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OliverBSNOliverBSN Member Posts: 5

I dont care if it is at 900p, in dock mode, or 680p in handheld, just make 30 (or even more, like 40) FPS stables, without any drop of frames please, I dont want to play at 60fps in PC and then at 25fps (with drops to 16fps) in my switch.

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  • OliverBSNOliverBSN Member Posts: 5

    dock mode: 25 fps unstables in all maps and its drops to 18 to 20 when someone fails at the skill check

  • Kitsu289Kitsu289 Member Posts: 4

    I tried to play the switch docked and it felt... Very bad. The timing for the gens is really small and the fps drops really hurt my gameplay, but on my switch lite it feels a lot better.

  • Ty4IsWackTy4IsWack Member Posts: 23

    Most of it is better on handheld that was the whole point of them adding it to the Nintendo switch

  • Ibrahim_AIbrahim_A Member Posts: 6

    Anyone who knows why the handheld mode seems to have better fps than playing DBD on the TV? Must be that something happens when the console is placed in the docking station?

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 251
    edited September 2020

    Switch is just above PS3 in terms of hardware. How do you want them to optimize it ?

    On PC, with a rtx 2060, you can have around 100 fps in 1080p/Ultra... In the switch, the GPU is equivalent to a GeForce 9800 GTX, released in 2009, 10 generations behind the current GPU... what do you expect lol

  • fugazzetafugazzeta Member Posts: 4

    They expect nice optimizacion and at least 30 fps stables for a game who cost $40. if Switch cant run the game just dont release they or at least release with a low price. Just stop defend bullshit politics from the companys

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 251

    Sure but it's marketing. DbD, even with low PC graphics can't run at 30 FPS on switch, i know it's sad but the hardware is not powerfull enough.

    And yes, they should have not released the game on that platform... or with really low graphics tweak an with crossplay disabled.

  • Vector7707Vector7707 Member Posts: 20

    Most maps tend to be fine, but every indoor map feels like a slideshow. Red Forest is also kinda bad.

  • JJOR64JJOR64 Member Posts: 7

    Switch player here.

    Is it me or did they lower the internal resolution for better performance?

    This is with the new Chapter 17 update.

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2020

    Yeah, Handheld Mode now looks awesome (better Lighting/Shadow Effects) but Docked .... For me as a docked only Switch Player the new update is on one hand awesome - better graphics / shadows / light effects AND FINALLY A STABLE FRAMERATE, but on the other hand - on my 42" TV it now looks like shi* xD

    I don't care about the lower resolution, even on my AMD Vega 8 CPU graphics card i have to play with 48% render resoltion on medium to have stable 40~50fps, but that even the HUD is now pixelated and blurry on TV bugs me.

    the graphics can stay the way the are now, in favor for the better fps, but please, fix the hud .... the perk graphics, even the players names are now pixealted and hard to read. before the update, the hud was rendered in 1080p. so everything was super-sharp and crisp. (hud, not the game itself) but even the game was a lot sharper which, like i said, is not the main problem for me. i can live with "less" render resolution in favor for a stable framerate, but fix the HUD :D please ;)

    funny thing - even portable the game now looks more crisp then in TV mode - and the switch fan does not run as fast as it was used to be. maybe they have just "borked" the TV mode with this update? time will tell.

    BUT: i really love the stable framerate, fluid skill checks and better shadow/lightmaps <3

  • JJOR64JJOR64 Member Posts: 7

    I'm glad I'm not crazy and noticed the lower resolution as well. I just want a stable 30FPS so I'm happy about it.. I've noticed a few dips here and there, but it is better.

    Sadly I haven't played an indoor map so I can't say how the performance is there.

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11

    i have played a couple of "silent hill school" games yesterday - looked like 40~50fps to me. + better lighting effects. so indoor maps are now running great for me.

    before the update .... medical institute and silent hill were sometimes a slideshow, especially when playing against spirit xD now everything is running fine.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 402

    So did they fix the docked mode fps? Are they 30 stable now?

