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If u don't know anything else than to fake your power to get kills, I'll call you a bad killer



  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 293

    @HamletEagle Am I missing something? Did you edit the title of this thread? I see all these people saying you're calling killer's trash but the title just says "Bad" lmao

    Anyway. I understand where you're coming from. I play both sides and I know how frustrating it is to get gen rushed and looped and all that jazz as Killer, but I also have the ability to recognize cheap mechanics and design flaws that get Killers easy downs. Pyramid Head DESPERATELY needs a cooldown when he cancels his trail placement, as well as a BIGGER movement slowdown when placing trails down because to me it feels like he's still 115% speed when placing them, cuz not even Huntress catches up to me so dang fast. The way he is now gives no room for mindgames because no matter what you do in most scenarios, he'll get a hit. If you drop the pallet, he'll use his power, if you don't drop it, he'll walk through it and M1 you.

    Most of the people defending PH here just like having easy downs with little effort. You're only hope against a "good" PH is to cheat and disable your collision lmao. But in all seriousness, I'm with you. Cancelling his power has no drawbacks.

    DS can quickscope, people here say "just zig zag" but zig zagging sacrifices distance and before you know it DS is right on top of you hitting you. I'd say, make aiming down sights take a little bit longer, and slow him down appropriately.

    Huntress gets slowed down when whipping up a hatchet and then again when she puts it away. And she's still strong. Even PLAGUE has a cooldown when cancelling her GREEN puke.... So why don't PH and DS have the same cooldowns when cancelling their powers? It's poorly balanced.

    PH and DS have no mindgames. Because they are guaranteed a hit when faking. That's the point OP is trying to make. Faking a vault?? Easily counterable by moonwalking or pretending to fall for it and come right back. It is not a good counter argument against PH's and DS's "power cancelations".

    Same with Spirit. People complain she got nerfed... all she got was a vault animation, cuz they even removed her sparkles when she starts to phase... so it's og Spirit all over again.

  • DeckergirlDeckergirl Member Posts: 18
    edited September 9

    This op, can't tell if troll or 11 years old,

    Whichever it is. We simply call your type the KAREN. A survivor who wants us to play a certain way or farm with them.

    I recently purchased deathslinger & LOVE it.

    He's very anti tryhard and in rare cases where tryhards down close to my basement well GG because I roll with insidious and usually secure a second basement hook due to altruistic players.

    And you better bet your bottom dollar I'll watch you until god comes to get you. Because I don't got time for loops.

    100% guarentee you play with crutch perks.

    Just more reason to put you on my shrine and send you to heaven.

    AND I PLAY BOTH SIDES 50/50 not once have I ever gone into a game thinking I'm going to win.

    (Unless its Myers, cute puking woman, or demo, poor demo)

    And I've also read your baiting replies to other players on this thread and the big take away that I keep telling you entitled survivors is.

    Your playing a videogame videogames were made for you to have fun, if your not having fun, turn it off. Don't blame the player blame the game.

    And Rank doesn't mean JACK unless your getting paid.

    Play to have fun.

    Or be salty like this kid who made death threats to me this morning.

    Also couldn't take an L

  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,331

    "Against the average survivors you rub into, sure"

    Not gonna say your argument is invalid but you are admitting that the majority of games, the average you arent gonna pose eating DS. Good survivors I still think it's a maybe. As long as you are starting new chases DS shouldnt be a problem lm

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,179

    Just because eating a DS doesn't throw the game entirely against "average" survivors that also doesn't mean it's balanced. That's also 1 DS, not 4. Saying always start a new chase is also quite disingenuous as it implies we aren't eating lots of DS's where we didn't tunnel, which simply is not the case.

  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,331

    Ik not saying your eating DS when you dont tunnel all the time. regardless of that fat the devs even said themselves using DS outside of tunneling is a smart strategy.

    Moreso if DS was truly anti tunnel why is there a SKILLCHECK. You could say you never mentioned that but you did bring up DS outside of tunneling :)

    4 DS is quite common. If you are using bbq you should be starting new chases constantly. Another thing is why are killers still able to get consistent 4ks.

