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DS is needed

In an average game of survivor you are most likely going to have a killer that will stay near or close by to a hook and will come for those two survivors, if the killer spots the injured survivor he will go for the injured survivor, without ds this can be frustrating especially if you are solo queue and you get unhooked right in front of the killer.

But lets say in other circumstances the killer is nice and goes for the rescuer instead, then the survivor will go get healed or work on gens in the mean time. Most of the time ds will run out in this time, but if the killer finds you again in this time you can still ds them.

I dont think ds needs any nerfs or buffs, the only understandable one would be to end ds when you work on a gen.

As a killer you can play around this, ds is meta and should be predictable.

---In conclusion I do think ds is stupid and its just another breeding perk for toxicity and unfun playstyles but it is needed in the environment of dbd in its current state sadly.----



  • A_Skinny_LegendA_Skinny_Legend Member Posts: 165

    Yes, it's needed. Mostly because some killers decide to play in such a way that it makes the perk necessary for survivors to be able to remain in a match for more than 30 seconds.

    When I play as killer I either just pick them up and eat the DS ( depending on the number of gens remaining) or I just leave them.

    The type of people that I am referring to are the ones that decide to focus on one survivor for the whole game because apparently they looked at them wrong or whatever.

    I've had some killers do that to me because they didn't like being looped for days.

  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 648

    I stopped using ds probably a month after began playing the game. Most of the time it just wound up being a wasted perk slot because I usually would outlast the period when it was active. A lot of times I would mess up the skill check because I’d forget that I was even using it. And then sometimes it wouldn’t even activate after the first hook, it’d wait until after the second, which would totally mess with me.

  • DeeJHansenDeeJHansen Member Posts: 81

    Just for perspective, I do this as killer. I run back to the unhook to catch the unhooker, but instead the unhooked survivor literally runs into me or is self-caring at hook. Sometimes I let them go, but it happens in 75% of matches, they just play bad and get caught. I don't want to let hem go every time.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118
    edited September 2020

    That's great and all, the concept of DS to prevent you from going directly back on the hook is fine (except for EGC, all second chances should be disabled once the fifth gen is done, you've lasted until the endgame, now can you escape without extra second chances?) but chasing someone else, hooking them, kicking a gen, patrolling, getting into a chase AGAIN and then eating a DS happens far too frequently and if it's a close game, can cost you the game. If it's not a particularly close game and you eat more than one, it can STILL cost you the game. Even killers with thousands of hours don't keep mental timers on all the people that have been recently unhooked, and you slugging has massive risks of its own.

    If the killer chases you off the hook it should just stay active permanently until they pick you up or leave you alone for 30 seconds or so. If you run from the hook to a gen in front of the killer, it should deactivate after repairing for like 3 seconds. The game designer very clearly stated the intent of the perk was to counter both tunneling from the killer and being farmed by your teammates. If those things aren't happening and you're in the clear, great. No need for DS. If they do happen, DS could be infinitely MORE powerful at preventing tunneling.

    But most survivors when presented with this option wouldn't take it, because it doesn't give them the same chance to wield power over the killer, it doesn't give them a chance to have a free extra hook state while they make intentionally terrible plays just to be annoying.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    Thank you for saying that DS is dumb and unfun and it don't really protect you big time unless you use it on necessary time like endgame which is helpful not on the first hook but yea DS is boring annoying.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    It don't make it better because people count on DS skill than they own skill because they know they can fail without DS but me without DS i win most of the time because I have skill of not counting DS which I don't use because it also not fun and I don't use it because people use it I like to use different perks because it feel fresh.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,253

    The issue with the whole "DS should deactivate when someone else is hooked argument" is that there's a lot of easy ways around that.

    Situation 1: I'm hook and I have DS. Partner farms me in front of a Bubba with a revved up chainsaw and both of us go down. Killer hooks other person first and that deactivates MY DS through no fault of my own.

    Situation 2: I get farmed in front of the killer by an injured survivor and I get slugged. The killer catches up to the other person pretty quickly, knocks them down and hooks them. My DS would be deactivated and I've only really been off the hook for maybe 20 seconds. Again through no fault of my own, I don't get to use my perk even though I was still tunneled.

    Situation 3: Killer downs someone while a 3rd partner pulls me off a hook. The killer decides to tunnel me, slug me, go hook the other person they slugged to deactivate my DS and then comes back to me.

    That condition just doesn't work because there's so many way to cheese around it

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,619

    this why I feel there should always be obsession in the match even if there no obsession perks in play because it make the killer think before tunnel a survivor.

    I do feel ds needs something like if the survivor healed or does a gen then he/she not being tunnel ds shouldn't work ,as killer who plays both sides I hate head on more then DS.

    here a video I find it';s funny I had survivors with builds like this

  • vbarraganj14vbarraganj14 Member Posts: 49

    As a survivor main as an unhooker, I use baby sitter to see what the killer is gonna do after an unhook, to see whether I have the chance to heal them or not, a large minority of the time the killer will run back and since I can see them with baby sitter I run towards them so they can chase me instead of tunneling, and 7/10 the killer will ignore me and go after the unhooked surviver.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 974

    I wouldn't say it's needed, but it is very nice to have especially in solo queue. In a 4 man SWF tho, it's really not needed. If someones being tunneled all the gens should be being done in the mean time.

    It can be and should be adjusted to make it anti tunnel without it being used as a saving/aggro tool.

  • hillbillyclaudmain69hillbillyclaudmain69 Member Posts: 1,528

    I think that my version of ds would be the best version. 30 second timer, goes down twice as fast on any objective, pauses while slugged or in chase, and goes away in a locker or when you start to heal yourself or get healed.

