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What would you do if someone stole your key?

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  • DeRdpOoL78DeRdpOoL78 Member Posts: 17

    If you don't put in your buck O five, who will?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    TBH: if i'd witness something like that playing killer (as in, I could see there's drama going on and it might involve an item), i'd knock the surv down and give the original owner 10 seconds to get the item and make a run for it.

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  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    because that way I know where the key IS

    another playing having the key means they picked it up, something I would otherwise not have been aware of.

    This way I have more control over things. I can down the keyholder again and make sure the key goes pooof, or I can see about hooking them last and keeping them away from the hatch should I fail to sacrifice people before it spawns

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  • mydogmax19mydogmax19 Member Posts: 266

    Let them keep it.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Wow. Just wow.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    seems like you're the reason survivors run DS and unbreakable and bring keys in the first place.

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505

    Okay - so I experienced that today. Except it didn't include Franklins, and I was the one who "stole" the key.

    Story goes like this:

    It was Wreckers Yard, Autohaven Wreckers. I spawned in, did a gen. Killer found me, killer left me. They found someone else while I'm doing a gen by the hill, caught them, hooked them. They hooked them next to me as I finished the gen. They didn't come to look for me for some reason. So, being that the hill was on the edge of the map, I walked the edge of the map toward the hook (which was also on the edge). When walking, I found a skeleton key on the ground. Obviously it was dropped there. So I yoinked it. Skip to the end, someone died, 3 of us were left, me and a David escaped with the key...Zarina died. Turns out she brought the key, and apparently tried to hide it.

    I don't know if I consider that stealing, though.

  • ScienceGirlScienceGirl Member Posts: 92

    It is annoying when it happens but I wouldn’t DC. As in both scenarios I’ve lost the key, but by staying in the match I have a chance of getting it back if that survivor gets hit and I will still get BP regardless. DC is rarely the answer unless you’re legitimately bugged and unable to play.

    I’m the type of player that will pick people’s items up and give it back to them when I find them again. I’m the entity’s own Uber Eats.

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,101

    Stalk them from a distance until they get tunnelled and died of course.

  • LofepramineLofepramine Member Posts: 169

    I never bring keys, not even for hatch challenges, but I had a David steal my purple med kit after I saved his ass off hook and took a protection hit when the killer returned (you know that switching tech some people do when you're trying to heal them).

    I find stealing to be very rude and in that particular game, I was relying on that med kit because I wasn't running Inner Strength and I usually don't trust team mates to heal me. So I ran to the killer to get hooked. That David died soon after.

    As for other situations when you happen to stumble upon items on the ground, I only pick them up if my team mates are dead.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,502

    I wouldn´t. You hide the key to prevent it from being destroyed by franklins.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,391

    If someone steals an item during a trade with someone else or if they just won't give the item back after Franklin's I'll either let them die on hook or just go spam the unhook button and let go until they die and take my item back

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    I would dislike them for doing so, then keep playing.

    I've got dozens of 'em, i'm not gonna be petty over 1 finally being taken from me after playing for dozens of trials.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,552

    At least not DC and frig the team... probably just sandbag the thief

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,533

    Basement locker roulette till they got hit lol

    All jokes aside it hasn't happened before.

  • JarethJareth Member Posts: 73

    I'd just let it go. If I lose an item to Franklin's then it's better for someone to at least grab it than to let it go to waste on the ground.

  • Captain_AAhabCaptain_AAhab Member Posts: 37

    It’s part of the game. They brought the key...they lost the key...someone else found the key.

    I say fair play.

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  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,325

    I actually wish I could encounter this as killer, just so I could Franklin's someone and cause drama. It'd be more entertaining to watch than actually chase them.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,616

    Report them to Batman so he can beat them up and give back my key.

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  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    Unless you leave the trial with an item, it isn't yours, and thus cannot be stolen. The second the match starts, consider the item gone until you escape. If you're not willing to lose an item, don't take it in. The randoms you play with are under no obligation to "give it back."

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 1,079
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    Honestly wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I don't take keys into trials, if i find one in a box..yay, otherwise who cares? If i drop a key, i drop it with the knowledge that i risk someone picking it up. If i carry a key around, i live with the fact that if a killer spots it, my ass is getting hooked and tunneled. If an item gets knocked out of my hand and someone picks it up, well lets hope its useful. Yeah some people can be real cheeky about it, but i tend not to stress and get petty over an item i likely have dozens of in my inventory.

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  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    Nothing keys aren't really fair and props to the surivor that stole it

  • Lazerboy88Lazerboy88 Member Posts: 517

    Finders keepers

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