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Pls help me i'm loosing my [BAD WORD]. i'm flipping out

MardukMarduk Member Posts: 15
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I'm both survivors and killer player. usually 55% survivor and 45% killer.
i'm around rank 11-13 with the killers, no big deal, just play to farm bp when my friends are not around... i dont know exactly when it started but i guest was after the spirit introduction.

whenever i play killer i lose ALL the games. maybe i catch 1 survivor if i'm lucky. Survivors are fast as hell, like they have a neverending sprintburst. When i hit them, if i lose sight even for a second...they vanish LITTERALLY.
i know it sound like they just outsmart me, but look! most of the time they hide behind a rock with NOTHING else around...and than... no scratch mark...no blood trial..no grunts.. and ofc they dont have ANY perks that allows that! (yes i mark this stuff and at end screen i check them one by one. ) Even when they have no toolbox... they do gen rush in a matter of few minutes.
i saw how people get juked most of the time so i usually take my precaution... if a survivor turn a corner and disappear i immediatly check the corner i just pass to see if he's just crouch there... but no, most of the time i can spot them 100 meters away...and ofc NO scartch mark. the litterally jump away in the map.

(last game was awesone...i hit an injured Dwight that was in my face..he just run forward, no dodge no 360..nothing, he just aim for the exit. i reach him and than swing!....but i did not hit hom....no blood, no scream...just the sound of a missed attack... BEFORE you asked..NO he did not have Dead hard or borrowed time or ANITHING..i ask him how, he did but he never reply)

so OFC i start report this people for hacking/cheating. what else could be? they run and bleeded...but leave NO trail whatsover...they all run faster that any killers! (blinck and chainsaw still works thank god) and can do gen rush nbo matter what....
Clown intoxication bottle DONT works! they still run in the clouds faster than me O_O

but... but..as i sais at the beginning this thing happen...to frequently...they cannot be ALL cheaters, is impossibile, but what i just describe happen on 3 survivor out of 4...some i can still track them cause they follow the usual mechanics.

I dont understand..it never happen before, they also troll me so hard(yep they start teabagging, spamming "come over me" run in my face and insult me post game...ALL of them)! i cant even INTERRUPT their actions!
i dont like camping so i usually dont do that. but they piss me off so much i start doing it ..guest what?
they free their friends in my face...and i cant avoid it.... no..no borrowed time (most of the time..)

I'M-FLIPPING-OUT WTF is going here?

wow cool. i have an update! Now officially my BBQ dosent work anymore yay!
i suspected from long time but... i have it at lv 3. I hook people but never spot anyone aura..so this must menat they are around 40 meters right? so i just need to check arou.... o look a gen to the otherside of the map have just get repired...WHY I DID NOT see their aura so far?... and happen again and again.
and i dont want to break traditions so i checked them after credit...UHM no perks that influence aura reading. what do you know?

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  • ChiChi Member Posts: 773

    About BBQ, a survivor can hide behind a generator to cover their aura. Or they went within 40 meters of you, and then left after 4 seconds.

  • MardukMarduk Member Posts: 15

    they were defently OVER 40 meters. i just hang a guy and than watch around... so everybody are permanently behind a generator? and they also knew in advance how to positioning themself ? wow such pros

  • TerrortotTerrortot Member Posts: 345
    Marduk said:

    they were defently OVER 40 meters. i just hang a guy and than watch around... so everybody are permanently behind a generator? and they also knew in advance how to positioning themself ? wow such pros

    They know how to position as soon as someone is on the ground dying.

    Bbq is mostly just for points, most survivora get used to it being used and will either hide just close enough to you they dont show or do the gen hide.

    At around r11 and up, you may get survive with friends grouped with a red rank who is way more experienced than you, and knows how to avoid your hits.  Ignore this person if they are taunting you, they will follow you around anyways.

    Also, you may be lunging too much. There is a 360 spin some survivors know how to do that spins them around you when you lunge, careful this isnt what is happening to you.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    If you're having trouble tracking folks, might I recommend you try playing as the Doctor? His madness screams and illusions help you keep track of your prey, all day!

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