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Circle of toxicness?


This is not meant to be a complaint thread but lately I notice a sort of endless circle which also affects myself.

I play both roles but mostly killer (only survivor with a friend of mine sometimes). A positive thing I can say is that the toxicness in this game seems to be slightly lower compared to the past. I'd say I get extremely toxic people 2 out of 10 matches (as both killer and survivor) but luckily a lot of friendly sportsmanlike people too!

As survivor I sometimes get killers who kind of facecamp without any reason (I see this the most with The Cannibal and The Spirit but offcourse not all killers are the same!) or tunnel/camp extremely hard without reason. As if they're just trying to ruin the game for survivors even if that means they won't get as many kills sometimes. I say "without reason" because as I said earlier I play mostly killer and at times you're forced to camp (like endgame/gates 99 or open) or proxy when the survivors are legit genrushing. I'm talking about intentionally playing like a douchebag and trying your best to ruin someone's game experience even if it's not optimal at all.

And as killer I can say survivors can be toxic douchebags too, especially when grouped but that's not necessary. I don't mean playing optimal by this but teabagging constantly, constant clicking and bullying... but the worst of all is the endgame chat. At some times I wonder what I did wrong to deserve " gg ez baby killer" "ez trash killer lmao".... (seriously I say "gg wp" and even want to compliment a good looper but then I get these sorts of bs in chat) But this is when I think of my own games as a survivor!

I think some people that are normally not toxic just sort off let out their anger on people who don't deserve it because of toxic experiences in the previous games (don't get me wrong though a lot of people are just toxic by nature in this game). Both killers and survivors. I'm guilty of it as well. I notice I start playing dirtier or campier after I got bullied by toxic survivors for no reason in the previous game. Same goes for survivor, I start being more disrespectful in game such as teabagging at the gate after I got facecamped the previous game (although I'm mostly not a douchebag in end game chat). It's wrong because it's not the next killer's or survivor's fault that you had a bad experience in the previous game. And the other people might also let out their frustration in the next game and so on.. And because of this I believe there's a sort of never ending cycle.

In the end, I think we all love it when we get a sportmanslike opponent (killer/survivors) and it gives us enjoyment to compensate for the toxic games! Like I said I don't mean this as a complaint thread, there's a lot of nice players too, but I was just wondering if other people also noticed the same that I did.

Do you also find yourself guilty sometimes for taking your frustration to the next game? What do you guys think would be a possible "solution" for this?

Thank you for reading!

(English is not my first language so sorry if the writing is a bit messy).



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