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Killers why?! Played survivor and I'm being camped and tunnelled by red ranks

WTF can I do? I run DS and unbreakable and still they go out their way to ruin the fun out of this game. I am a killer main and never play that style, but it appears when ever I go and play survivor I get this sort of trash play style. Sure three survivors always survivor, but I am always the forth (no torch, no t-bag just doing gens).

Why can't you just accept defeat instead of literally face camping and then tunnelling?! It's not even funny any more.

I also have issues with certain killers who deliberately go out their way to bring in a mori when they go against me. Played the same killer three times in 48 hours and every time he will bring in a mori and joke after in chat stating he is just 'farming'.


  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    In my mind as someone who played hundreds of hours of killer too - if a killer ever resorts to face camping to ensure a kill while everyone else survive then they lost the match. 5k Bloodpoints for surviving isn't really that big of a deal - change your mindset because by just about every definition outside of it saying "VICTORY" on your screen, you won.

    Playing tons of solo survivor here myself and I see enough pepegas on my team while I run bonds or kindred that I just roll with it - if you save that last guy and get a 4 man escape while body blocking for him it's a feels good but if the killer is completely unwilling to even give that potential away then there's no real reason to play anymore with him and just take your win and leave

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    Sounds like you need to stop playing Killer so much and focus on being a better Survivor if YOU are always the fourth person getting killed. You know how many inexperienced Survivors I run into unintentionally after they've been unhooked or just in general compared to normal Survivors? It's ridiculous and it's not my fault, nor my obligation to allow you to live because you can't survive properly.

  • lostboylostboy Member Posts: 78

    Did you read my post. Camped and tunnelled and I need to git good. Thanks for your input!

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,435
    edited August 2020

    If they know you, they may also believe to know which perks you will use and some of your perks are not loved by many killers.

    May that is the reason. As a non facecamping killer I can only guess.

    See it as the other side of the coin as would a survivor suicide on a hook. Facecamping = suiciding on a hook, because the player dislike something.

    With that I don't wanna defend those 2 "tactics".

  • RossSamaRossSama Member Posts: 36

    If you honestly keep getting camped and tunneled into the ground, start running Object.

    Object will allow you to outposition the killer constantly and set up at safe loops much more easily. You also get to annoy the [BAD WORD] out of them if that's your thing.

  • Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 619

    Apart from the the killer that seems to be targeting you for some reason, there might be a reason why the killer is "camping" and "tunneling".

    According to your post you're a killer main, if so you should know that often scenarios in game may often to be perceived different to the killer and the survivors.

    If the killer is camping the hook it might be due to the killer knowing or believing that other survivors are in the area. Or if the survivor is hooked in between a 3 gen, the killer has no reason to leave the area as the killer needs to patrol the remaining three generators.

    Also if you're hooked once the exit gates are open, you can't blame the killer for camping in that situation. What else can the killer do in that situation.

    Tunneling is a complicated matter, a lot of players don't seem to know what tunneling is. Tunneling is when you're only focused on a specific survivor, you're going out your way ignore the rest of the survivors to constantly go for that one survivor.

    Tunneling is not when the unhooked survivor runs into the killer, you can't just expect the killer to ignore you because you got unhooked. Also if the killer is not hooking the same survivor in a row, then the killer is not tunneling.

    Scott Jund did a video on this:

    On the flip side a good way to reduce the chances of you being tunneled, is to improve your ability in looping. If you're a strong looper, it will decline the killer's incentive to chase you, as the killer will know you'll waste a lot of his time. When you're an experienced killer you can tell the difference between a good survivor and a bad survivor just by their movement.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    Did you read mine? Because I clearly explained the tunnel portion.

  • mintchapstickmintchapstick Member Posts: 720

    Almost every killer face camps, no joke. You're not getting some kind of special treatment--it's just what they do. There's some very good killers out there that don't do it, or there's people that just want to have fun and so they don't bother (I'm a killer main and I've been rank 1 and I just play to have fun so I'm also one of the people who don't bother to face or even proxy camp), but the majority of killers catch someone and then just sit in front of them.

  • BeyondDisbeliefBeyondDisbelief Member Posts: 67

    I generally go out of my way to not camp (also for the sake of Chaser emblem) but if I do camp/tunnel its to ensure I get rid of one of hte following players:

    • T-bagger. While I have a sense of humor this applies to those who are obnoxious about it (rapid t-bagging at every single opportunity)
    • A survivor I know who's good at looping/wasting my time. This is not the guy you want to be alive when its down to the last 2 survivors.
    • Someone with DS/Unbreakable for the same reason as above; that's you.

