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I went back to Xbox to play a match and...my god, how do you guys do it?

I made the switch to PC early this year. I get an "almost" solid 60 frames. I've heard that console has gotten worse since 4.1, but I've been on PC since then. For context, I started playing DBD on PS4, on December of 2017. I then transitioned to Xbox some time early 2019 and now PC. The frames on the Xbox X were slightly better than that of the original consoles, which to me seemed amazing at the time. Now, since adjusting to PC gaming, my eyes have fully adjusted to 60fps. Trying current DBD out again on console was...definitely an experience. The frames were choppy, the textures somehow looked worse and the game felt like it was running on low settings, but without the fps boost.

Now, it wasn't unplayable, but I could not wait to get back to PC and feel normality again. BHVR, jesus christ, the least you could do is optimise the game now before it moves on to next gen, but I doubt that will happen. I still remember back in 2018 when the "promise" was made to release an optimisation patch in December, but then it was delayed and...nothing came of it. The fact that you guys have to put up with that BS is ridiculous, especially when you are consumers, just like the rest of us. When someone said the devs treat console players like dirt, I don't think they were lying. My heart goes out to you all.



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