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  • RedMarcusRedMarcus Member Posts: 2

    PC (STEAM)

    México City

    01/08/2020 18:26 last log

    There are already several games in which I am disconnected from the host and recently I am receiving many penalties of up to 24 hours for something that is not my fault (I have a very good 125 mb internet) and a decent PC please I need a solution for this disconnection problem

  • SkullduggedSkulldugged Member Posts: 17

    PC - US/NA - Several times today 8/2 and yesterday 8/1

    I seem to be disconnecting as killer with increasing frequency. This usually happens when I am either using a killer's ability (setting a trap with the hag), or trying to grab a survivor either off the ground or off of a gen directly. I'm up to like 45 minutes for a DC ban, and each time I have no sign of having actually lost my connection.

    The attached log is the most recent.

  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 164
    edited August 11

    ps4. NJ USA, between 10:30-11am...3 random disconnects in a row while I played killer. All three disconnects happened while I was chasing or about to throw a hatchet or hit with basic attack. Lost 1 pip each disconnect........update - just realized after restarting for the 2nd time that 4.1.2 patch rolled out during this time...maybe it interfered with my matches...i wasn't given the notice in game to update until around 11:15 am

  • DefyeroflightDefyeroflight Member Posts: 4
    edited August 11


    United States, West Virginia

    It happened to me earlier this morning 1:15 am, 08/11/20. And it also happened a week before. I was just playing on Springwood and had just got downed by the killer. They started chasing one of my team mates so I crawled to the basement for healing to only be greeted by disconnected from host. I ended up losing my rank. Everything I done was a waste because of a random DC.

  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 164

    ps4 today around 2pm NJ USA ...i was huntress and the clip shows me getting disconnected :'(

  • RatQueenRatQueen Member Posts: 14

    PC (specifically Steam), happened today (12/08/2020 @ 22:40-ish) but has also happened in the week as well, before I knew this was an actual issue and not my setup being a wazzock.

    Region is EU- specifically UK.

    I was midway through doing the final gen in the match and suddenly the game just freezes and I'm booted out of it. I just wanted my gold emblems lol. :(

  • MrReeceNCMrReeceNC Member Posts: 4

    Platform : Windows 10 PC

    Region: US East Coast (North Carolina)


    I just started playing this game but ever since the cross-play integration I've had at least 2 people afk or DC in my games. Luckily most killers felt sorry and let us escape but the problem is happening in every game. When I got the error 112 I did not recieve any Bloodpoints and actually looked like I had even less than before which wasn't much. Also had a bug where I got stuck in place behind a rock but can't remember which map it was. I've attached my logs to this post.

  • natjnatj Member Posts: 2

    Ever since I started cross-playing with friends on Xbox it disconnects me after every single game. I have to completely restart the game to join the party again.

    Platform: Nintendo Switch

    Region: South Central US (Texas)

  • xoblahhxoblahh Member Posts: 1


    New York

    Since yesterday, the 17th, I have been getting disconnected from nearly every match I play. I was playing with a friend who lives overseas and for a couple matches we were both okay. After a while, the game started to glitch heavily. At first I thought it was a connection issue so I checked my connection and even cleared my PS4 storage, nothing. Today, I tried to play a couple matches on my own, they all froze then disconnected. At one point, I couldn’t even get into the lobby. The game keeps telling me I have no network connection. I’ve been really excited to play this game but the fact that I can’t even play for 5 minutes makes me regret even purchasing it, it’s beyond frustrating.

  • delilahsupastardelilahsupastar Member Posts: 39

    Platform - PC

    Region - North America

    I'm not necessarily disconnecting while I'm in a match, it's happening after I use the bloodweb. I just switched over to PTB and it is still happening.

    1. I spend bloodpoints on a survivor.
    2. When I try to switch survivors or close out of the bloodweb screen in any other way I get disconnected. Sometimes I have to make my bloodweb purchases all over again.

    The screenshot is of the message I get most of the time. It's been happening randomly ever since the last update but tonight it's started happening every time.

