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Potential Myers buff/rework

ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285
edited September 8 in General Discussions

Poor Mikey sort of got left behind. His power is outdated, and his early game is non existant.

All of these are suggestions, and constructive feedback is encouraged. Unnecessary and rude comments will be ignored entirely.

Changes to Evil Within

1. Myers can freely swap between Tier 1 and Tier 2 whenever he chooses. Both tiers are available to him from the start of the match. There is a cooldown between swaps that can be reduced with addons. Additionally, there no longer is an map wide audio cue when Myers gets into Tier 2. It is local, like Wraiths bell. By default, the swap cooldown is 30 seconds.

2. Tier 3 is largely unchanged, except that Myers now has a faster pallet and wall break animation during it. Additionally, after Tier 3 is reached twice, all evil from survivors is reset, allowing you to get Tier 3 later during the match. Evil from each individual survivor is slightly reduced in order to compensate.

Notes: While you cannot enter Tier 3 unless you are in Tier 2, you can "queue" Evil by stalking in Tier 1, which fills the bar to 99%. You can then enter Tier 2, stalk for a second to enter Tier 3, then profit.


There isnt a whole lot I want to change for his addons, except his useless mirror fragment ones. I think yellow and green Mirror addons should be changed to affect Myers new cooldown between swaps to Tier 2 and 1.


  • seki23seki23 Member Posts: 702

    most peopole agree with myers needing a change, since ghostface appeared there is 0 reason to play myers unless you havent purchased ghostiboi. he needs some tweaking he is stupidly strong agaisnt noob players but very weak against decent survivors... unless he has infinite tier 3 or piece of tombstone then he is stupidly strong but meh

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 673

    Honestly if they ever fix trashy maps I think the only thing Myers honestly needs is not moving so slow in t1. 110 in t1 is all I would give him for a buff, but I play him a lot and I think he is pretty good when the map doesn't cuck you.

  • JovialCubJovialCub Member Posts: 42

    He doesn't even need the tier 1 slow down. Just give him tier 2 base, 3 for his stalk. If he takes a mirror, just lower his movement speed accordingly.

    Second of all, he has the absolute worst map presence in the game. He needs major help here. I don't know what the answer is than adding a new mechanic to his kit, removing his tier 1 and make his vaulting speed baseline.

    Third, removing all the extra special penalties that were created for him, take away his stalking cap when multi survivors are around, take away his 0-clipping when stalking survivors, fix his stalking over objects so he can do it properly,

  • robotronrobotron Member Posts: 17

    Just had a stupid game with Myers today. Got to tier 2 and 99% tier 3. Downed a survivor and the 3rd gen popped. Threw the survivor on hook and chased and downed another survivor. As I downed the survivor I saw the other one was unhooked. See two survivors healing the unhooked at the hook. Pop tier 3 and down all of them. Throw 3 on hook and the last one crawls away and manages to get hatch. Of course, I get entity displeased and the survivor who worked one gen and got hatch gets more bp than me. His play style just doesn't fit with this ranking system. During that game I had even managed to get stuck on the hill while stalking. Didn't even mention that stalking doesn't even work when I can clearly see a survivors top half of the body over an obstacle. Not sure if the game just gets confused by the blendette too.

  • KagatoKagato Member Posts: 24

    Ghostface can hide his terror radius on command. Myers can't. This alone makes him better at stealth and stalking than Myers.

    With that in mind, I do believe that Myers should be fixed as such:

    -Tier 1 is eliminated entirely and simply make stalking itself remove his terror radius., giving him an on-command stealth like GhostFace

    -Adjust add-ons so Mirrors give the aura reading, but at the cost of base speed.

    -Eliminate the stalk-levels of each survivor.

    -Give a purple-tier add-on for Stalk walking speed (stalk as fast as you walk to emulate Tier 1) and Evil Within gathering speed (faster than J. Myers Memorial).

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 758

    I honestly think they should remove T1 but give him an add on with the benefits of scratch mirror

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