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What Are Your *Unique* Non Meta Killer / Survivor Perk Builds

People are just obsessed with boringly predictable meta perks such as: DS / Borrowed Time / DH / Iron Will / Unbreakable

I'd like to see more unique combos out there to mix it up and give keep those Killers / Survivors scratching their heads rather than expecting the same old same old every single match. What are your cool perk builds?

These are my main top two sets of 'go to' perks for Survivor builds. I might add in Killer ones later but I have far too many of them for the first post.

Build 1: Evasion / Loop Avoidance

  • Quick 'n' Quiet to vault silently
  • Lithe to break into a 150% speed increase sprint after vaulting for 3 seconds
  • Dance With Me to leave no scratch marks for 3 seconds after vaulting
  • Spine Chill (because I never leave home without it on any of my builds)

Effect of Build 1:

  • Vault silently into a sprint leaving no scratch marks for 3 seconds breaking line of sight and losing the Killer 9 times out of 10

Drawbacks of Build 1:

Essentially I have to waste 3 perk slots with QnQ / Lithe and DWM to get this awesome effect

Why don't I see anyone else using this build: ?

This build, at least for me is awesome yet strangely enough I never see anyone running this build. I mean is it bad? has nobody thought of it before? do I have a weird play style?

Build 2: Stealth Altruism

Kindred - to know where the Killer is at long range near the hook

Spine Chill - to know where the killer is in close proximity (and because I still never leave home without it)

Alert - to know where the Killer is everywhere else in the map

(then add in either Self Care or Urban Evasion depending on my mood)

Effect of Build 2:

This allows me to know triangulate where the Killer is for almost the entirety of the match and best plan my way around their actions towards whatever objective needs doing. Rescue, Gens, Bones, Gate, Hatch, Butt Dance (yes butt dance is an objective)

Drawbacks of Build 2:

My only complaints is I don't have room for both Urban Evasion and Self Care., And I cant sacrifice Kindred, Spine Chill or Alert for either of them or the entire build falls apart. So I just swap and change them out depending on how much I trust the other Survivors in the lobby I'll pick Self Care or Urban Evasion.

Why don't I see anyone else using this build: ?

in particular the combo of Kindred / Spine Chill and Alert



  • cranzercranzer Member Posts: 26

    My survivor build

    Bond, open handed, detective hunch, self care.

    My doctor build

    Thanaphobia, sloppy butcher, bbq, whispers

    Don't know about them being unique, just what i use.

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
    edited September 2020

    My Killer builds on the other hand feel a little more "Meta" than my Survivor ones:


    Nurses Calling / Whispers / Stridor / Spies From The Shadows

    Nurses Calling / Whispers / Stridor / I'm All Ears

    (Any variance from Nurses Calling / Whispers / Stridor is a no-no for Nurse so the last slot is all I can change up. Anything with aura reading is good for her)

    Though I have heard that Nurses Calling + Sloppy Butcher + Distressing + Coulrophobia has the following effect:

    Sloppy Butcher and Coulrophobia heal slowdown stacks then increase heal slowdown radius with Distressing to give allow Nurses Calling to get some serious value for money though I'll find it hard to give up Whispers and Stridor to seriously test it out.

    Pyramid Head / Deathslinger

    Nurses Calling / Discordance / Monitor and Abuse / STBFL

    • My only problem with this is on PH + STBFL your pressured not to use ranged attack but this one does both PH and Slinger well


    Nurses Calling / Discordance / Whispers / STBFL

    I know it doesn't have POP, Thana and Sloppy Butcher but I like this build for Freddy and wouldn't change it for anything as it has:

    • Great snowball effect with STBFL
    • Great map pressure with Discordance + Gen Teleport
    • Once 3k are done Whispers will get the 4th so long as I find the hatch first
    • Nurses Calling is my Spine Chill for Killer, I (almost) never leave home without it if I can


    Distressing / Unnerving Presence / Iron Grip / Agitation (Killer Shack Altruism Magnet 4k Build)

    • Then add at least +1 sack addon with an addon that increases disarm time

    Distressing and Unnerving Pretense confuses Survivors as to where you are as you always sound like your breathing right down their neck even at mid range