  • mandaazombieemandaazombiee Member Posts: 1
    edited August 21

    Platform - PC - STEAM

    Region - USA (East Coast to be exact)

    Ever since I enabled the PTB i have been getting random network errors and DCing, i was kinda okay with this at first because I wasn't being penalized for it but after i had enough I left the PTB thinking maybe it was the beta... Went back to live DBD and was fine for i think about a day. Then it started getting worse and more frequent, and now puts me in time out when I DC as a penalty as if I am doing it on purpose... When it started today 8/20 I tried to uninstall and reinstall and now i am timed-out for 30mins and afraid to play again in fear of longer and longer penalties...

    Edit: i will DC from lobbies and matches *

    My internet is fine, i checked the connection, router and speed... disconnected and reconnected, ran a virus scan, and then restarted my computer...

  • ScarletAzrielScarletAzriel Member Posts: 4

    Platform PS4

    Region Eastern North America

    Around 1pm on August 21st

    This has been happening again recently same problems as before, game freezes then kicks me says "Disconnected form host" and i get a DC penalty each time. I was streaming the game (so my wifi was not the problem) and the link before is a clip of the DC


    This problem has been happening to me since Mayduring the last rift and i would love if it were fixed so i can actually play the game

  • icegirl75loveicegirl75love Member Posts: 3


    Eastern standard/georgia

    Around 8:30 August 21

    I got dced while searching a chest and got penalized for it

  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 164

    PS4, random disconnect after hitting the repair function, around 7pm est NJ, USA

  • XevstenXevsten Member Posts: 1

    Platform - PC(Windows 10) - Steam


    at least since 20. August 2020 until today

    Since a few days, when I play survivor or killer, I get an error which says: "Disconnected from host". Then, I get my BPs and my Pip(s) and even a notification that my challenge or daily is done. But, in the main menu he shows me that i have a penalty. I tried everything now, Steam repair function, deinstall and re-install the game, even disabled crossplay to find a way to fix it. Now I have a 6 hour penalty because i tried it more than one time at the day. Now I let it in peace because I have no clues what to do. Hope that i get some help or I need to wait for the next patch.

  • AnnLeeAnnLee Member Posts: 1

    My game keeps crashing too. I load in to a match and it freezes up then im blocked when i try to play again. Please fix. This is august 23 2020 come on guys it looks like this problem is happening to alot of people and you are not fixing the problem. Love this game kinda addicted to it so please got on the job and fix the problem.

  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400



    No logs, i was on live when it happened

    Already happenned several times but doesnt have any partterns other than the fact i was in chase, no lag prompt during the trial no red speedometer in the top left of the screen. Different maps and killers when happenned, already got 5 min ban if i got a longer ban i'll submit a ticket to explain whats happenning.

  • hyraglionhyraglion Member Posts: 2

    xbox one


    has started today from around 2pm ((gmt)) and now i am currently on a half hour matchmaking ban,, when i enter a game ((not all the time)) i may experience that the game completely freezes on me as soon as i spawn in but has only happened while playing as claudette and my game will do a total reset and i will come back to a ban,, also i was in a party lobby and had to reset the game several times because we had issues with not being able to see each other in lobby or one of us wouldn't be taken to the match lobby and left searching while the other 1/2 were in match lobby,, this also started this afternoon maybe around 3pm

  • vickvemsvickvems Member Posts: 1

    Im from Brazil, had host disconnection issue all the day. It`s is very frustrating how u guys can`t resolve the connection problems. First was error 111, then 112, now host disconnect, im starting to giving up the game. 4 years and still beta, shame

    Some info: play from pc with windows 10 (steam platform)

  • SaVaGeGiiRLSaVaGeGiiRL Member Posts: 4

    Same thing! It’s been 3 days in a row that’s it’s happened once daily. I start up the match and as soon as it starts it freezes and the sound gets all jittery and weird. Then I get kicked to my Xbox home. When I start up the game a have a matchmaking penalty! It’s so annoying and so far it’s once a day but rarely happened before. I don’t want my penalty to add up and be banned for a long time as I’m seeing happening to others. Also don’t want to get an Xbox ban for dcing. Happens around 10 pm to 12 am pacific time. Fix this ASAP. And also off topic, I’ve been getting stuck on the bottom of hills and at the top sometimes there’s like an invisible wall. Very disappointed!!!

