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Just a rant against crybabys

Trying to get the hook the obsession challenge done. 1st 2 games saw rank 1 and 2 hit squads. 1 hook total.

Next 4 games saw zero obsession. 3 games later im at 7 hook.

Running furtive chase on legion as im trying to improve my fundamentals and its the only obsession perk i have on them.

Load in and discordance goes off. I find and hit my obsession in frenzy. Then get pallet stunned by the next target so i go and look for the obsession. Who i find healing next to a pallet. I circled it 3 times before i looked down and saw her.

I down her and she disconnects. Then another person disconnects.

I play around a bit. Let the remaining 2 do gens. Every now and then hit them with frenzy just for points.

One signals me to 'come here' and just stand in front of me so i down her. No one has been hooked so i hook her and frenzy away. She dcs.

I just dont understand. I wanted to DC just because but i Didnt.

Rants over. Thank you for your time


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