    You complain that the killer is making it unfun for you. Have you considered the DS/UB/DH/BT combo is designed to literally make any interactions with the killer miserable for them?

    When you're the 4th survivor "admit defeat"? Why? The game is not over. Why are you entitled to survive as the last survivor?

    You claim to be a killer main yet I as a survivor main don't feel entitled to survive as you do and make it a point to understand the killer's side. Don't want to get caught by the killer? Run Kindred and/or Spine Chills so you don't get involved in a chase to begin with. Not good at positional awareness at long distances? Run Lightweight to limit your scratchmarks. Don't want to get caught by the killer at the end game? Don't run to the most obvious exit the Killer will be beelining for. You claim to be a killer main, that should be easy for you to predict.

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 1,845

    Yeah I’ve been running into a lot of killers that will hard tunnel one person out of the match and then make the shocked Pikachu face that the gens got done and they only got the one kill.

    If this keeps happening to you in particular, just run a build to counter it. In my opinion Iron Will is one of the best anti-tunnel perks depending on where you were hooked, because you can sneak away once unhooked and if the killer comes back it will be harder to find you. DS is pretty obvious. Adrenaline can help if your team actually does gens, and exhaustion perks are always useful. You can also run a med kit with enough charges for one heal and enough to use a syringe, and if you get tunnelled just use the syringe to heal in chase. Make tunnelling you as painful for them as possible and they may switch targets.

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    Lot of times, it's not your fault, but your teams fault. I got a guy last night, he ran to a corner where I downed him, right next to a hooked survivor that happened to have breakdown. There were no other hooks in range.

    I waited 30 seconds on the hook, thinking it was saboed, two gens popped in that time. He wiggled, I chased him down and camped him. He wasn't part of their group...

    Then sometimes it is your fault. If you run ds and unbreakable and play in an annoying way, people might remember you and punish you, or not give you a chance.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,901

    You can blame survivors that can't accept defeat and have turned ds (often in combo with unbreakable etc) into a big middle finger towards killers who try to play fair.

    It's once bitten twice shy.

    And let's be real: There's too many brats that will mouth you off no matter what on either side.

    You ignore the person who just got unhooked and ran right into you? they'll mock you for it or even complain you made them waste DS.

    You bring a flashlight but don't use it? Instead of realising you don't use it, it gets used as justification for camping, tunneling and moris.

    you can't do right, so why try, that seems to be the mentality.

    And that won't change till brats like that have to face consequences for their actions.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,435
    edited August 2020

    Well, but they face consequences for their actions.

    -Facecamping is boring. Imo to do it needs a really good justification for yourself, like having some ultra toxic guy for you.

    -You lose the match (if the survivors are not stupid).

    -Less bps, as if you would chase people in the same time, or kick gens.

    If there is no good to understand justification, then someone needed really to let steam off, I guess :)

  • TreSenTreSen Member Posts: 146

    Because unfortunately most red rank killers are boosted by camping and tunneling 1 person out then using NOED.

    Hopefully when we ditch the rank system the new system will take more consideration for your ability to end chases... but I wouldn't hold my breath. Best solution is to keep yourself in purple ranks.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,901
  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 578

    Well yeah, don't get found, hit twice and hooked. Wear darker clothes and use perks like alert and dark sense to keep your distance from said campers and tunnelers

  • sad_killer_mainsad_killer_main Member Posts: 532

    Once I wanted to do an "experiment".

    If I was facing a decent survivor team, I tried to INTENTIONALLY camp and tunnel, to see how "efficient" those strategies really were.

    I completely failed, and usually they all escape.

    If you are facing a decent team, efficient and that actually knows how to loop, if you camp and tunnel you are just going to lose.

    Maybe you are bad at looping, or your team wasn't good enough.

    I almost never camp and tunnel because usually is not even worth it.

  • XeticusXeticus Member Posts: 52

    To rank up as killer you need to get kills. You can get Iridescent in 3 categories and still not pip if you don't get kills. To get higher rank or even maintain their rank killers must get kills however they can. I don't even give the hatch anymore even if I feel like being a nice guy because I get punished for it. I had a game not too long ago where I killed 3 people and gave the last one the hatch. It hurt me enough that I think I didn't pip. So now I don't feel I can give any players the hatch.

    Camping is not effective for ranking up but tunneling can be very effective. Tunnel someone and get them out of the game quickly and put the odds more in your favor. If you want to rank up there are lots of situations where it makes sense to tunnel. Killers want to win and have fun and rank up as much as survivors do.

    The way things are incentivized currently for killers you are probably going to keep seeing it.

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