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Community Challenge, be creative - Design your own Perk



  • ThasardThasard Member Posts: 267

    1) After cleansing 3/2/1 totems, the Killer's aura is revealed for 3/4/5 seconds.

    2) Or as an alternate totem perk: after cleansing a totem, you receive a temp speed boost, and then exhausted for the normal time.

    3) Resourceful - Give survivors the ability to pry open doors. Should take the time of opening a chest just so it can't be done in time if you're in chase.

    4) When a survivor fast vaults over a window, the entity blocks off the nearest doorway forcing the killer to use an alternate route or follow through the window. May be a bit of a loop killer though.

  • DarkMagikDarkMagik Member Posts: 761

    One For The Team:After Unhooking A Survivor,Entering a Locker within 25 Seconds will give the Unhooked Survivor one of your Hook States.After exiting the Locker you gain the Broken Status Effect for 60/50/40 Seconds & You & the Killer Can see each others Aura.

    Notes:Wont work if your on your final hook.This Perk only works once per trial.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 796
    edited September 2020

    Survivor Perk: Beacon of Hope

    People tend to notice your resolve, and strive to be just like you

    This perk activates when you are the only survivor not downed, hooked, or dead.

    You become exposed for 120/100/80 seconds, but get 25% faster vaulting (vaulting speeds max is 25%, so no Spinechill/Resilience combo).

    Survivors hooked or bleeding regress 40%/50%/60% less.

    If you survive 240/200/160 seconds, everyone recovers to injured state (even those who were struggling on hook, they just unhook themselves), but you are downed and scream.

    Only works one time

    I want this perk, mainly because I constantly get potato team mates that die, and I always wanted a perk that counters snowballing well. This perk is supposed to be extreme high risk, high reward, which are the perks I really like.

  • casual_Slash34casual_Slash34 Member Posts: 8

    Just a quick thought, without reading others but what about some kind of cloning ability or decoy.. not the traps from hag or DR madness. More like a fake survivor that runs around the map.. I just realized I'm not creating a perk, but a new killer/ability.

  • casual_Slash34casual_Slash34 Member Posts: 8

    I think CI should just be an add-on like they did with the add-on that resembles Franklins, it frees up a perk, but that may just be me.

  • Informants

    you could see the aura of the obsession as long as you are looking in there direction. the obsession can see your aura in return. any aura the obsession see is shown to you every 15/12/9 seconds for 4 seconds. this perk deactivate for 40 seconds when the obsession is hit.

    this perk deactivate when obsession is no longer alive. if a new obsession appeared, the perk reactivate again.

    only one obsession per match.

  • Crazziiboi97Crazziiboi97 Member Posts: 11

    Survivor Perk: Take me instead

    when unhooking a survivor press the action button the next time that survivor is hooked they will enter the same hook phase they were when you unhooked them. The next time you are hooked you will skip to the phase below your current level. Survivors can only be under the effect of this perk once for trial.

  • CaptainRaiderCaptainRaider Member Posts: 127


    After hooking a survivor, for the next 30 seconds, gain a non stackable ability cool down reduction of 15/25/30% and a ability slowdown reduction of 3/6/8%.

  • Horror_GamingHorror_Gaming Member Posts: 242

    Light of Hope - Searching a chest grants 100% chance of finding a flashlight. Anytime you blind the killer you make no grunts of pain and leave no scratch marks for 6 seconds.

    LOH has a cool down of 30/25/20 seconds

  • JeffalationsJeffalations Member Posts: 57

    Dire situations tend to give you strength. While sprinting while injured, passively gain health at 10/12/14% of normal rate. Can be used to heal the equivalent of one full health state.

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 327

    Killer perk:

    Entities Strength: You revel in the survivors terror during a chase, filling you with unnatural strength.

    After chasing a survivor for 30/20/10 seconds, Entities strength will activate. While this perk is active and you are in chase, you may break a vault location, making it a regular opening. This has a 100/80/60 second cooldown and cannot begin cooldown until you have left the chase.

  • JeffalationsJeffalations Member Posts: 57

    When the exit gates are powered, see the auras of all survivors for 6/7/8 seconds. Gain a movement speed of +3%.

  • themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 267

    Berserk - You start the game with one token. You may press E to dash forward (the length of dead hard) and consume a token. For the duration of the dash, you cannot attack. If you do not have a token, then 8/7/6 hits with your basic attack will earn you 1 token.

    This perk is Dead Hard for killers. It can throw off seasoned survivors who know the timings and loops really well. Additionally, at max level it can only be used every 6 hits. This infrequent enough not to be too strong but also keeps the survivors guessing if you have the perk (unless they have been monitoring it on coms).