  • Dragonivy759Dragonivy759 Member Posts: 6

    You really can't let killers exist, can you? You are a bad survivor. You are the person that complains about No one escapes death when you never did a single bone. You are the type of person that hates spirit because you can't bully her like trapper and hag. You are the bad person here. I can't change you're mind because you just believe, with so much intent, that you are on of the best survivors when you can't even counter killers that aren't even that good. Yeah, they can catch you in a chase, amazing. You have a lot more chases unless you're a bad survivor, like you are. I hate that you know that these killers, that many people know that it's hard to win a chase against, complain about them without offering a solution. Maybe, next time, punish those killers? Gain distance. You are the action that most killers react to. In the end, git gud newb

  • blackjack5130blackjack5130 Member Posts: 2

    first what rank are you? and second they outplayed you so they deserve the down

  • itsDman3504itsDman3504 Member Posts: 23

    you missed the part where he said "lose/lose" if a survivor fakes a window just dont lunge 5head simply get closer and normal swing, thats still a win/win for killer.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198

    DS is exhaustion perk?

    U sure you don't have any problems with exhaustion perks? Calling people pathetic for using them? I wouldn't call you out for no reason if I didn't remember you exactly what u said, since you keep saying the damn thing.... and the way you express yourself in pretty much 90% of your posts seems like you have some sort of superiority complex.

    The only reason I remember these comments is because how you express yourself. Here's another one, telling others what killers to play and how to play.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198

    Did you bother to read the post? or just the first page and that was it?

    My problem with them is their ability to deny vaults / loops / windows / pallets very easily. DS can shoot instantly while he constantly walks towards you. PH can put his sword in the ground while also 110% and keep going towards you, he then can instantly m1 if he's within range or if he sees you at a pallet / window / vault he can use his power and you and hit you, it's a lose/lose scenario with this guy. A PH with half a brain working will not cancel his power under any circumstances, all he has to do is walk towards you while in his power and if he sees you vault anything you're dead from his power, if he gets too close you're get m1'ed. DID I MENTION he's 115% by default?

    My problem with them is clearly the lack of drawbacks when faking their power. I can somewhat live with Deathslinger being the way he is but with PH that's a whole other problem, since he has no drawbacks whatsoever. Not mentioning his torment is probably one of the most efficient ways to kill survivors.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    This is completely wrong.

    PH can put down his greatsword for 5 seconds than the powerbar will be completely depleted. He needs 20% to use punishment of the damned. So faking to use the power all the time just leaves him with an empty powerbar and not being able to use the ranged attack at all. PH doesn't need a fully loaded power bar to put the greatsword down but does need 20% to at least use the ranged attack.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198

     A mindgame is a strategy with a certain chance to succeed.

    Chance is luck.

    You can have a 99% chance to get something right but it is still luck that will ultimately determine the outcome.

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,190

    If you die to a killer who fakes their power I’ll call you a bad survivor

    See it can go both ways

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198
    edited September 9

    A staff edited the "Trash" word out of my title, you can clearly see it, literally in my first comment. Something I can understand, as long as it's not in the title.

    You have no idea how much respect I have for you right now. My god someone with a brain and experience.

    You clearly know what you're talking about. You're bringing solid points to this discussion. Points I've said a dozen number of times throughout this whole discussion. I don't even care if you didn't read my discussion. You know why? You play both sides, just like I do, and do know when to recognize cheap tactics and bad game designs.

    People say PH is a ranged killer, sure he is. But why is he 115% movement by default? Ranged killers clearly have some sort of drawbacks for this. DS And Huntress are 110% so they compensate with their ranged abilities. PH doesn't. I will also bring the fact that devs compensated for Huntress by giving her a huge terror radius (her humming) so you know she's coming, because she's a ranged killer, DS doesn't have this. Every DS and their mother runs Monitor & Abuse and with addons he can in shooting range without you even hearing his terror radius, that is yet another design flaw for ANOTHER discussion.

    Going back to PH, the man is 115%, he's a ranged killer, has no reason to take his sword out the ground unless you totally go away from a vault, can instantly m1 and once he cancels his power he's instantly back to 115%, not mentioning no drawbacks to canceling his power, no slowdown, no nothing. He's also 110% during his power

    I hope you don't get a lot of hate for sympathizing with me and agreeing with me in some regard. Remember this forum is heavily Biased

