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Did BHVR get rid of the DC penalty when they enabled crossplay?

I play on pc and don't ever dc. I know they enacted a dc penalty for pc players a bit ago and it put an end to a period of completely out of hand dc's. Did they get rid of this penalty? Does it not exist on consoles? Do people on consoles not care since their issue is apparently the extremely poor quality of the game (which why are you playing if it's so unplayable)? Do they not care because they think it's unfair they have to face pc players (I've also heard this argument)?

I'm just trying to understand the explosion in dc's. I play on pc and it's almost always someone on crossplay. I'm not trying to single out console players and I'm sure the ones that do this are a small percentage and are just being poor sports. It's just frustrating that in AT LEAST 50% of the matches I play there are one or two dc's. This is across the board, playing killer and survivor. This problem had almost disappeared but now it's back to ruining matches and affecting the overall health of the game.


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