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4 red ranks with a key vs Spirit

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,860
edited September 2 in General Discussions

Yesterday, 4 red rank survivors with a key... Thank god I was using Spirit.

I mean, only one of those keys is gonna work, why bring all of them in? They were a SWF who didn't even repair more than 1 gen cause I owned them... I have to be honest, I got mad about the 4 keys in lobby, I took it as a "mocking the killer" thingie... Was I wrong? I played as Harsh as I could cause I was mad at them for the 4 keys... No mori, no pink or OP addons, just a killer I dominate with...


They invited me to the party post game (Xbox) and it was actually a great experience, they said I was amazing with Spirit, they said GG and one guy literally said "Sorry about the 4 keys bro, we got the message" LOL

I took pics of the 4 of them dying as a trophy with my phone.


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