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Boring match start

I use corrupt most of the time i play. And when i do i cant find anyone cuz they all hide next to a corrupted gen.

Why do survivors play like this?


  • IreathIreath Member Posts: 89

    What else are they supposed to do? Some might go to an unblocked gen but killers will patrol those and find them.

  • ObscurityDragonObscurityDragon Member Posts: 230

    Cause theyre scared

    Or low ranks cause res ranks they dont wait for it, they just go in and do the gens

    I mean there are 3 or 4 gens that are completly free, just learn the way to find the survivors

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 589

    Put whispers on. Problem solved

  • jdcabraljdcabral Member Posts: 1,971

    Anyone who uses Corrupt knows the best way to find survivors is going to the blocked gens. If you just stay patrolling the 4 unblocked gens it's literally a waste of a slot.

  • EntitledMyersMainEntitledMyersMain Member Posts: 833

    I run corrupt and discordance. If they are on gens, i find them. If they are hiding around blocked gens, I find them.

  • goatslingergoatslinger Member Posts: 479

    Because it's the best counter to that perk? It's either hide and wait it out or run to one of the uncovered gens which is what you want them to do.

  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 669

    I run just discordance but gens often pop quickly early game, I'll try this out, thanks

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,233
    1. Because it counters and wastes the perk.
    2. You can use that time to break totems and search chests

    I typically only do this if it's a plague. Because the plague runs corrupt and then pukes on all the gens that aren't covered to have early gen control. So while she's doing that, I just go around and break totems. Why should I go get sick on a gen?

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,179
    edited September 2020

    They are doing the smart thing. Waiting.

    Just like DS to ran out. Counters the perk.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,383

    I knew this thread will be about Corrupt Intervention before I clicked. The reason they wait it out is efficiency.

    If you don't catch anyone within those 2 minutes you're playing a 3 perk game while they're still at their maximum numbers of hooks.

    That's why I don't use Corrupt. It's a boring perk with boring counterplay.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,498

    Survivor’s best strategy is to remove the killer’s perk.

    Even before the match, in the lobby, bringing useless items like broken keys, or items they don’t care about losing jus to juke the killer into wasting a perk slot on Demise.

    They use similar in game strategies to waste the perks killer’s bring.

    Hiding in lockers to waste bbq.

    Cleansing totems early to remove possible NOED.

    Hiding away from exit gates to waste blood warden.

    Hiding after someone cleanses Haunted Ground so they all don’t get insta downed.

    Hiding for a few minutes at the start of a match completely wastes corrupt. It’s like the killer only brings in 3 perks when survivors play this strategy.

    Survivors should play stealthily; looking for the killer and evading them while staying away from ALL gens when corrupt is on, to completely render it useless, as most killers will go to the blocked gens since they are the gens farthest away from the killer (where the survivors usually load out).

    It’s legitimate strategy. We can call them names and get frustrated about it, but it’s part of standard clever gameplay. Not all randoms will play this way, or know to play this way, so majority of corrupt matches tend to be effective.

  • ChunkyboiChunkyboi Member Posts: 112

    Guys thanks for the tips ill switch my bbq out with whispers! <3

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