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Any way for fast downrank?

BanderBander Member Posts: 8
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Like in title, I earned rank 4 in just 3 weeks playing dbd (im a new player) and these ranks that i am playing agains are just too strong against me. Is there a way for getting my rank down? (I don't want any temp bans).

Btw getting rank in dbd is just too easy , should be harder ;/

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  • BanderBander Member Posts: 8


  • BioFrequencyBioFrequency Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020

    Play any 110% Speed Killer

    Never use the killers power. Just play seriously(ish?) as a 110% speed killer with no power. Bring BBQ for extra end-game Bloodpoints.

    You meet the condition of not just AFKing the match, you get some blood-points, and assuming the survivors are not totally brain dead you should get entity displeased plenty of times.

  • Generator_RepairerGenerator_Repairer Member Posts: 82

    You just have to be afk and wait. They disabled MMR system recently because it had major issues which I suppose are being fixed right now.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145

    Play regularly as a solo survivor.

    Way, way harder to climb that way. But way more legit.

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