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,828
    edited September 2020

    Here's 3 perks that I came up with when I had an idea for a new killer some time ago.

    THE ART OF WAR (Lvl 30) (Uncommon/Uncommon/Rare)

    If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of your trials.

    When you hook a Survivor the first time, you learn of 2/3/4 random perks this survivor has equipped.

    [Maybe not so strong, but it could give you good information about some nasty perks. Or even to find ot if there is a DS or not, when you have an obsession perk. This is more for newer or inecperienced players.]

    UNPREDICTABLE (Lvl 35) (Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare)

    Your connection to the Entity makes you unpredictable to confuse your victims.

    Your Terrorradius varies during 60 seconds between 70/60/50 and 130/140/150% of your standard Terrorradius.

    Affects the Lullaby.


    [Here it could be a bit difficult to determine whether you TR is bigger or smaller. So I thought of a timer similar to perks like MYC, Bloodwarden etc. When the icon is black, your TR is bigger, when it's white, it is smaller. I also would like perks to affect the Lullaby (Freddy/Huntress) as well. This could be quite scary.]

    FLIGHT IS FUTILE (Lvl 40) (Rare/Very Rare/Very Rare)

    You will get your victims at all costs.

    When performing a lunge attack, you lunge 20/25/30% further and your cool down of a successful hit is decreased by 5/10/15%. The cool down of a missed attack is increased by 20/25/30%.

    [I would like to have a perk which extends your lunge (RIP Dead Hard). An alternative would be to make it quicker. The numbers could vary of cause. Just an example.]

  • Xcel_RiftXcel_Rift Member Posts: 12

    My perk idea is showtime

    You start with 3 tokens every time you put someone in the dying state all survivors will scream and be afflicted with the oblivious status effect. and will have the status effect for 30 seconds

  • KarltastiskKarltastisk Member Posts: 529

    Cursed obsession (killer perk)

    You become obsessed with a survivor. When a survivor becomes the obsession they suffers from the oblivious status effect for 120 seconds, the obsession changes after 120 seconds.

    Becoming the obsession will reveal the obsessions aura for 6 seconds. (Or make them scream).

    Fatal attraction (survivor perk)

    When you are the obsession gain the haste status effect increasing your movement speed by 7%. The obsession suffers from the exposed effect. And the killer is granted the ability to kill the obsession.

    Tremendously increase your chance of becoming the obsession.

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 595

    imma do 4, because I can

    Not Again

    The first dozen times were painful enough.

    If you are put into the dying state at least 3 times, Not Again activates. While active, all stuns against the killer from you will be  25%/50%/75% longer.


    You will survive, and you won’t tolerate failure.

    While on your last hook, gain a 2%/3.5%/5% increase to action speed and efficiency.

    Getting Better

    With practice makes damn near perfect.

    At the start of the trial your lunge is 15% shorter. After hitting someone, you gain a token up to 5/6/7. For each token, gain a 5% increase to your lunge.

    “I'm getting better as I go along, baby, but the problem is I never set a record” - The Virus

    Child's Prey

    The young ones taste the best.

    Survivors will be exposed for the first 20/30/40 seconds of a match.

    “HELP ME” - Page

  • stargobblestargobble Member Posts: 3


    You hate when others take things too fast.

    When survivors repair a generator within 15/30/45 seconds of another generator being repaired, all generators are blocked by the entity for 30/45/55 seconds.

    "What are you, an animal? Take your time. Have a seat. Enjoy every last bite."

  • NaMEsIsBondNaMEsIsBond Member Posts: 2

    Surviver's perks

    -The way to freedom speed up moving 25% and you can see murderer and the exit way within 20 meters after the door opened.

    -Type change you can choose which ability you want to increase speed 15% but it will reduce speed 10% of another ability.

    -cross the window

    -cross the pallet

    -fix the generator

    -enter and exit locker

  • TheMonkey5508TheMonkey5508 Member Posts: 15

    Survivor perk: Beyond help

    "Surviving has taught you a thing or two about how cruel it could really be about facing reality"

    For every other injured, downed, or hooked survivor you slowly begin to heal passively at a certain speed every second

    Tier 1: 1 survivor - 0.4%/2 survivors 0.5%/ 3 survivors/0.6%

    Tier 2: 1 survivor - 0.7%/2 survivors 0.8%/3 survivors

    Tier 3: 1 survivor - 0.8%/2 survivors 0.9%/3 survivors 1.0%

  • behave_ptbehave_pt Member Posts: 84

    Survivor Perk: Outlast

    The desire to live keeps you from slowing down.

