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Here are some lore questions that no one asked for :-)

-What IRL songs do you think would be on the Legion's mixtapes?

-Obviously, Killers have corresponding maps. But some killers have lore that ties into them

(Max's room, Thompson house, Asarov, Asarov's resting place, Cannibal's cellar, swamp)

Can these locations be found on their corresponding maps?

-What is the geography of the areas outside the maps? Where do the exit gates and hatch lead?

-Does The Doctor in fact have a PHD of any kind?

-Plague and Spirit did nothing wrong...so why are they Killers?

-Can we recognize that Oni is a huuuge hypocrite?

-Some survivors interacted with the locations that killers taken by the Entity resided once (Nea, idk who else) What about the others? Were they "Chosen"?


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    1. There's already an entire thread about this question. Right here. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/45371/what-songs-do-you-think-the-legion-mix-tapes-have#latest
    2. Max's room doesn't seem to exist on the Thompson House, the crusher Philip threw Azarov into in the official (but way less interesting) version of his lore doesn't exist, and Leatherface, while introduced with the Grim Pantry, isn't usually connected to that map, instead being affiliated with Coldwind Farm, if any map at all.
    3. The only map we somewhat know the geography of is the Dead Dawg Saloon, where we can see mountains beyond the walls. The exit gates and hatch don't take us there anyway, instead taking us directly back to the campfire to start the trials all over again.
    4. Most likely, yes, although it is up for debate.
    5. Rin Yamaoka was chosen due to her incredible rage. The Entity originally wanted her father, but her rage was far too appetizing. Adiris made one final prayer to her gods, and the Entity caught wind of it. With the Entity being a being of eldritch power, Adiris believes it to be one of her gods, and will do anything for it.
    6. Yes, Kazan is a hypocrite. It's part of what makes him such an interesting character.
    7. Nea went for the Asylum, Jeff grew up in Ormond and painted the Legion mural (well, unless you fully believe the Legion's Archive), and Zarina went investigating Caleb's old prison cell. And that's not counting the licensed characters. From what Kate's Archive tells us about her, she can notice things that no one else can. Like there's some sort of connection between her and other dimensions. After I read that, I immediately put together that the other Survivors are the same way. There's some connection that they all have. So basically chosen.
  • EntitledMyersMainEntitledMyersMain Member Posts: 833
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    Also the legion thread is over a year old, i just wanted to revive that particular conversation.

    Might just make another discussion about that lol

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    -Is not confirmed if Doctor had a PHD or not, what we know is that he was a student working in a neuroscience program in the Léry institute, did some nasty stuff in a research assignment, the CIA noticed him and made a deal with him to continue his experiment in the Léry, but we don’t know if he got a PHD then, eventually or his status.

    -About survivors and connections to the Entity’s realm, we know that Felix, the new survivor, went to the same island where the Blight was initially taken.

    -About the geography, I think a dev answered that anything beyond the walls is an illusion, like the moons or the stars, so I imagine that the mountains are illusions as well, although in the lore, the realms seems to be a bigger than in the games (like in the legion trailer):

    Dave - "As geography inside The Entity, you can imagine every match as a pocket; a position within The Entity. You can imagine The Entity being as big as a universe. It's made of multiple layers; in one layer we have pockets where the match happens. Everything within a pocket is constructed by The Entity, except the Survivors and Killers. They do exists in a time continuum; when you go to the campfire, this also exists in one of these pockets, that has different rules. You can't be in all places at the same time, or travel in time within The Entity."

    Dave - "To answer about the woods, yes, it's just a facade. It's within a pocket. What you see beyond the gate, the fog, that's the boundary. This exists in the lobby as well."

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,251

    Felix's story proves that the entity can actually be attacked, and not only that but his parent had fought it before.

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