  • ElektroElektro Member Posts: 9
    edited August 25

    Platform: steam

    Brazil, Sao Paulo server

    August 25, 2020

    At 17:00 GMT -3

    I was playing Ghost Face when suddenly the game froze for half a sec and then I got disconnected from host.

    At the same I was downloading something and the Event Viewer from Windows 10 did not accuse any internet connection change; therefore, I know that the problem is not on my end.

  • MegHead420MegHead420 Member Posts: 2





  • Bubblehead732Bubblehead732 Member Posts: 1

    I was playing twice this morning once at about 9am and just now at 1040am in central time zone on an Xbox and the game randomly kicked me out both games and said I needed a network connection when my internet is fine. It also made me wait for a penalty because it thought I quit. This isn't the first time I've had issues with this. Please fix it!! Thanks!

  • KapedAvengerKapedAvenger Member Posts: 1


    Canada, British Columbia


    I was running towards a survivor to rescue him from the hook, but then I realized that the killer had not picked up another survivor that he had recently downed (tier 3 myers). Suddenly, my screen froze, and then I was kicked from the game with the message "disconnected from host".

    Its weird because after I left the match, I was hit with a 15 minute matchmaking ban. I am afraid to play more games today, due to the possibility that I could once again be disconnected and receive a more severe ban.

  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 164

    ps4 random disconnect around 2pm in NJ, USA, solo survivor Zarina against Trapper on Shelter Woods. I finished healing Min and went to heal Steve when things froze and i was disconnected. Dwight was downed by trapper at the time too. I lost a pip and it's really frustrating because that match went well for me but now I lose all credit. There were no error codes on my PS4 and my download speed is 282.1 mbps while my upload is 10.4 and it's a hard wire connection, specifically to avoid upsetting things like this.

  • TheBestBeatsTheBestBeats Member Posts: 1


    US, CA

    8/26/20 about 2:50

    Started about a month ago, I sometimes randomly get kicked, it says I need a network connection(even though everything else works) and directly after, I can join in. No problems connecting or anything. I am not positive this is not my internet, but I am fairly certain it is not, as everything else works fine when this happens. Please fix this bug soon, it is annoying getting a 1 hour DC penalty for something out of my control.

  • ZaHeccZaHecc Member Posts: 4


    US West

    This happens almost every other day at least once. Although recently, It's happened more recently. Twice today as Survivor and once earlier this morning as killer. Everything will just stop and freeze. I thought it was my internet/router needing to be restarted but I almost restart it daily due to this issue and this does nothing to fix the issue. Doesn't help that I'm actually trying to play your game and get punishment for disconnecting when it wasn't intentional...

    • PS4
    • EU
    • This has been happening for around two weeks. I usually play at night around 9pm GMT.
    • Constant random disconnects that give me a ‘You Have Been Disconnected From Host’ message. As a survivor, this counts as an escape, but I receive a DC penalty for it. I also often receive a DC penalty if the killer disconnects while I’m playing survivor and vice versa (specifically if a survivor DCs while I’m carrying them). The DC penalties are also stacking despite being over 24 hours apart. As a result of this, I now have a one day ban from playing the game for something completely out of my control.

  • Aysia98Aysia98 Member Posts: 2



    Got kicked from a game. Said the killer and I both DC. Now I’m unable to play the game at all. It gives me nothing but error codes. Sometimes it says it didn’t save my game correctly. Other times it says it can’t access my player rank. Or I just get an error.

  • iChxrlyyiChxrlyy Member Posts: 1



    10:22am, 10:33am, 10:42am, 10:51am

    This is the fourth time that I got disconect, in the first time I dodge a Ghostface, in the second just for repair a gen, in the third time just for press X in my second hook and the fourth time just for run. I hope you can fix this please because I can't play a single match without get disconnected.

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