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DS isn't even a Top 5 Survivor Perk



  • VelaricaVelarica Member Posts: 76

    I mean you dont need unbreakable to make Dstrike valid. As long as you pay attention to lockers when being hooked and for general map awareness, you can rush to a locker after being unhooked and sit in it forcing the killer to either camp you, or leave you. Not to mention if the killer camps you, you can further mindgame by exitting the locker early to get them to pick you up assuming your Dstrike is gone.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 967

    We don't blame the survivors for using it. We complain that the perk is broken and too powerful.

    I don't understand where you got that killers blame survivors for using perks.

  • EntitledMyersMainEntitledMyersMain Member Posts: 833

    Honestly DS is just annoying.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 1,404

    That is subjective. Survivors can say BBQ is broken and too powerful as well. Double BP for doing objective and free aura reads, why would you not? Then, put BBQ on a high mobility killer and you are instantly a much better killer. DS doesn't instantly make you a better survivor, it just defends against a certain unfun playstyle. No comparison.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 967

    Never said survivors can't say BBQ is too powerful as long as they give valid reasons. I personally don't think it's OP and ive never seen anyone give valid reasons towards it.

    Ive given plenty of reasons towards why I think DS busted.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,193

    It's the only perk that doubles killer BP. If WGLF had a decent in-game effect I guarantee you nearly every survivor would be using it.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    Iron Will is pretty amazing although I just rather run a perk to heal myself and not be injured at all but I'd choose that over DS.

    And I forgot Spine Chill which is very useful against stealth killers

  • RepostRiposteRepostRiposte Member Posts: 479

    BBQ isn't that great of a perk outside of the bonus bloodpoints, why would I see far away survivors for a short period of time only after a hook when I could run perks that:

    - Passively block off the 3 furthest generators, forcing survivors to converge on the killer's location and preserving a 3-gen for later

    - Reveal nearby survivors after every single down, making snowballs consistent and maintaining pressure

    - Track healing survivors, allowing the killer to capitalize on abandoned chases and Borrowed Time gamers

    Dropping all your pressure to go after a BBQ'd survivor is a terrible idea on most killers and is just begging good survivors to yoink your 3-gen from under you

  • handfulofrainhandfulofrain Member Posts: 317

    This response just kind of proves to me that you're not as good as you think.

    Even a decent survivor can confidentlt stay injured.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    It's not that I can't play injured. it's just that I prefer not to. I mean, I run for the people and purposefully give my health state to help others. I'm no looping god, but i'm decent

  • vectorvector Member Posts: 153
    edited August 2020

    you dont even understand the gameplay. What are you rank 10?

    Before creating topic i advice you to learn it. First of all, game is not always in a stage where 5 gens are unrepaired and survs are spreaded all over map so you can calmy choose any survivior and take any chase, this stage lasts only for 1-3 min at the beggining.

    in actual game you hook survivior A and survivior B having desicive strike/borrow time unhooks survivior A while you not even 16 meters away, 1-2 remaining gens are on 30-60% progress any bad chase means losing a gen. You cant punish unhooked survs because of DC, so you have to make an entire chase without getting any profit of it, (cant hook, cant get pope goes weasel) .

    Time is crucial in this game and proper use of DC gives you minutes.

    1) A surv is unhooked, then he agressivly runs to unhook teammate and simply jumps in to a locker. (most killers do not tunnel , so checkmate).

    2) A surv is unhooked, then he runs to repair a critical gen that at 90% of progress if you come closer he simply jumps in to a locker You have a choice between wating about 20-50 seconds or losing a gen. Even if there was no locker and you put him in to a dying state he can simply crawl away.

    3) A surv is unhooked, then he start repairing a nearest gen without trying to hide/leave a place he was hooked . 80 sec takes repairing of one gen, DS has duaration of 60 sec. Most likely there are 2 survs on the gen.

    4) A surv is unhooked, he gets heal, he starts playing agressive and risky , he baits you, bodyblock you, he helps his teammates in recovery from dying state etc, you hit him once and he goes in to a locker or he lures you away in to an empty corner. You cant pick him up and you wasted time chasing him.