  • rileybazan115rileybazan115 Member Posts: 12

    I think DS is a ridiculous perk. There has been so many times where I go and hook one or two other people, then down the DS person, get stunned, and now everyone escapes off of the hook. If you don't like the killer tunneling don't let him. Wait until the killer actually leaves instead of doing it in their face. If the killers camping it doesn't matter, no one was probably going to get the unhook anyway without them going down, then the killer will just camp them. All it does is reward the survivors mistakes. The timer at the very least needs to be brought down a lot, or reworked to be based of different criteria, like if the Kier chases someone else for ten seconds after the unhooking, DS deactivates. That would make it actually anti tunneling.

  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 98

    DS is needed, but how it works is not. It should 100% deactivates if the person fully heals or something like that.

  • firedogfiredog Member Posts: 170

    I'm goin toss my hat into the ring for i actually play both sides of the field, not many can say that in truth

    Ds should have never been nerfed, say what you want but not everyone could hit that tiny skill check, it was hard and god forbid if it was doctor then good luck, the thing is yes the obsession does get it immediately and the only counter if you will is to drop them as you time it

    The other being if not the obsession you had to wiggle for it, if you ask me ds should prevent you getting on the hook in the Frist place like it was ment for, even as killer i even against someone with ds i didn't have that much issue at all, it took actually skill...and I'm good at my skill checks

    Now the new ds sucks and is SO easy to counter, it doesn't take a rocket scientist srub lord to do this, just wait and come back later if it bugs you that bad, it doesn't counter camping at all which camping should be against the rules as it is cheating/trolling, if someone hits the locker ima wait for their stupid timer to run out or leave, i rather go against old ds with small skill check then new ds skill check so big...that an idiot scrub could hit it

    Remember bills perk? That used to be one of the best counters to campers as if you risk your life and was successful you get the protection too which rewards team work, now? It's not so good as if some dude is camping good luck your not saving your friend, change my mind

    The balance devs don't care what we have to say about these balance, like it or hate it they will do it even if it pisses off the community, granted not all the devs have this mind set but the ones who do are changing the game and not for the good for the most part

    What people need to understand is that killer takes no skill, anyone can rekt 3 surviors with the right killer and even then not needed, i feel more stressful as a survior then killer, with killer you get game braking tracks to follow, meaning you never lose the survior which for me makes the game not fun to be killer....there isn't any challenge...i rather have killers depend on hearing and their eyes more....surviors having 3rd person shouldn't be a thing too if you ask me

    Lastly the gens are to easy to spot, as a killer my kicks should be more harmful and faster, i should be able to gen tap it like a survior with one kick...if i need to sit there and kick a bloody gen for 2 years....it better have say a 5 second window where no one can tap it to prevent gen abuse, thats my opinion tho...

    Be safe people :D

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,676

    DS is needed to prevent actual tunneling (getting tunnel vision on one survivor). It should not, however, be used the way it currently is: extremely aggressively. It should not, either, protect the survivor from being farmed the way it currently does: by heavily punishing the killer.

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    In my opinion if your teamate is stupid enough to unhook you in front of the killer the survivor should get punish for that bad play but the way the game is right now its the killer who get punish because he capitalise on the survivor bad play

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    I've played without ds for months and never felt like I "needed" it.

    Most killers will play around ds even if im not using it

  • BumbusBumbus Member Posts: 241

    Is DS needed? Yes.

    Should it stay as it is? No.

    Some nerfs should be done, like disabling it when you perform any actions, or its ability to combine with UB.

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 391

    DS is fine as it is.

    It's a huge deterrent against cheesy tunneling strats which are used in almost every game I've seen without an obsession.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 1,567

    Not work for me, as Killer, I would just pick up and eat DS on purpose so I dont have to worry about it late game. If one doesnt have DS, I just put them on 2nd hook. But I will give them a 3rd chance if they down too quickly later.

    As survivor, if I dont have DS, killer just keep downing me until I get to 3rd hook.

  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    Killers tunnel because they need to get someone out of the game because there's likely only one or two gens left. Also, DS was made to be an anti tunneling perk, meaning if you were to be taken straight off the hook than downed you should be able to DS. But if the killer gets in chase with rescuer, downs them easily bc they were exposed or injured, hooks them, finds you and downs you, then gets DS'd because he was "tunnelling" that's not fair bc he just went through a 20 second chase with your rescuer and hooked them. Meaning he's not tunnelling you. So if you think DS doesn't need a nerf you need to sober the hell up and stop being so survivor sided.

  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    Let me guess, are you the guy that waits for the killer to get another hook after you get unhooked then you jump in a locker, DS him for tunnelling you, tbag and leave? Because DS is so abusable it's not even funny Mr. Survivor Main

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 391

    Funny, since I don't even use DS, calling me straight up a survivor main is making you look ridiculous by the way.

    You want people to take you seriously, you don't jump into those conclusions like that.

  • Devour_soapDevour_soap Member Posts: 21

    So im a killer main and i agree DS is a good well made perk but i just dont like when pepole use it as 60sec invincibility

  • mintchapstickmintchapstick Member Posts: 721

    I play both sides and yeah--DS is actually really needed. I don't use it, but I constantly see matches where people get the [BAD WORD] tunneled out of them. I've had matches where I've actually blocked doorways/paths because the killer was chasing someone fresh off hook and refused to hit me because they didn't want to go into cooldown on their hit and so they just got stuck on me until they had to give in & do it.

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