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  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    Sure if you face survivors who genrush bad or don't genrush at all. A problem is m1 killers as well. Maybe if you are playing freddy or billy you have a chance, but what if you are playing doc or bubba? (Which is a m2 killer , but he's really uneffective right now due to his low chainsaw speed)

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,441
    edited July 2020

    Sure go watch my Twitch VODs and judge the survivor's for yourself. Like I said tho @Respectfulnancymain has seen me play so feel free to ask them for their thoughts too. Same with Musicnerd.

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 869
  • catbeanscatbeans Member Posts: 316

    Sounds like the game is just not fun. So why are we playing?

  • ChicoChico Member Posts: 20

    Tunneling is unnecessary. For example, imagine you chasing the same survivor the whole game, it gets to be irritating and frustrating. The survivors made all five generators in a short time, however, wonder if there is a survivor who is inexperienced in the game and he ends up playing with red ranks because of the matchmaking of the game. Well, then you end up tunneling this inexperienced survivor and you end up ruining his game, even though it's not his fault. Now think.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    Thanks! She got us into the game. She had to save my ass a lot at the beginning, now I'm not so bad, but she is definitely the one that carries us!

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Yea like people have said tunnelling is not required to win games. If you tunnel someone fast enough to death it might work but it usually won't. Instead you should be slugging, which is absolutely required to win against a decent team or you're not going to.

  • ShadowRainShadowRain Member Posts: 607

    At high level you have to tunnel/camp sometimes to win.. only casuals think you shouldn’t

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Funny because my particular main kikler has the opposite. Tunnelling is TERRIBLE for Pig, both for rank AND my powers.

    Slugging is more necessary than tunnelling and people don't hate you for it as much.

    Honestly, it's killers like you that have brought about this "second chance meta" that a lot of other killers complain about. You make statements like this and follow through on those actions, then survivors will do whatever they can to survive.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,441

    Ah guess I'm casual at rank 1 within a week & being a pretty big killer main at this point thanks never realised :/

  • HallowgeekHallowgeek Member Posts: 107

    Oh this is a message just for survivor mains? I play both sides so guess I better head back out.

  • RoMainPuppyRoMainPuppy Member Posts: 507

    I can tell you're completely unbiased in this discussion by your name alone. Totally know you're completely open to any and all responses to your post. Completely open mind. Mmmmhm.

  • PryzmPryzm Member Posts: 393

    The reason you struggle now is because you never learned to play properly. So many killers progress in ranks by tunneling because the quality of players between purple and red is very different. So these guys tunnel all the way to rank 4 or so then cry because survivor is too strong.

    No, you never learned how to pressure gens, adapt, play chess on the field. You are still playing checkers and getting smoked.

    I had a great match today where I had to get creative and anticipate where survivors might go when they think I'm on the other side. So (Freddy) I teleported to an out of the way gen figuring that is where they would go to heal. Set two dream pallets and here they come. They thought I was coming from the other direction. Downed all three quick because of surprise. I learned that from the many butt whoopings I got on the way up the food chain.

    I lost one gen to score three hooks, 2 of which were death hooks.

    After the match two said that I completely rattled them with that move and they fell for the stoopid dream pallets because of it.

    Learn to play better, mix tunneling in as a tool when needed, but not as the only one.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,290

    Bruh thats all you guys make it on here an argument rather than a discussion its clear by the wording he will talk just in a respectful manner

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,290


  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 434

    ds exist

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,314

    Tunneling works some of the time. It just depends on how much you can lose. If you can get rid of someone quickly while protecting the gens at the same time, it's very efficient and so is camping. Just depends on the situation. I've had to tunnel someone out of the game after 3 gens but due to it, I was able to hook a second person near 3 gens and they had a choice. Rescue and run away or try to do the gens and get caught by me then repeat the process until another dies.

  • derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

    The way I see it is tunneling is a great way to swing the game in your favor and possible "win". But, it is an unfun way to go about the game and is generally used if you are unskilled. This is a great way to climb the ranks, but you will never be as good of a killer as someone who does not want to tunnel. In the long run, it hurts you as you won't learn the tricks needed to become a better killer, as you rely on cheese strategies. And when you run into survivors who all run DS, you'll have a lot of issues/probably lose.

    That said, I tend to pick 3 and only focus on them. This means that I might chase the 4th survivor if they are caught out, but I will never prioritize them. If there are 2+, I will only go for 1 of the 3 and force them to play super safe as death hook approaches. Before this, I would proxy camp hook a lot and tunnel a decent bit, but I noticed this held back my skill as a killer. I'm hoping one day I can improve to the point where I won't need to "assign" one survivor as my AVOID.

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    survivors make up rules so that they have an easier time surviving. The game is balanced around killers tunneling and camping, that's why there are anti tunneling and camping perks. Don't let another person tell you how to play the game. Don't let survivor whining get to you, they're very good at it, just look at what they convince the devs to do in their favor.

  • Kumnut768Kumnut768 Member Posts: 789

    their are few ways a killer can win a match.

    Slugging, Snowballing, Tunneling

    believe me when i say genrushing is not that op

    this is why your probably being genrushed:

    1) your probably playing a killer with low mobility

    2) not running gen regress perks ie pop, corrupt ect.

    3) your tunneling, if that person has ds and they will purposely get in a locker and your gonna wait it out giving the team enough time to do 3 gens

    also dont complain about toxic swfs if you tunnel them you are ruining your their experience so they will ruin yours

    sweaty teams will always be sweaty teams there are some games you dont win

    just focus on how good you did in chases not the outcome of the match thats how you get better

    your probably making mistakes you didnt know you made

  • RepliCantRepliCant Member Posts: 1,436

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 2,556
    edited July 2020

    There is definitely a difference in matches between when you let the unhooked person go instead of putting them right back on the hook. They will take advantage of you being nice, then teabag you.

    Sure it feels like a nice thing to do, but everybody knows tactic wise it is best to just down them and hook them again. getting someone out the game ASAP is the way to success

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 555

    Tunnelling is necessary if you can only handle a 3v1, like OP.

    Which is a bit sad, tbh.

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    I get not going out of your way to not down someone who was just unhooked, especially if they were playing poorly, but I just want to know what kind of sick mfer gets off on ignoring everyone else, whether they're throwing themselves at you or you just happen to stumble upon them and you ignore them. Like even if they don't have DS, you're just making it harder on yourself by letting the whole team do whatever (unless they're bad and farming). Is there just some sick twisted mindset that makes you think "Oh man, I may be losing and making my whole time here worthless, but gdang does it feel so good to terrorize this one person for no reason. I hope they get mad and I ruin their fun."?

    The only logical explanations to tunneling seem to be

    ~ new to playing killer

    ~ bad at playing killer/doesn't care at all

    ~ are actual sociopaths

  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 1,071

    Tunnell if you want, just remember that by doing so you punish Survivors not using DS and other meta perks and your tactic will encourage them to use those perks. So, you basically worsen your gameplay expirience in the long term.

  • sad_killer_mainsad_killer_main Member Posts: 785

    As I always say, tunneling and camping are strategies, each one you must know exactly when to use.

    As slugging, they also have their purposes.

  • There are 2 types of "tunneling": The one in which you waste all your time focusing one survivor and the one which you are just prioritizing a target.

    Wasting all your time to go for a certain survivor simply isn't optimal. Not only they may have DS but also you are failing to press the other survivors, which will probably just genrush you.

    On the other hand, if you are just prioritizing target like: You see a Nea and a David, the Nea is dead on hook and the David haven't been hooked yet and both start running in different directions. In this case, you may just want to go for the Nea, since you can get her out of the game and then it's one less person to deal with. This type of "tunneling" is completely fine, since you're not wasting your time and it will be easier for you to kill everyone after one of them dies.

    Simply don't bother with survivors getting upset on the end game chat. They will be upset no matter what you do so it's not worth your time.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814


    🙃...’cause upside down🤪

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