    Iron Grip and Agitation allows for easy transport of Survivors to Killer Shack

    • Bring your first 2 traps to Killer Shack and set them up on outside and inside window
    • Get 2 more traps and set one of them at one entrance to shack laveing one entrance open
    • Go get a Survivor and carry them all the way across the map (with the help of Iron Grip and Agitation) and hook them in the basement
    • Go place the last trap at the last entrance closing off the shack entirely
    • Go get 2 more traps and set them up int he grass outside the shack
    • By now someone will have attempted to rescue the Survivor and is either trapped or has disarmed the trap and is on their way down
    • - If they got stuck in a trap put them next to their friend on the hook in the basement
    • - If they got to the basement re-set the trap they disarmed, now both of them are stuck in the shack to either be downed or trapped when they try and come up
    • By now the last 2 Survivors will be sniffing around the shack and may already be trapped so bring them down to join their friends too.
    • If done right you'll now have 4k in shack basement unless there's a scardy Dweight polishing the hatch with his butt

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,816

    Build 1 is also called the Houdini build, and yeah... Not many people run it because you are using 3 perk slots on an effect that you often cannot activate. Plus, since sounds have been deliberately wrecked and scratchmakers are deliberately difficult to track, you just need to break LoS and run away from the loop.

    I prefer Open Handed, Bond, Kindred - also known as the Not-Quite-SWF build.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,497

    So I'm not sure if my Head On/Q&Q/DS/Inner Strength build is unique (it isn't) but I thought of it as soon as I saw Inner Strength release so I'm taking that for myself.

    Also, it's not a meta perk but due to some circumstances I've started using the perk "Hope" in all of my builds. It's both very helpful in endgame looping and holds a ######### ton of personal value.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    I posted this in another thread, but give this one a try: Dark Sense, Poised, Adrenaline, Distortion

    Every time a gen pops you get 5 seconds of aura read on the killer and 10 seconds of no scratch marks. Sometimes that won't be too helpful, but other times it will let you lose the killer in a chase, or when you stick a gen as the killer's approaching. The real fun of this build happens when the last gen pops. You instantly heal a health state, sprint at 150% speed for 5 seconds, get 10 seconds of aura read on the killer, and get 10 seconds of no scratch marks. Some matches this effect will be useless, but others it be the difference between getting downed by the killer and losing them at full health. Worst case, it lets you make a quick, stealthy beeline for the exit gate the killer isn't checking first.

    Distortion ties everything together by mitigating the threat of Bitter Murmur, which could otherwise sink this build. If you see that they have Bitter Murmur, just be sure to save one token for the end and you'll be good!

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    Well thanks to recent additions...

    Protect Hex: Devour Hope

    Killer Power

    • Wailing Bell (Personal preference, you can have variants of this build for any Killer.)


    1. "Windstorm" - Blood / "Windstorm" - White / "Windstorm" - Mud (To get to your Hex Totems quicker.)
    2. "Windstorm" - White / "Windstorm" - Mud (To get to your Hex Totems even quicker.)


    • Murky Reagent (Because of my Killer Power choice.)


    1. Hex: Devour Hope (Required.)
    2. Hex: Haunted Ground (To reduce the chances of an important Hex Totem being cleansed.)
    3. Hex: Thrill of the Hunt (To slow down their cleansing speed and to know which one's in danger.)
    4. Hex: Undying (To know which one's in danger and to (possibly) preserve Hex: Devour Hope.)
  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,225

    I like to run Urban Evasion, Spine Chill, We’ll Make It & For The People sometimes.

    Most of the time, my build is Borrowed Time, We’ll Make It, Bond, & Resilience.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    depip suicide farming build:

    WGLF (the core of farming) + Sabo (mostly to see hook auras and counter killers movement. You need toolbox to sabo multiple hooks. Sabo perk alone allow to break only 1 hook and then you get a huge cooldown) + Breakout (it help to outrun kiler and sabo 2nd hook. You will go down, but Breakout will ensure that, if you sabo 2 hooks, carried survivor will escape. It will be an exchange. up to 2 WGLF stacks for 1 exchange. ) and IW (if killer injure you at the 1st saboed hook and you moved away from killer, killer is likely to forget about you and look for next nearest hook. If you have IW, you can sneak behind killer and continue to apply Breakout effect. Hooks are close to each other, so do not expect a survivor to wiggle out, take a hit near 2nd hook to buy 3s for wiggle.)

    Its the quickest way to get 4 WGLF stacks. Then you can go totem hunting, open chests and continue breaking hooks to max Boldness.

    Just ignore gens and dont farm unhooks. Do only boldness, survival things, and then die.

    Up to 40k every 5 min. :^)

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    My current survivor build is Buckle Up, Botany Knowledge, Leader, Bond.

    • I can easily find survivors if I need healing, or if they need healing.
    • Healing is always quick.
    • Buckle Up let’s me know whether or not to bother wasting time running over to a slugged survivor.
  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,016

    Iron will for stealth

    Dark sense for up to 6 killer auras per game

    Alert for more killer auras, handy when looping

    Breakdown for aura when rescued and semi anti tunneling

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