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Dear fellow survivors...

Hello. It's me again. Your friendly altruistic survivor who runs We'll Make It, Borrowed Time, and For the People

When I pull you off a hook and the killer is across the map somewhere chasing someone (which I know because I see the obsession icon wiggling and which you SHOULD know because you're on hook and can see everyone), it would be lovely if yall would stop running all the way to Jupiter before you stop to let me heal you when I can heal you in 8 seconds or less on the spot and we can both be on our way.

And then half the time when we get to the spot where you want to heal, NOW the killer is in the area and I don't have time to heal you any more. I would like to save your life but I'm tired of risking my own and wasting time in the process.

K thanks, bye.

Yours truly,

The altruistic survivor.

p.s. When people immediately use sprint burst from the hook, I don't follow them anymore


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