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Escaping as Obsession archive quest tips

I've never been so infuriated by a quest in my life and I've played wow on the shittiest computers and internet since it was in vanilla beta.

I can't seem to get a match where I am able to retain being the obsession and escape at the same time.

At first I tried using all three Laurie's perks (5/8 games i was obsession to start, also 6/8 games was stealth killers including an infinite tier 1 Michael that took the game hostage. For those who don't know, anything that causes the undetectable effect on a killer also makes their auras invisible to OoO, including tier 1 michael). Was not working, so I removed the OoO because it was backfiring even on midwhich and tried just decisive strike and her other perk.

5 more games and I am never the obsession to start, not a huge issues with decisive strike, but of course my luck is that 2/5 games is an ebony mori and other 2 they just wait it out or dont tunnel, 1 game I missed and died because of it :/.

Is the answer to not try and just do this one dead last? leaving it on and just hoping you randomly get it? I've only started playing 3 months ago. Are there other perks that make you the obsession or help you hold it?

Keys seemed to also aggravate the problem as I was just tunneled each game I brought one. I also was playing all these games with 1-3 friends. No amount of coordination was helping with the obsession selection or tunneling unfortunately.

If no tips, maybe a nice story about how you got it to inspire me?


  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 914

    I used Object of Obsession and Decisive Strike. Both of them increase chances of becoming the obsession at the beginning, so I became the obsession two times in a row. So... yeah, use multiple multiple Obsession perks and you will have this challenge succeded in time)

  • Golden_spiderGolden_spider Member Posts: 455

    a successful Decisive Strike or using For The People changes you to the obsession so you could just hope when gates are 99'd/open you get unhooked and picked up or waiting in the exit gate for someone Injured to appear.

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 707

    It was a bs time for me getting it. You’ll get it eventually. I got lucky and got hatch on a pitiful game against Death Slinger.

  • ShenaniganShenanigan Member Posts: 159
    edited September 2020

    This one I overcomplicated too when I first saw this challenge. But a friend and I were doing a 2-man SWF doing challenges in the tomes. Before we started a match we were brainstorming on how we can help each other for our challenge when I had to do the, "escape as the obsession challenge" my Friend suggested object of obsession and Decisive. But it struck me:

    "For the People"

    (one of Zarina's perks)

    With this here's a tip:

    Just try and survive the match and use "For the People" on someone in the exit gates after the obsession icon switches to you then escape the trial.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,075

    Use for the people, when you heal someone with it you become the obsession

  • KrazyKatFTWKrazyKatFTW Member Posts: 61

    yeah For The People at the exit gates got it for me easily as well

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,498

    Wow, with all that you should have gotten it.

    Really some unfortunate matches all grouped together for you, maybs.

    I jus used OoO on Hawkins against a fairly skilled Ghostface w 3 other randoms who happened to all be decent survivors.

    Fortunately, I loaded into the match as the obsesh

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 294

    I've done it with MoM and DS, it easy works

  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,402
    edited September 2020

    Take DS, go down once gates are open, get hooked, "accidentally" go down again, use DS, become the obsession, and escape. Or just use For the People at the gates.

  • LeovanniLeovanni Member Posts: 39

    Thank you all for the comments! I'll definitely try For the People from Zarina. Wasnt even aware it was a perk!

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,568

    bring decisive.

    act surprised when the killer approaches your gen with tinkerer.

    now you just gotta escape before anyone else can D-Strike him.

  • ILoveDemoILoveDemo Member Posts: 483

    Use MoM + Ds you will be the Obsession in the beginning of the Match.

  • GylfieGylfie Member Posts: 144
    edited September 2020

    Nobody is going to care about this but I feel the need to share my story on how I finished this challenge. I brought DS against a Trapper on Lampkin Lane. Played like an absolute muffin so I'd get tunneled in order to be able to use DS. Got tunneled, used DS and became the obsession. Fast forward to the end, I'm on death hook and only me and Meg are still alive, one gen to go. We finish the last gen while Trapper is walking towards us. Meg and I split up and he decides to go after me.

    I go stand behind a bush and mentally give up. He lunges from behind the bush and whacks the bush with all his might. I think "oh, he missed!" and start running. He lunges at me at a pallet and misses. He lunges at me again and misses. I run inside a building near the exit gate and go upstairs. He lunges and misses. In the meantime, Meg had opened the exit gate. I vault the upstairs window towards the gate but don't have nearly enough distance to make it. Then, as I'm desperately running towards freedom, I hear a loud grunt behind me and realise the Trapper walked into his own trap. I escape.

    This was the most insane way I ever completed a challenge.

  • LeovanniLeovanni Member Posts: 39

    "Absolute muffin" is now my favorite description and I love the story. Thanks!

    I ended getting the quest done in a similar way 😃 but against a doctor that didn't know you could dodge his blasts.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,015

    Use Foe The People and DS. Maybe bring OoO.

    Bring a key and leave ASAP.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,204

    What amazed me about this challenge is how difficult it was to actually get a killer to tunnel me with DS so that I could become the obsession.

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