    I have been doxed by a killer main on this forum for my opinion, hope that doesn't happen to you.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198
    edited September 9
    1. You're making assumptions out of your arse. Just like a few people here.
    2. You're clearly young and don't know how to arrange text better. Not knowing the difference between you're and your is a very good example. Your comments in the previous discussions clearly show it.
    3. Your attempts at trying to be funny... are laughable at best, not laughing with you, but at you. Just to make that clear.
    4. You play both sides 50/50 sure. The lack of brain, reason and sense clearly shows that. I'm sure you also count how many hours you played as killer and then evenly play as survivor.
    5. I would believe you if you had more than 4 posts
    6. You sure a lovable person overhaul, just by calling other people "kid" is more than enough.
    7. Rank is not an ACCURATE represantation of skill, but if i'm rank 1 on survivor and killer it clearly shows i'm better than rank 10s. I do deserve my rank. One argument for that is that I would clearly be destroyed by rank 10s, but that has yet to happen in my 600+ hours
    8. Want an accurate assumption? You're probably as toxic as most people here and as close minded.
    9. Maybe say what's popular or just simply disagree with me with what i've said in this whole discussion, maybe then you'll get more upvotes.
  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198
    edited September 9

    If a discussion has 6+ pages, I'm 100% sure there's more to it than the title. People here have only proven me that they can't even be bothered to read, yet alone see reason or proper arguments. The bias is beyond comprehension. I'm happy you made at least made the effort to read the title.

    Thank you for your popular opinion, killer mains will now upvote your post. Just has to be BIAS, even better if it's an attempt at a roast without any sense.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    A mindgame is something somebody does in order to gain an advantage over the other. A mindgame is highly unlikely to be a strategy at best you can call it a tactic.

    So even if you do not like the mindgame, it still is one even spirit standing still in order to manipulate the survivor into thinking that she is pashing is a mindgame. PH can not keep his "fake" up all the time as I've written before it takes 5 seconds to deplete the entire powerbar he has and with doing so he can not even used his ranged attack as he needs 20% of his powerbar to even perform it. So it is actually pretty easy to tell whether he is even able to use his ranged attack or not as survivor all you need to do is count.

    DS, DS can not instantly shoot, he has to use ADS or otherwise he can not shoot, you can see the animation even for a quickscope this is your tell to do a juke where it is even needed to zigzag like in some sort of action movie but it is totally sufficient to do it once. Dropping a pallet early helps to waste their time, if you team is not doing gens it doesnt matter as you only have x amount of pallets anyway. That is the survivors own fault for hiding in lockers or whatever they did while they should have been doing gens.

    And no PH is not a ranged killer, huntress can chuck her hatchets over the entire map, ds has far less range and thus a way shorter windup and also needs to reload after each shot. PH is not unlike DS,huntress aimed via mouse but with the normal movement and can not walk backwards while using his power. You make him miss, that miss gives you the time you need to make it to another tile.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198
    edited September 9

    Well, thank for your kind input. Unlike some of the people here that just throw insults at me, attempts to roast, popular opinions for upvotes or just straight out call me trash. You don't have to make a lot of sense as long as it's Biased and people agree with you, those people being the ones I've mentioned in this reply to you.


    Getting back on track. Yes, I do feel like that these killers have little to no counterplay, especially PH and the way he and his power are designed. My biggest rant is their lack of drawbacks from faking their power, it is part of skill, but make it so that it's not easily abusable to an extent that every read a survivor tries to do will end in a lose/lose scenario. I've went into more detail in other replies.

    I personally don't think Legion is a weak killer but to each their own. (disagree but still respect your opinion)

    Being a huge threat to experienced survivors leaves those new players or those not so experienced in the dust. All it takes is a PH with half a brain to realize that there is no reason to take your sword out of the ground when a survivor is going for a window, no reason to use their power if they don't see him vault, it's wide and fast enough to guarantee a hit even if his reaction is late, that when he fakes the window you can instantly follow up with an m1 and then continue the chase at 115% speed. The fact that he's 110% in his power is not helping AT ALL.

    I will agree that some killers easily get bullied. I play trapper as high ranks, one my chill killers. I had a 8+ 4k killstreak on him at rank 1 so I think I know what i'm doing. This can be easily fixed by just adjusting some numbers, just like a few killers and especially a lot of perks, from both sides. Something that baffles me, because it hasn't happened yet and it can be done in a hotfix.

    Regarding BHVR going to school, yes I do agree, but I do feel like they skipped some classes in game design, judging from their latest decisions.

    Edit: Typo

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  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 293

    YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING??? I just remembered thanks to your reply. On the Q&A stream for the Chains of Hate chapter, one of the devs said that Deathslinger was gonna be 115% speed, but since playtesters just kept M1-ing more than using his power, they made him 110% in order to make players actually have to rely on his power more often!

