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DBD eSports/Tournaments?

This game could be worked out by the developers to have tournaments set up or even an area for eSports.

I was thinking that there could be two teams of five with the team being able to choose a designated killer to face the opposing team and try to score a win. The way a win would work is with a best of three or something where each survivor escaping is worth a point to your team. The job of the killer is to keep the team from completing tasks/generators. This would be carried out in special lobbies or just in custom games. Certain perks/items/etc would definitely be removed/banned from the tournaments though such as "No One Escapes", "Nurse's Calling, "Barbeque & Chili", and whatever the developers may choose from both the killers and survivors. I don't see any items getting banned from the game though as it'd add skill to the game and what not. There would also be no survivor camping/puppy guarding, no tunneling, and again whatever the community/developers decide. This is just a rough idea but I'm sure you guys can see where this is going...not only would it be a fun idea but it'd attract more attention to the game and make it more populated even if it was a small prize offered such as $100 or something. Let's get this idea pumped and viewed!


  • MegHasCuteFeetMegHasCuteFeet Member Posts: 369

    This game is way to unbalanced to be Esports ready. lmfao

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    there is absolutely zero appetite by the devs to actually balance this game and add a decent spectator mode. Hexy's tournament just elucidates how much of a joke this game is for any kind of serious gameplay / competition. It's been 4 years and expecting anything beyond bug riddled updates and cosmetics is just naive. With the failure of deathgarden, I think behavior is just going to stay in their lane and ride this game out until its end.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,818

    Yes, because what one of the few non-competative PVP games out there needs is to be flooded with even more deathsquads and tryhards, "practicing against" (bullying) the game's core audience. Just what I always wanted, to never play anyone but Nurse and never use anything but DS/UB/SG/Kindred. And that has nothing to do with "winning," that's just what you'd need to draw the game out slightly longer.

    Tournaments in DBD are, despite the attempts of the hosts, a pretty casual affair for very, very good reason. Not everything needs to be competitive. And before anyone tries to tell me that I shouldn't be playing PVP games, I play Siege, several CCG's and I'm even getting into Valorant, at least til the ball drops on why it's evil. I am no stranger to competitive games or urges, I just don't think it's fair to apply them to DBD because it was, at one point, a very safe space for people to just have fun in. The competitive scene shouldn't be here.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,487
    edited September 2020

    In my eyes, dbd has no esports potential in its current state and I am part of the generation who could see the first esportlers rising to the scene it is today. I have even talk and play in fun/friendly matches against some in Starcraft: Broodwar back in the good old days.

    Dbd would need to be balanced for a good esports expierence and that outside of perks and dbd is so far away from this goal, like we are from the andromeda galaxy.

    Also I am not sure how much the later audience of "esports-dbd" would enjoy the m1 gameplay that is mostly shown by survivors and killers in dbd.

    The killers would need to be much more different as they are today imo and the objectives of the survivors should be made a bit more intersting and challenging.

    Also I am not sure how the existing dbd players would accept a esports path. I can understand that it sounds for some people thrilling if they think about it, but in the praxis it would mean that more and more things would be patched out that are currently op and that means, that no player would be able to blame something op for his failure in a match.

    Sounds maybe like nothing important, but believe me, some people can really go in a rage mode by this.

    Also it would mean a mm that only puts people together with the same skillset. By reading the mm threads in this forum one can come to the opinion, that not everybody would like that.

    I know my posting is pretty dark, but alone the idea... Just no^^.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    Hahaha thats a nice idea according devs this game is not competitive :) but we have Esports 👍

  • mostlyghostlymostlyghostly Member Posts: 135

    I'm sorry but you clearly seem like a new player if you think the killers would even stand a tiny chance winning any games whatsoever if camping and tunneling were banned. And then you say nurses calling and BBQ 😂

  • drakonukarisdrakonukaris Member Posts: 79

    Does this game look esports ready for you?, it would be a [BAD WORD] show.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    I won't read the post. I read the title. Plain and simply:


    Stop trying to turn every game competitive.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 3,077
    edited September 2020

    I agree. And I am part of the player base that would uninstall this game in an instant. I came to DbD as a means of getting away from Overwatch when it gets to be too much, since the goddamned Overwatch League and Blizzard's need to balance around "what looks good to watch," has pretty much flushed any real sense of balance in that game down the toilet.

