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Should making mistakes be punished ?

ErkErk Member Posts: 230

As far as I know there is only one killer perk that is a second chance perk (NOED) and its mutually disliked, I don't use it and I think it needs a rework.

But on the other side of the coin, Dead Hard is one of the most frustrating perks to verse against imo. I mostly play low tier killers since I like achieving hard stuff (Wraith, Clown, Trapper etc.) so here's what happens most of the time :

  • You find the survivor, you chase him around the loop
  • Get a hit, the survivor runs over to another loop
  • You mindgame the loop and if you lunge, you can hit the survivor
  • He uses DH and gets 30-40 more seconds off one loop

30 seconds is nothing to joke about. The biggest response to this argument is "Once the killer knows you have DH, he will just wait till you use it" but in my seenario (where I mostly end up in) it doesn't matter if I know the survivor has DH or not, he will still get the extra 30 seconds or more. The perk either needs a complete overhaul/rework or needs to be removed. Now keep in mind that I am not saying this to every exhaustion perk, most of 'em are okay. Balanced Landing, Lithe (which is the new meta I guess) Head On, Sprint Burst (not OP, just annoying) etc. These are okay but DH is one of the most OP perks in the game.

What do you people think ?


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