    That is literally what is happening with Pyramid Head. People are playing PH like the playtesters played DS. Except this time... they kept it like that. They made his speed 115% so he gets close to survivors faster and since his power goes through obstacles, he can just sit there and ready his power, fake it or not, he gets a guaranteed hit! His speed removes the need to use his power, but the power is still there to guarantee a hit when he gets to a window/pallet. It's ridiculous.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198

    A mind game can be called a tactic... but it's the nicer way of saying it and it's not a synonym. To each their own.

    Standing still is not a mindgame. When you have full control of a pallet, are facing the survivor, and know his every move, it's not a mindgame, it's a guaranteed hit. It is not a mindgame where my only chance of survival is not playing smart or efficiently but relying on the killer to make a mistake, which then again, happens out of pure luck. Running Stridor pretty much guarantees you a hit no matter what as there is no way to dodge a phasing spirit with EARS.

    You can essentially enhance sound, lower chase music and amplify survivor sounds when playing as killer if you do a little trick with windows 10, and that is ENABLE spatial sound, something BHVR can't do anything about. Mind you, survivor sounds are footsteps, grass moving, breathing, grunts of pain, running and so on. It also works when playing as other killers. God help you if you encounter a spirit on Swamp / Red forest due to a mush footsteps

    Samantha did a video on this. Who is Samantha? She is considered ONE of the best spirits out there. Otz praised her himself and said playing against her is an absolute nightmare. She made a guide and the first thing she says is enable Spatial Sound. If that is the first thing she mentions, then you can recognize how important it is.

    here's the video in question -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjs__S1Ow_I&t=84s&ab_channel=SamanthaTheSpirit

    How good is Spatial Sound for you? That depends on your gear if i'm not mistaken.


    Your agument falls apart the moment you mention "You can see the animation for a quickscope". Are you Shroud and i'm not aware of it? 99% of survivors don't look back to notice a quickscope. It is not something you can REACT to. A quickscope is a tactic all the way back from COD: Modern Warfare which is used to quickly look trough the scope and instantly shoot, allowing for a rapid kill.

    Now, DS doesn't have a scope, in COD you had to actually put your scope up for 1.5-2 seconds as you weren't allowed to shoot instantly. DS can shoot instantly, there is no recoil penalty and some slight accuracy penalties, The bullet will always go where DS wants and that is always in the center and he can reliably hit due to muscle memory. Quickscope was considered an exploit by a few people.


    if PH is not a ranged killer, what is he? A hybrid? a PH with half a brain working will realize that there is no benefit from taking his sword out of the ground, he can keep it there and when you sees you vault it can also compensate for his late reaction because it's fast and wide enough to hit you. If you're a good PH you will realize that it's only good to put trails around the map when you're travelling, once you see a survivor put a trail at a pallet / vault since it's all you need to get them tormented or make them go elsewhere. That man is 115% BY DEFAULT, and 110% in his power. If this guy doesn't scream oppressive I have no idea what. And i'm not even going over to how many perks he counters and how cages work....

  • Devour_soapDevour_soap Member Posts: 21
    edited September 9

    I mean not that im good at survivor but have you ever tought if you fall for the same trick the fault might be in you not the killer

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198

    Well, at least you didn't insult me.

    I'll say what I said to others who replied in a similar way.

    Read the post

  • SyfikSyfik Member Posts: 3

    There is something to be said about pyramid head and deathslinger. But i wouldn't call people who fake their power bad or even put them at fault for trying to gain an advantage when they play either killer. PH and Deathslinger are kind of oddballs because both can start their power with little information or punishment for bad timing. unlike huntress or plague who have audio cues and are actually slowed down when they start their ability. The problem with your post here is you're placing the blame on killers who are just using the mechanics they are given when you should really fault the devs for overlooking these issues. Imo deathslingers ads should either be longer or way louder to allow some counterplay. And PH should be slowed down a bit when he cancels his power.

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505

    If you don't know anything else than to deadhard for distance, I'll call you a bad survivor. Legit though - Pyramidheads are easy to juke. Deathslingers are all about blocking line of sight. All you've done with this thread is prove you're just not that good at Dead by Daylight.

    And that's okay. Being good at things isn't for everyone. Like growing beards.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    By definition a mindgame is something you do in order to manipulate another to gain an advantage, thus yes standing still as spirit is a mindgame. Look up the definition of mindgame, it is one whether you like it or not. She tries to make the survivor move slower, change his direction and or even walk back into her. So yes standing still is a mindgame, whether it is succesfull is another story.