    Overwatch taught me that I will never again touch a PvP game with an integrated e-sports scene.

    I'm almost 48 years old, and before 2016 pretty much only PvP'ed in MMOs, which I played since EQ1 launched. I didn't play shooters until Overwatch, and although knew of the Starcraft e-sport scene, didn't care to follow it. And even back in the day when I played Starcraft (I started with Blizzard games in 1994 with Warcraft 1), I avoided the PvP in it.

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,351

    I hear ya fellow 40s-ish. I pay for a private server in DayZ just so I avoid the PvP aspect of it. There are very few shooters I play.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 3,077
    edited September 2020

    Yeah, my kids, back when they were kids (three are adults, but the final is 10) played a lot of Xbox shooters like Halo and such. I never got into them. I was always an MMO player. Naturally, WoW after starting in EQ1 and then SWG, but my main was City of Heroes. I didn't actually start playing any type of shooter until my eldest got me Overwatch as an early Fathers Day gift in 2016 on its launch day because the Friends & Family group wanted me to play (he pre-ordered my copy, apparently, so I would get the Widowmaker Noire skin).

    Been there ever since, and although I messed around in Paladins and Realm Royale, outside of Borderlands 2, Overwatch is it for me and shooters.

    Right now, I pretty much play Overwatch and DbD for PvP. I still mess around in City of Heroes thanks to the City of Heroes: Homecoming servers.

    My 10-year-old plays a variety of games. He does a little DbD on Xbox, and liked Grounded, and lately has been playing We Happy Few. He does play Overwatch on PC. He's got to low Plat in Comp with his friends. I was laughing so hard.

    It was my youngest that convinced me to buy DbD in 2018 when he messed around with it via Steam. He said: Hey, Dad. They have Michael Myers.

    My wallet flew open. 🤣

  • SlickstylesSlickstyles Member Posts: 434

    No asymmetrical party game with a thousand variables can ever be competitive.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,823
  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,171

    U do realize that no camping+ no puppy guarding (I think I know what that is) + no tunneling + those perk bans on both sides would probably make the game obscenely boring to watch? It would be the lamest 7 minute musical chairs game. There's just no tension. I'm not even sure if anyone on both sides would actually even enjoy playing a game like that on a competitive level. You might as well have asked for competitive dbd points farming.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 3,909

    There's not much reason that the game can't be balanced for competitive play. The devs just refuse to do it for some reason. If they would let us have map seeds that would take care of 90% of the problems inherent with playing the game competitively. As it stands, we have to ban 70% of the maps in the game due to size and tile layout.

    Other issues are killer balance and spectator mode being godawful. Again though, the killer balance isn't as hard as the devs are making it out to be. Killers like Plague have bizarre restrictions that make them low tier like having to walk to get her 60 second power and then walk all the way back. Blatantly obvious balance issues in high level play that they refuse to address. As it stands, these are Spirit, Nurse, PH, and Hag tournaments.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,487
    edited September 2020


    I had also play DayZ and was extremly annoyed by the pvp part.

    I mean, it makes also no god damn sense. If something like this would happen in rl, humans would need to stick together, or they would die.

    The weak, the ill, the strong, the thinkers... Every single one of them.


    I have at the moment only dbd installed for pvp content, but I play it not much currently. Most of the time I play Skyrim/Fallout, Wasteland 3 or Crossroads Inn and I wait of course for Cyberpunk 2077 like the rest of the world :).

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 3,077
    edited September 2020

    Yeah, tack me onto the Cyberpunk 2077 list.

    Way back in the day, we're talking 1991 or so here (born in '72) I used to game the Cyberpunk 2020 table-top RPG, and some of my first published adventures in the industry were with R. Talsorian Games for that line. So, I'm really interested to see where they've taken the setting for 2077. Especially since Mike Pondsmith was involved with it.

  • Star99erStar99er Member Posts: 1,126
    edited September 2020

    Wouldn't go that far, 90% killers feel well balanced, the only thing that needs balance changes are perks, gens.

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