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Why don't Killers have SWF compensation yet?

There are a half dozen perks that SWF players get for free. Kindred, Bond, Empathy, the thing that lets you see traps, Object of Obsession, Alert, I'm probably forgetting a few, but SWF players have about 8-10 perk slots available to them given the situation.

The devs can't remove SWF because they know their playerbase would take a huge hit - people just won't play if they can't play with their friends. People like to play video games with their friends, it's pretty normal. And there's no way they can stop people from using a totally separate application like Discord to voice chat.

This isn't just for killers though - this is in Survivor's best interests too. Don't believe me? This is just an arms race between each side; BHVR will be forced to develop more powerful Killers, more oppressive Killer perks to counter it. Survivors hate Pop right now; imagine how bad the new Killer's perks will be a year from now. And I'm sure you don't all want to be running BT, Unbreakable, DS, and Iron Will every match, right? Wouldn't it be nice if we stepped down from the doomsday clock of Survivor and Killer perks constantly trying to out-do one another and just ran perks we thought were fun?

Console players have a lot harder time forming parties with each other and as a result, there are a lot less SWF console players. Ever since cross-play has come out playing DBD has been like a fresh new game; when I get looped because the console Survivor is better than me, it feels so much better than getting my traps instantly disarmed because their whole PC team is calling out my position at all times. For once, thanks to cross-play, DBD actually feels fair.

Survivors can pretend that having ten perk slots (each) is fair, but it's not. And the more unfair you play, the more unfair the killers have to play back. The game was clearly designed to not have team-wide voice chat. Why people think it's okay and that you should just "adapt" is beyond me.

Anyway, rant over. I'm going to go Insidious face-camp a basement as Leatherface to make up for it. Don't like it? Hey, it's totally allowed by the game, right? Just adapt to it, right? Do you see how this cycle just continues itself?



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