    Myers can by the way stand still as well in order to mindgame survivors into thinking he is afk when he is just stalking. No it is not about luck, i recommend to watch the tournament, lots of spirits and most of the them did not go away with a 4k. Chases were dragged on, even nurse was overcome when she had a 3 gen with all gens quite close to each other and only 3 survivors alive at that point.

    I really do not care about the effects of 3rd party apps on the game, i will just regard the game as is. I will however take a look at the video, sound in dbd is an on/off story imo and the amount of times that sound is completely bugged.

    Thanks, I know what a quickscope is, i did play cod:mw in the pro series of ESL. It is not the killer's fault that survivors do not keep an eye on him, it is something important. With that logic you could argue, billy is still op, if i do not look backwards he can rev his chainsaw and just run at me. Shocker, but we do not need to discuss people that are unable to do the minimum that you have to in order to loop somebody. Nobody needs to be shroud in order to keep an eye on the killer, you have to however know where you do run to.

    In COD you were allowed to shoot instantly, you didn't even have to put the scope up completely in order to shoot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTAs3HP_VI check 1:32 that is what we used to call a jumpshot, not even putting up the scope yet still reliable especially if you switch weapons and cancel weapon switch. 4:03 an actual good quickscope, so yeah i am familiar with it.

    I do not know who considered it an exploit as it was something normal to do in the competitive environment, most people loved to see somebody go nuts with a scope. I was a scope.

    Speaking of competitive again, in the tournament was also a single pyramid head, you should check what he managed to do. Spoilers his result is probably the reason why there were not more of his kind.

    The math can not be argued with, he can put down the sword exactly 5 seconds, then the powerbar is gone, without it he can not put down the sword nor can he use his ranged attack. So when he has his sword down for 4-5 seconds you know he can not use it and you are free to vault as you please.

    Also play ph, so you better understand how he works, yes a vault should usually result in a hit however this only works if the attack is used the moment the vault animation is happening. Him doing it too late will result in a chance for you to actually vault and juke afterwards as the area is not that wide.

    In the end you can be the best looper in the world, when you have bad teammates, you can theoreticly avoid a hit until all ressources are drained up, when you team does not do generators you will still be killed in the end.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 22

    I never fake my power because it's boring to me as killer.

    But to most of these replies you have - yeah.. you just need to learn to deal with it or go play something else.

    Lately I've been staying away from DbD ever since crossplay.

    I really want to play against my favorite YouTubers but I get five minute gen rushed games every other match, but all the toxicity and junk it's just not gonna happen.

    Survivors have the most power in this game and it's ridiculous.

    So in short; I think you just need to either keep playing and get over it or go play other stuff to cool off.

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 660

    The best part of this thread is the moment I read the title I knew he was going to cry about slinger and or PH.

  • HamletEagleHamletEagle Member Posts: 1,198
    edited September 9

    We're talking PH and DS here not Myers... Besides, WHY play like that in the first place? I saw a video on it but it was all for a meme. If you stay AFK all game as myers it's not a tactic or mindgame... You're gonna get gen rushed to obvlivion. Surviors are not forced to play a boring match. I have yet to see someone play a Myers like that unless it's for a meme video.

    You went back on your argument. You said it's a tactic, not it's a manipulative act. So which one is it? Tactic is not a synonym to Mindgame, manipulation is however.

    Last time I checked Deathslinger does not rev a chainsaw and hear him in the process. Billy and DS are two TOTALLY different killers.

    We're not talking tournaments here, we're talking normal matches. In tournaments certain perks are banned for both sides, same with items / addons. Not mentioning you don't have those teammates, those communications or that coordination unless you're playing at a pro level. I  have yet to see that in a NORMAL match. The amount of gen rushing is Hexy's tournament was beyond comprehension you don't have that in normal matches, or at least you have in 1/100 matches.

    You seem to have your facts wrong, as long as there is 1% in his ability bar, PH can STILL use his power, the only requirement is the sword to be in the ground, no matter how little power he has left. I was looking for a video to show you so here's one, it's Otz's video and skip to 2:44 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRgAhWulwhw&ab_channel=Otzdarva. Not mentioning it's not 20%, it's more like 30%+, so you're also wrong there.

    You say I should play these killers, maybe I should. But I think I'm more than able to grasp a killer's potential the moment I lays my eyes upon him. Some people just have a faster understanding of things.

    Besides, with his sword in the ground and not moving, PH REGENERATES his power, it doesn't go down.

    I'll be more than happy if PH had some sort of drawback to faking his power.

    Spatial Sound is not an 3rd party app in this game. it's an option INTEGRATED in windows 10... EVERYONE has access to it.

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