    For every 10 seconds that passes during a chase you gain 1% haste.

    While not in a chase for more than 10 seconds you lose the added haste from this perk.

    Survivor Perk: Soul Exchange

    You'll give your life for those in need

    Press the activate ability button while unhooking a survivor to transfer one of your hook states to them.

    You cannot use this perk on your last hook state.

  • SamuraiDragon27SamuraiDragon27 Member Posts: 91

    Some perk ideas for a Puppeteer killer, because I can:

    Encore: Your performance has attained the Entities interests, and you cannot help but to show off. Any perks equipped with a timed cooldown have this cooldown reduced by 10/15/20 seconds.

    Set the stage: Activatable perk. A show cannot begin without the proper preperations. Start the beginning of the trial with 2/3/4 tokens. If you have any hex perks equipped, they are not activated. These tokens can be consumed by pressing the activate ability button on the appropriate object to do the following: Destroy an upright pallet, block a generator for 60 seconds, or activate a hex on a dull totem of your choosing. Once all tokens are consumed, any hex perks unnactivated are activated if possible on random totems. hex perks do not gain stacks while unnactivated.

    Stage Fright: Your presence frightens a survivor to the point where they're ability to function around others is flawed. You become obsessed with one survivor. For each survivor within 10 meters of the obsession, action speeds performed by or with them are reduced by 5/10/15%. When the obsession is within your terror radius, performing an action will increase the penalty for missed skill checks by 12%

    credit for the names go to my sister, who had the idea before me, but had trouble making perks

  • Accept_Flow123Accept_Flow123 Member Posts: 10

    I really like the killer perk! Its got the complexity and fun that could be needed in a trial.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Intuitive: When you are performing an action while healthy, increase the success zones of skill checks by 25/50/75%. If you are injured, decrease the success zones of skill checks by 60/40/20%.

    You function best when you don’t have a knife in your side. Though the pain is distracting.

    Get it done: When you are pushed off a generator by the killer and enter a chase, your generator will be unable to regress or be kicked. It’s aura will be revealed to all survivors for 10/15/20 seconds and any survivor that works on that generator will receive a 100% repair speed increase for as long as the generator’s aura is still being revealed.

    ”Damn it, someone get this!”

    Reckless: When you are healthy, you can press the active ability button. When activate, your aura is revealed to the killer for 3 seconds and you are afflicted by the exposed status effect. However, you also gain a 30/40/50% increase to all action speeds. This perk can be deactivated by pressing the active ability button. After deactivating, this perk will going into a 60 second cool down.

    ”No matter the cost, I’ll do it.”

    Imperfect Pitch: When can no longer hear the terror radius or chase music emitted by a killer. When you are within the killer’s terror radius or in a chase, you can see the killer’s aura. If you are to fail a normal skill check, you are inflicted by the blindness status effect for 30/20/10 seconds. Any perks or abilities that use terror radius will still apply to those using this perk.

    “Being deaf doesn’t mean you can catch me that easily!”

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871

    Predative Instinct

    Your keen natural senses finds your prey.

    Every 360/300/240 seconds Survivor's aura's are revealed to you for 2 seconds.

    "One, Two, I am coming for you."

    This perk would literally eliminate all the issues Killer's has with players taking the game hostage by hiding in a match. It's at least a good fix till the hatch is actually balanced to not ruin the game anymore.

    Take The Shot

    Take the shot starts the trial inactive. While Take the Shot is inactive at the start of a trial, the survivor will not spawn an item when they successfully search a chest. When the survivor successfully searches a chest - Take the Shot activates.

    While Take the Shot is active. While the survivor stands completely still. They can hold the M2 button to aim down the revolver's sight. Pressing M1 will fire the revolver straight ahead. If the shot hit's the killer - the Killer is stunned for 1/1.5/2 seconds. When the shot is made, Take the Shot deactivates. Take the Shot can only be used once per trial.

    This one might be a bit confusing, but basically it impliments the idea of a survivor finding a gun in a chest instead of an item. The reason it resolves around chests is because first it removes the random aspect to chests, so you know what you are going to get. Secondly using the chest system balances the perk. Where if all survivors take the perk into the trial, only 2 will be able to use it. Unless the survivors use coins to spawn more chests. Lastly it can only be used once in a trial, which could give you the ability to save an ally - or extend a chase. The idea is that if this perk is implemented it's a fun alternative choice to using perks like Decisive Strike, or Flashlights to stun the killer and escape.

  • themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 267

    I made another thread in feedback and suggestions, but I'll also put it here.

