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Consoles are toxic too

I apologize for the video being too dark. The videos look fine on my end until I put them on youtube. It seems to do that when I record videos using shadowplay -.-

For anyone who wants the short version. It was The Game and I was Demo. On the 2nd floor there was a Bill. Whenever I got close to him he would run to this one spot. He wouldn't even attempt to run away or pallet loop me. Just ran to the exact spot over and over. When I downed him it's impossible for me to pick him up. So I left. Someone on his team would heal him. Whenever he heard my TR he would stop working on the gen and run to this spot. I ended up downing him enough times his team stopped healing him and he died of blood loss. It's nice to know our brothers and sisters on other platforms are also plagued with #########.


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