  • vectorvector Member Posts: 153
    edited August 2020


  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    I'm actually rank 1. I just played against someone in the forums who can confirm so I totally understand how the game works.

    1. If that's how your games go and you're taking 3 minutes to chase someone, I got some bad news for you. You might want to worry about your own lack of skill instead of worry about mine.
    2. The problem is that people think ALL survivors play like that, and they don't. Yall create scenarios of the most try hard thing you've seen and pretend all survivors play that way. They don't.
    3. Even when they do and they make a play like that, someone is going on a hook. I know how to spread out pressure and make sure I'm not recycling the same 2 people on and off hook.
    4. I'm just going to go back to point one and say learn how to end chases quicker. Then everything else you mentioned becomes irrelevant because the survivors won't be on the last 2 gens when you've only hooked one or two people
  • vectorvector Member Posts: 153
    edited August 2020

    you dont understand the gameplay i advice you to reread my post for several times then perhaps you will cease describing your veiw of gameplay where everything is simple and "i just go for another person i dont understhad how DS is strong perk"

    >f that's how your games go and you're taking 3 minutes to chase someone, 

    you keep proving that you dont understand the gameplay, first of all it depends on map and perks , you might get red forest you are slow m1 killer so it might take 1min to only find someone+ 1-2 min to catch them because all palets are still there,



    Post edited by vector on
  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 1,322

    Overlooked above is the original poster saying “Dead Hard is trash.”

    I’m a killer main so maybe I’m way off here, but my impression is that Dead Hard is extremely popular specifically because it gets the survivor just that little bit of extra distance they need in a loop sometimes to just barely get to a pallet drop or vault before the killer can hit them. Not every loop falls in that category obviously but it probably happens in about 1/3 or 1/4 chases which is once a game that if a survivor can time a Dead Hard right it gets them to that pallet/vault and avoids the hit had they not had the perk.

    Does the original poster think Dead Hard is trash because it’s hard to make a killer swing through you with it? If that’s all they’re trying to do with it then yeah, the perk is bad at directly dodging a basic attack. But, correct me if I’m wrong, the good survivors who use it use it to gain a bit of distance at a key moment, that’s it’s strength.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    I understand both uses of Dead Hard. It does it's job when you're trying to get extra distance.

    But when you're in a dead zone and you use a perk that's supposed to let you slide through an attack and either A, it never goes off when you press the button or B, it activates, makes you exhausted and you still get hit, it becomes trash.

    I completely understand that the primary use of the perk should be for distance to a window or pallet, but that doesn't negate the fact that it's trash at doing something else it should do effectively

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    LOL clearly you don't understand gameplay either because a gen can't be done in 20-30 seconds. MAYBE if all 4 survivors spawn on top of it with brand new parts and speed add ons on the best toolbox. But if that happens and you aren't finding anybody, then again..... your skill and game sense need to be checked. Run Whispers. I'm always in a chase within the first 20 seconds of the match (assuming i'm not running Trapper/Hag or someone that needs a set up).

    You keep proving that you lack skill.

  • vectorvector Member Posts: 153
    edited August 2020

    JFI gen can be done so fast that game does not even count is as complited i myself expirienced it and also there is a record


  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    Congrats you found an outlier that rarely happens. The killer in the clip knew they had 4 toolboxes with bnp and all spawned together. He shouldn't have wasted time setting up that second trap.

    So outside of this super rare example, which might happen 1 in every 1000 games or so (literally never happened in the over 2k hours I've played) this isn't really a thing you'll see every day

    If I find a clip of Bubba killing all 4 survivors at the same time, does that mean Bubba OP or did I just happen to find something that rarely happens....

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 2,446

    Meta perk isn't meta, sure its not

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 1,322

    Yep, I totally agree it’s bad at evading in the open. It’s a case where the perk is bad at something you’d expect it to be good at based on its description but it turns out to be really good at something else entirely so it’s still popular.

