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Nerfing meta perks, and buffing weaker perks. (Survivor edition)

I dont play much killer, so i cant really make a killer version of this, but here are my ideas. These changes are purely to spice up the meta, and to have more perk variety.

Right now, so many perks are so weak that playing with a variety of different perks actually puts you at a significant disadvantage.

Im going to organize this post by dividing the survivor perks into different catetories based on the current meta perks.

First off:

Exhaustion Perks:

Dead Hard: The main problem with dead hard i would say, is the fact that it allows the survivor to very easily recover from a mistake, assuming the servers dont kill them. DH also allows survivors to gain a small boost of distance, where the killers really cant do much to counter it. So i suggest that DH either have a longer exhaustion than other exhaustion perks, OR cause the survivor's grunts to become 50% louder for 40s. This will cause DH to make the survivor more vulnerable, and make it combo with iron will less effectively.

Adrenaline: I think the problem with this perk, is the "insta heal" nature of the perk. i think the heal should occur after 4s so long as the survivor isnt hit within that 4s. If the 4s is interrupted, the timer is reset, allowing the killer to pick up the survivor, and avoiding that awkward moment where a killer downs a survivor, only to have them instantly get back up.

Head on: Easily the most fun perk in the game, i think that either the stun duration should be increased to 4s, or reduce the prep time required down from 3s to 2.5s. Why a 4s stun? bc when head on came out, the killer would get stunned AFTER the exiting animation was complete giving the survivors 3s to run away. But after it was changed, the stun occurs the moment the survivor hits space bar, causing the survivor to only have 2s to run away. The time required to be in a locker should be reduced, so that it is more usable mid-chase, just like every other exhaustion perk availalble.

Lithe: I honestly dont think lithe needs too much of a change, but if i had to give it one, i would maybe say "a lithe vault is always a fast vault"

Balanced landing: After it's nerf, balanced landing is in my opinion the worst exhaustion perk available. It is far more difficult to activate compared to lithe, and some maps just dont have many drop-off points, if at all. But i dont think it should get a more powerful sprint burst effect, bc that would cause it become OP again on maps with many drop offs. I think the only way to "buff" balanced landing is to give every map that has very fer drop offs, more drop off points.

Sprint Bursto: I think its fine, i guess.


DS: Cant become active during EGC, and only lasts for 30s, but being in chase pauses the timer.

Solidarity: You can use medkits, and other survivors within 4m also get solidarity. Solidarity does not stack.

Off the record: only counts down while injured. start the trial with "Off the record" activated.

Lucky Break: Performing a safe unhook, adds 60s back to the timer. Luck break also reduces grunts of pain by 33%

Alternate version of MoM: After being unhooked, the killer can see your aura for 3s. But you have endurance for 15s, and perform all vaulting and locker actions 10% faster for 60s. Lose MoM buffs upon touching a generator or healing.


Iron will: 100% -> 75% grunt reduction, but you also grunt 50% less frequently.

Lightweight: When your feet "create" scratch marks, those marks will have their duration reduced randomly by 3-6s. This will make scratch marks inconsistient, and very hard to follow. Also reduces footsteps volume by 50%.

Calm Spirit: You still scream, but the volume is reduced by 75% and killers dont get a notification. Also You aura cannot be read after being screaming for 20s.

QnQ: All noises, even those caused by slow actions are reduced. The perk only goes on CD after a rushed action. Even when on cooldown, slow actions are still silenced.

Fixated: Works while injured.

Urban Evasion: you dont cause grass collision while crouching. Grunts/breathing volume reduced by 50% while crouched.

Distortion: Get a token back after performing a safe unhook. Survivors within 8m of you are also affected by distortion.


Borrowed Time: Works based on killer proximity, and not on terror radius. 16m radius will allow BT to trigger. BT has a cooldown of 120s.

Camaraderie: If you are on the hook, and the killer is within 24m for 20s total, press E to pause your hook timer for 30s. Other survivors are given the buff icon, to know that you are ok.

Babysitter: The unhooked survivor is completely silent (this includes rushed actions, slow actions, grunts of pain, footsteps, and screams), cant have their aura read, leaves no scratch marks or blood pools, and has 7% haste for 20s. They lose these buffs the moment the perform any M1 action.


Unbreakable: Reveal your aura for 6s after getting up. 35% recovery boost -> 25%

Soul Guard: Endurance only lasts for 4s, but removes all debuff effects, excluding madness, torment, and exposed.

Tenacity: Leave 50% less blood pools while slugged, and move 70% faster.

Buckle Up: Heal dying survivors 50% faster. Get healed in the dying state 50% faster. Other survivors can also see your recovery progress. The aura reading range is infinite.