    Maybe the killer could get a gen blocking perk that triggers when a gen is completed. Something like...

    "Each time a gen is completed, block all other gens for 30 seconds. This perk will force survivors working on a gen off of a gen."

    "Each time a gen is completed, block the 3 gens farthest away from it for 30 seconds. This perk will force survivors working on a gen off of a gen."

    I don't think this would be overpowered because it can only trigger 5 times. Additionally, 30 seconds isn't very long and gen progress isn't lost. BUT, it would stop the experience of having gens popping in quick succession and allow the killer a littler breathing room to travel around the map.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Since there are only about 7-8 generators per map I think doing the 3 furthest generators from the completed generator should be it. It will also discourage survivors separating too far and individually doing generators so you as the killer are more likely to find more than one survivor. If the team is very uncoordinated, generators will take forever to get done and lots of sandbagging will ensue.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Meltdown: If the killer is stunned, you press the active ability button while within 5 meters of killer and facing their direction. After activation the killer is unable to activate their ability for 10 seconds. This perk can be used 2/3/4 times per trial. After use, this perk will enter a 30 second cool down.

    ”The rewards of leveling the playing field, far outweigh the risks. All you need is a moment of opportunity and a lack of self-preservation.” -Stacy Hardland

    Grief: When a survivor dies, you are afflicted by the hindered (movement speed decreased by 25%) status effect for 60/45/30 seconds. However, after this period, you will gain a permanent 5% movement speed increase.

    “I must live on for them, or else both our memories will fade.”-Jack Lynn

    A Second Chance: When the killer attempts to perform a mori on you, you will instead be put in the injured health state with the endurance status effect for 20 seconds. The killer is then stunned for 3/4/5 seconds. This can only be used once per trial.

    ”I will not be an easy kill, if I die do it right!” -Stacy Hardland

    Cheat Death: If you are on your final hook, instead of being sacrificed, the hook will break and you will be placed in the injured health state with the endurance status effect for 4/6/8 seconds. If the killer is less than 15 meters away after the hook breaks, they are also stunned for 3 seconds.

    ”Death is a fair player, but I’m not!”-Stacy Hardland

    Willing Sacrifice: At the start of the trial, all survivors except you gain an extra hook phase of which is similar to the first phase. You no long have the first phase, instead when you are hooked, the entity will immediately begin the second phase but the timer will remain the same thus you have twice the time. Upon your death, all survivors will gain a 10/30/50% movement speed increase for 10 seconds.

    ”I’ll take the heat, but all of you better remember me!” -Jack Lynn

    Moral Character: When saving others from hook, cages, being carried, or death, gain a 10/20/30% speed increase for those actions. At the end of the trial, gain an extra 100/150/200% blood points for altruism.

    ”In the eyes of God, all good deeds count so I just try my best.” -Jack Lynn

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Secret Seclusion: After hook a survivor, they will remain hooked and unable to be saved for 10/15/20 seconds. For every sacrificed survivor, gain a stackable bonus of 50% to the sacrifice category. The extra blood points will be awarded after the trial.

    ”If you want the job done, make sure they stay put.”

    Snitches get Stitches: If a survivor can see the killer’s aura, that survivor’s aura is revealed for 10/20/30 seconds. This perk has a 60 second cool down.

    ”I didn’t want to do this but you know the saying, should of kept quiet.”

    Part of the Family: You become obsessed with one survivor. Any other survivor that is within a 5/10/15 meter radius of the obsession has their aura revealed. If the obsession dies, all survivors are afflicted with the exposed status effect for 60 seconds.

    ”You’re part of the family now. Better stay loyal or your boys get it.”

    Also as soon as I reached the second perk I just went with the theme of mobsters, I did not plan that.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Complexity: When a survivor is sabotaging, cleansing, mending, or disarming; there is now a chance for they to have to perform a normal skill check. If they fail the skill check, it will alert the killer and the survivor will receive a progress penalty of 5%.

    ”Why must I make everything simple? If they want to survive, they must work for it.”

    Silver Tongue: Every 120/105/90 seconds, your terror radius will be placed randomly across the map from you. All terror radius related perks and abilities will still effect that area that currently holds your terror radius. This effect will last for 45 seconds.

    ”If they think I can be two places at once their wrong, I’m just everywhere instead.”

    Crushing Aura: Any survivor in your terror radius is afflicted with the hindered (movement speed decrease of 15%) status effect and if they get a good skill check have a 20/40/60% chance of regressing progress by 3%. This effect will remain for 5 seconds after leaving your terror radius.

    ”If luck is on my side then many of you will be too scared to do anything right, and I must say I’m feeling lucky.”

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