  • handfulofrainhandfulofrain Member Posts: 317

    Just because you're rank 1 doesn't mean you're good or that you understand the game though.

    This isn't an attack, but literally your only argument is "oh I'm red rank" it's like... great. I got to red rank my first couple weeks of playing.

    Also, whether or not you want to admit it, there's survivor bias here. Anyone who plays against good teams at high ranks knows that DS itself isn't an issue, but the fact that it's abusable by nature; couple that with the other meta perks and you get rolled.

  • leyzymanleyzyman Member Posts: 354

    I wish to disagree on what your opinion on DS.

    I think it is the strongest perk that can consistantly work (imo i think dead hard is best *when it works*).

    When the perk activates, it says that if the killer grabs you 60 seconds after you are hooked, you can stun him for 5 seconds. This sounds fair off what I am seeing.

    The problem is how abusable this perk is. While this is active; the survivor is immune from being picked up.

    So here is a scenario: the survivor has gotten off hook 20 seconds ago, and you can only find them. They decide to run into a locker. What do you do?

    You don't know if they have DS or not. If they do, they are in invincible atm. If they don't, then they are screwed. You have 4 outcomes:

    1. Pick up the survivor and eat the DS. You lose any pressure and can't move for 5 seconds.

    2. Leave the survivor. You lose any pressure you had but can try to gain some a bit sooner.

    3. Pick up the survivor and they don't have DS. Lucky for you.

    4. Wait out the last 40 seconds. You gain no pressures and risk at least 1 gen popping.

    I'll be honest, many people don't bluff a out not having DS. Let's just assume they brought DS in the scenario. Then because of 1 perk, the killer will get punished for doing any option.

    Another common thing is that survivors will hug a gen if they have an active DS. Killers like to get grabs, as not only does it down a survivor, but pick them up in the same animation. Well, now the killer gets punished for something thats usually super rewarding.

    Now let's say a killer just swings and puts them down on a gen. Well, they can't pick the survivor up, even though they let themselves get hit. Now the killer gets punished (less mind you) for doing their main objective. Yeah they are down and not doing anything, but either they wait for the DS to run out, or leave them to be picked up.

    Now throw in Unbreakable to the above scenario. Now, the killers options are:

    1. Eat the DS and let them save the unbreakable. Less pressure now for a little more preasure later

    2. Let the use the unbreakable and save the DS. More pressure now but less in the future

    3. Sit there, wait for unbreakable to be used and/or DS to go away.

    I dont mind the perk for what it is intended for: tunneling. The main problem is that instead of saying "i have a minute where if I am tunneled, he gets punished", it is "i have a minute of invulnerability." While I understand that it is the surivors job to do the objectives, it sucks to know that ( since they can vet unhooked twice) that is 2 minutes of invulnerability per survivor that brings it, up to a max of 8 minutes. If you solo the gens, that is 400 seconds. If the survivors have 480 seconds of invulnerability total, they can get all the gens done and open the exit gates while still having around 1 DS timer worth of time left. That is w/o calculating kicking gens or ruin or something like that, and saying that survivors aren't doing gens unless they are under the DS effect.

    Well, at least this Is why I hate it. I can't speak for all.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 2,810

    I'd be really interested in how BHVR views DS, because Peanits has stated on the forums in the past that they do not view it as an "anti-tunneling" perk, but that was what the community claimed it was for.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,272
    edited August 2020


    Props to you for playing like a good killer.

    I am willing to bet that 99% of the people who are complaining about DS are people who want to eat DS even though they themselves know there is a high change the person has it. People are literally making it sound like you get stunned with every single DS.

    I've had many matches where all 4 players had it, and the only time it affected me was in endgame. It might have been one out of the 4, definitely not all of them. This is the exact opposite of what people on these forums claim, which is that you have "invincibility", well you only have it if you actually proc the perk right?

    Even if all 4 DS's procc'd I don't see how you can have a problem with that, but not a snowball, which is very easy to do if there is no DS.

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