Flip-Flop: Recover 25% faster. Recovery speed boosts do not stack. 100% of your recovery progress is converted to wiggle progress, up to a max of 50% wiggle.

Generators & Team Buffs:

Prove Thyself: No longer gives a flat speed boost, but instead gives many more skill checks, so the other survivors can prove themselves by hitting those great skill checks.

Visionary: Its a free perk now. Give Felix a new perk.

Technician: The generator is marked with technician when you touch it. While marked, survivors within 4m of the generator make 50% less noise, and if they fail a skill check, they are presented with a 2nd, harder skill check as a "2nd chance". Generators marked with technician are also 50% quieter. Generators marked by technician remain marked for 15s after the perk user leaves the generator,

Up the Ante (luck): Rework luck, so that luck will give you more skill checks, affect chest loot, and doesnt affect trapper. Luck will also randomly give you larger great skill check zones.

Streetwise: Currently it doesnt seem to affect all items? Fix that, and increase the bonus to 33%

Info Perks:

Premonition: Reveals the killers aura for 0.1s, and makes a small puft of smoke at their feet. Works against phasing spirit. Cooldown from 30s->15s. Does not reveal the aura of the killer if you are in chase. the puft of smoke still occurs while in chase.

Spine Chill: No changes needed, just needs more competition, hence the buffs to premonition.


Red Herring: Press E while standing still and not in chase (not crouching) to make the generator explode. Explosion causes no regression but the killer will hear it, and see it, and get a notification. After activating red herring, you are completely silent for 20s.

Diversion: You leave a trail of scratch marks, but you become completely silent and leave no scratch marks for 4s.


  • pwncxkespwncxkes Member Posts: 216

    I would like to respectfully disagree on a few.

    DS: Shouldn’t deactivate if you are being chased and will turn off if you do anything else other than running. It should also work in EGC.

    DS is a very hot topic but it should never turn off unless you do anything else, thus making it anti tunnel.

    MoM: It’s fine the way it is now.

    Iron Will: It’s the most balanced out of all of the meta perks, it doesn’t need changing.

    Calm Spirit: It’s not used high enough, so making you scream any way would hurt the perk. So it’s fine. The aura thing would make a nice buff but it doesn’t need it.

    BT: 120 seconds is way too long, it would be like any means necessary, and that perk is barely even used. The cool down should be reduced.

    Prove Thyself: Getting more skill checks will making it worse and if you are only getting good skill checks the perk is basically hindering the people on the gen. It shouldn’t be changed, but I would be fine if the speed was reduced.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 272

    I guess I am okay with most of them. (Except for Diversion, it should stay the exact same. I love Pebble). But I highly disagree with Visionary, I think being a Visionary is one of Felix's main character trait, so instead I feel like it should do...

    Visionary: Still a Felix perk. Along with it's other effects, you now see the intensity of the gens aura (white = no progress, bright red = almost done, anything in-between is anything in-between)

    Now, you can determine what gens to do, and even have good info with it. Does a gen suddenly starts being more white? Killer kicked a gen, they over there somewhere. A gen gets extremely more white all of a sudden? Killer has pop. A gen is becoming more red? You've found a team mate! I feel like the intensity of the aura will go such a long way, that this might become a solo meta perk (at least, I'd run it instead of Bond).

  • AceInTheKateAceInTheKate Member Posts: 95

    Tbh i think survivor perks are fine. I think they need to do a operation health kinda update so they can fix everything.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,251

    Tryna figure out if OP left out the healing perks because they don't need changes or because people forget altruism exist XD

    I don't see We'll Make It, For the People, Botany Knowledge, Inner Strength....

    Then again, I don't feel like I saw Object of Obsession either and that's one that a lot of people complain about

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,301

    both. alos inner strength isnt altruism since you heal yourself. But yea. most altruism perks dont really need too much of a change imo. except maybe no one left behind.

  • MercêsMercês Member Posts: 132
  • pwncxkespwncxkes Member Posts: 216

    That would be nice, because the amount of bugs and bad perk are too many. Since I’m rainbow 6 siege there was 2300 bugs before operation health.

  • Wooliest_MammothWooliest_Mammoth Member Posts: 20

    Personally I think Sprint Burst should activate one/two seconds after you've started sprinting. In its current form you can pretty easily avoid weaker killers without mobility by Sprint Bursting or having Spine Chill as an early warning.

    Once you learn to manage your exhaustion/sprinting so that you can keep it at 99% done and have it ready for a chase it feels much more powerful than any of the other exhaustion perks and has no activation conditions.

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