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I am gonna prove that spirit is op

BrequeBreque Member Posts: 427
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I see a lot of people saying that spirit isnt op and that need ability and i am gonna to prove that its ez to play and its op

I am an Rank 20 killer because i preffer to play as survival, and i had buyed spirit a week ago and had played like 3 matches

I never play as killer because i prefear to play with my friends

So if you guys dont wanna to see that spirit is op i am gonna to do a challange to my self

i will play as killer for like and week with spirit and i am gonna see what rank can i get in ONE WEEK

i am gonna to take print of every match that i played and show the results of all the matches in another tread in the future

Rules that i put

If survival DC it isnt gonna count

I cant use moris

I will play 4 matches per day

And that it

After a week i will show the results

note: i will not gonna cheat you if you think that i cheat you will be abble to see the rank and the bloodpoints always (:

If you wanna try this challange be free to say the result here in comments just dont lie (:

Edit: i see a lot of people saying that its ez to go against rank 20 and because of that this is not gonna prove anithing, so i am just going to count the matches that the majority of survival is purple and red ranks and after i am gonna say how much red and purple ranks do i pick

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