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The 2nd game in BOTB tourney shows how unbalanced DBD is at top-level play

First of all, I'm gonna ignore the games that were played by otz and ayrun, because the survivors there were clearly not good enough for tournament play. However, the first 2 games, the second in particular, show how unbalanced this game is.

In this game, the end result is a 2k/2 escape. The thing is, the killer was Volga playing as nurse. So immediately we already have a very good player playing the best killer in the game and they can't even manage a 4k against these survivors. Also, the survivors even 3 genned themselves and still managed to get 2 escapes.

The nurse also had to camp and tunnel to even get their 2 kills and managed to get lucky with a 3-gen.

This is why tournaments can NEVER be killer vs survivor and have to be teams of killers and survivors, like in hexy's tournament



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