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2020

    They are for me, but the game now looks like 360p upscaled. But since the switch - fan does not speed up anymore in docked mode (my switch was running hot when playing dbd, but now i cannot even hear the fan) it might just be a bug, so not every ressource possible is used right now when playing docked .....

    but i can live with that blurry graphics, IF they fix the hud. looking at those pixelated bloodweb/perk icons and player names, really hurts my eyes hahaha

    graphics are much more blurry now, you cannot even see face/costume details anymore when playing on TV (you can in handheld mode(!)), but on the other side , framerate, lightmaps and shadows got massively improved.

    but the strange thing is - the game looks much more clear, sharp and detailed when playing in handheld mode, than in docked mode. so like the game renders in 720p portable, but 360p in docked mode xD something does not seem quiet right here.

  • JJOR64JJOR64 Member Posts: 7

    Was reading on Twitter that supposedly the lower resolution in Docked mode is because it’s a bug.

    The bug makes the game run at the Handheld resolution while docked.

    Would love the lower resolution to stay so we get better performance.

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2020

    Maybe it will - even when docked mode got fixed. sadly unreal engine 4 is not well optimized, look on other games, how they perform on switch - even warframe! that game is not using unreal engine, but a "own" engine witch is kinda like unreal engine (from digital extremes, which worked on unreal engine with epic before (much more going on on the screen there, than in dbd and that game looks and runs awesome on switch) - but even on xbox one, UE4 games run or look like crap hahaha.

    and on switch .... i think dbd is the best looking ue4 engine game on there, but with some optimization, it might look or run better someday ;)

    (but according to some people, even the ps4 version has stutters and lags) so my guess is, that is close to impossible to fix all those problems, because the engine is not good ;P or well optimized for weaker hardware, like other engines are.

  • OliverBSNOliverBSN Member Posts: 5

    gtx1660 120 fps in ultra, im just saying medium should be stable 30fps in switch (dock and handheld)

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11

    i am playing dbd on pc with my old gtx970 on ultra in 1080p at stable 60fps (vsync on). but you cannot compare those chips with a mobile tegra chipset. with no dedicadet video ram

  • cripplemagiccripplemagic Member Posts: 28

    I could get over the graphics and hud issues if the game for killer was litterally not broken. I most of the time cant vault or do any interaction and 50% or more of my hooks simply will not work. I play docked btw. If you want to cut down on frame rate issue focus on extraneous environmental factors being toned down and not the character models and such. Its such a let down to not be able to distinguish a person standing still from the wall in front of me. BTW i have always played docked.

  • eRaz0r84eRaz0r84 Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2020

    thank you devs for fixing the resolution issue <3 it now looks and runs so much better on switch in docked mode

    much MUCH better graphics, higher res. over all (looks like native 1080p now)!? and still much better fps in docked mode. i love the new lighting and shadow effect too - cannot wait for future updates, who knows what you guys can squeeze out of my fav. gaming console ;)

    to bump unreal engine to a new revision really was good for switch owners. glad you guys did that :D

    i mean, it can run crysis, so yeah, who knows what graphical tricks the devs can make happen in future ;) <3

  • Vector7707Vector7707 Member Posts: 20

    All I'm hoping for is eventually to have a constant stable 30 fps. Dipping down to 20 fps after performing certain actions or playing on certain maps is rough. If they can accomplish that I'll be so happy.

  • BrequeBreque Member Posts: 427

    I think that this can help you can put in tv and put your resolution lower

    I know that this is not an good solution but it was the only think that i was abble to think to help you

  • hono_kamihono_kami Member Posts: 1

    Literally impossible to play dbd as killer with big fps drops everytime a survivor does ANYTHING, hook bugs, going inside generators, appearing to the side of pallets, etc. Any plans to optimise the game for switch?

  • Vector7707Vector7707 Member Posts: 20
    edited September 2020

    I found this tweet on twitter that summarized perfectly how awful the framerate is on indoor maps. Lery's specifically.

  • IvardenIvarden Member Posts: 12
    edited September 2020

    But please... I want the previous resolution... I don't know if it's a bug or intentional but this resolution as well as not making the game go so fast doesn't allow you to distinguish anything at great distances... Before I could see a survivor or a killer at great distances but now it is already a lot if I distinguish the killer from a bush... It is so pixelated that nothing can be distinguished.

    I prefer the lights and textures to be massacred even more, but the resolution, the Fps and everything that allows me to use the game mechanics and to "play decently" must remain.

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