observations as to when everyone started leaving matches much more frequent. Shame on me for telling the truth.

    The discussion (example):

    It is important that a majority of players are satisfied, that a match feels fair and balanced. Discussing with a person why they chose to abandon the match, is important. From a business standpoint not everyone can be pleased. But actions speak louder than words. If players are so frustrated and mad that after they bought the game, they no longer feel as though the investment of DLC and additional paid-for content is not on the horizon for that same game title.

    That becomes a marketing issue. As a profit driven person, myself. it very much is and should be a concern. My goal should be to keep every player here, satisfied to stay on long enough to want to buy DLC and spend 8-9 hours a day streaming my game. Promoting it online, so I can make more money. If it is not a profit oriented mission. Than that is where funding for my game might fall short. Which harms me, as a content creator in the long run. It means if I have additional projects in the future with my name on it. It very well could be a detriment to my success. Meaning if I pitch this idea in the future and my last project was terrible. It may mean that everyone remembered what I did, how I treated another person and my investment could be ded, before it launched.

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