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Stream Sniping TTV survivors

I play SWF sometimes and one of my friends streams to twitch. We do it for the social component, not for swat SWF type things. At the start of the game the Demo was afk which we thought was weird but not unheard of. He came back part way in. Apparently during this afk he was opening the twitch client.

We found out end of game he was watching my friends stream to get intel on the game while he was killer. Admitted it in twitch chat. It didn't help him much, he had well over 500 ping so, even hitting us through pallets/walls he only managed a 2k with both kills coming from noed.

My question is, is this common? Should we be concerned with this going forward? Is there anyone else here who streams and has found a way to deal with this other than extending the delay on stream.



  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    I love Twitch streamers. Either theyre super chill and everyone has fun, or theyre toxic, and I get to embarass them in front of their viewers.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120
    edited September 2020

    Its not my twitch account, I dont stream, learn to read. Was essentially asking to see if its worth while continuing to play with this friend if their streaming or not. Noone was mad, its just less fun when its less fair.

    Also multiple large corporations do a great job policing stream snipers, its not a hard thing to do. But i dont believe it violates the ToS for dbd so it wouldn't matter if BHVR could or not. Them policing it also wasn't my question.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    Its not my ttv, i do not stream, its a friends as it states clearly in the original post. Also, as clearly stated, the person explicitly stated they were stream sniping in the friends twitch chat, the only reason i knew is because he told me.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    Thank you for being of one 3 people so far that actually read. The delay was an option he thought of so i may suggest that, if he doesn't want to do that and its as common as some people say, i may need to stop playing with him while he's streaming.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    We play for fun, sweaty swf swat stuff is just boring and stressful. Others have been helpful though and we have a few options if he continues to stream games

  • ExcelSwordExcelSword Member Posts: 271

    Unfortunately its the trade off to advertising yourself in-game, some people will take advantage. Personally I'll usually check out the vlog to see how the match was from the other perspective, but otherwise i dont go snooping till the match is over.

    If you are worried about getting sniped while playing with a friend and you can't control it, perhaps ask him not to include TTV in his name. Afer the match is over he can ask people to check him out in the stream. I don't stream but I think you can also delay the stream by a minute or so so any snipers wont get any useful info other than perks.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    If you don't mind my opinion is just your friend the one that it's being looked not you, I just think that increasing the delay would be the best option, I mean I understand (my bro streams and I play with him) but since you said that you play for fun and not swf depip squad, I would just ignore, it is harder for your friend since the killer will know what he is doing and whatnot.

    But I really can't come up with anything that would help both of you other than increasing the delay.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    If you want to advertise your stream, that's the risk. My only advice is to just roll with it, I guess.

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706

    It's not against DbD rules. It's against Twitch rules if you stream as well.

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487

    If you're choosing to make your gameplay live for anyone to see, then it's your problem if someone uses that.

  • VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 684

    Honnestly now the crossplays on, im glad when i see PC streamers , i just put it on my phone and keep playing. As surv and killers i know where they are, the perks, what theyre gonna do. Ez

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    As i stated at least 5 times in this thread its not me, i dont stream, some of yall are so excited to try and one up someone you sound like fools. This is about how to handle someone you're playing with streaming.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    Thank you for this. I didnt believe there was anything in the DbD ToS, though I can see them updating this if they want the game to continue growing. But he did report them on Twitch, so that's something.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,391

    If you have TTV in your name you're basically bringing a Mori for the squad or you're gonna be tunneled right from the start from what I've seen, I personally don't care as a killer because TTV in your name doesn't make you a good survivor

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487

    In the English language, the word "you" can be a generic or impersonal form which refers to an unspecified person. In this case, it refers to "a person who streams" not "the person who made this thread."

  • Adamant_TepigAdamant_Tepig Member Posts: 82

    I don't stream snipe, though if I have a TTVer who is live in my game when playing killer, I like to go find the part of their vod with my match in it so I can see their perspective and analyze what I did well and what went wrong so I can improve myself. What I do like is that there's a variety of setups - solo queue, duo, or the full 4 man squads.

    As far as toxicity goes, I only ever remember one time I went up against a full 4 man on coms as Trapper on Wretched Shop. That match I was running Padded Jaws (my reasoning is that if survivors realize I have Padded Jaws, they may be more willing to step in my traps, which gets me and the survivors more BP - in the matches I've used them in, it's worked surprisingly enough, not all the time) and a Trapper Sack. They weren't particularly good, with the streamer saying he wanted to 'help' by farming with me (after he pallet stunned me, I assumed he was going to be the chase bait, so I took him seriously), a green rank Ace player looping around shack where the streamer was hooked, a No Mither David looting a chest behind where I hooked him, getting called a virgin for bringing the Kate player to the basement (the most chill of the four, I assumed she was solo queue and wanted to mainly kill off the Ace for screwing the streamer over with his looping choices), and the cherry on top, being called a [Bad Word] for using BBQ of all things. The best part is they didn't think to bring me to the shop on that map, which at the time was one of the strongest looping locations in the game. I think that's ultimately what cost them - I got a 3k and let the Kate escape through hatch after getting a bit more BP out of her via traps.

  • NivlacACENivlacACE Member Posts: 77

    Putting TTV I’m your username is just an all around bad idea, half the time if I see a TTV I’ll bring a toxic build just for fun. I don’t stream snipe but plenty do.

    let’s look at the benefits, pretty much none to maybe one time viewers. I don’t think anyone has actually managed to grow their twitch channel by putting a cringy “TTV” in their account name. Every TTV I’ve bothered to watch postgame has like four viewers max.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    The benefit is my friend wants to and he enjoys streaming even if theres only 2-3 viewers, so was looking for a way to let him keep something he enjoys while not causing future games to feel so bad.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    So in a thread about "these are the issues when people stream, how can we get around it" you thought it valuable to say "well there's issues when people stream" in a hyper condescending tone when the issues had already been established in the original post along with 3 posts after? The added condescension here doesn't make you look any better my dude. First step to get out of a hole is to stop digging.

  • DsalterDsalter Member Posts: 239

    i mean if your friend is stupid enough to put "TTV" or "YT" on his user name he's basically saying "YOOOHOOO! LOOK AT ME IM STREAMING AND HERES MY LINK! COME SNIPE ME!"

    i mean would you broadcast your bank pin and card number in the street because your using a specific bank? of course not.

    so dont be surprised people snatch up free intel if your going to basically stick your rear out at a sniper.

  • catnip18catnip18 Member Posts: 120

    Its something they enjoy, im not the type of person to try and police others fun, that just sounds like a sad existence. This wasn't asking "is him doing this a good idea" or "should i do this" its, within the constraints of what my friend finds fun which is streaming, what can be done to mitigate the negatives so we can continue having fun games.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,913

    I've met a close friend through them having TTV in their name, and I've met close friends through me having TTV in my name.

    No matter how you slice it, it's free advertising.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    Woah, man. No need to get so heated.

    The guy just wanted to know his options.

  • DsalterDsalter Member Posts: 239

    not have TTW or YT in his name, thats literally all you can do to stop a sniper because hanging your nads out for people to punch is an easy target, if people enjoyed his streams they would be attracted to it regardless because he would stand out.

    so either they improve the quality of their stream and remove the obvious "tunnel me while 3-4 people watch!" name that is TTV or YT or suck it up and either deal with it or stop partying with said friend.

    you dont have to stand next to someone holding a radiator up to a heat seeking rocket.

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