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Stuck at 30 FPS after the update

VerranVerran Member Posts: 1

Hey everyone,

unfortunately, I have difficulties playing since the most recent update. Before, I was getting 60+ FPS constantly, however now the game is locked at 30 FPS and playing the game is just a lag stuttering festival without any possibility to play properly (I played on console with 30 FPS before and it is much much worse now on PC).

I tried to disable Vsync and increase my FPS in the game in the ini files, however this only helps while I am out of the game meaning that if the game is running in the background I get high FPS, but then going into the game itself instantly reverts it back to 30 FPS. I am rather lost now as all my online search related to issues with Vsync, yet the game does not seem to allow me to change the settings anymore.

Thanks for your help!

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  • newnurseplayernewnurseplayer Member Posts: 2

    me 2.

    i use geforce 1060 and CPU i5

    before update, FPS 60 with high resolution.

    now FPS 10 with lowest resolution.

    i use the way turn off Vsync and lock the FPS30 but still lagging.

    the situation is so worse, i cant play DBD without backtracking.

  • LaMeRLaMeR Member Posts: 37

    same problem,i had to uninstall the game because it was literally unplayable now

    Dont know why every patch this game has problems instead to improve

  • TaSKTaSK Member Posts: 3

    I have permanent 8-16 fps depending on the settings too. Worked fine, 60fps stabile, before the 4.2.0 patch, now I literally haven't been able to play the game because of this.

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    I'm having this issue too, but it isnt since the update was live, its since a couple hours ago.

    I also noticed that the game uncaps the 30 fps when I take off fullscreen.

    Hopefully this is fixed soon :(

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    Your issue seems really similar to mine and I just found a solution online in some random forum, I'm just gonna quote it here, maybe it will help you :)

    "Look's like we've found the problem of 30FPS Lock. My PC is connected to 1x Display Port Monitor & also connected to 1x HDMI 1080p TV. In Windows 10, when going in Display Settings / Multiple Display menu, when using "Duplicate these Displays" my FPS will always be locked at 30. As soon as I change this option to "Extend these Displays" FPS is unlocked."


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