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Is it just me or do they always find a key if you are going for the adept?

3 matches in row the survivors found a key when i would get the adept blight trophy..

In one match i just killed the 3rd because there were 3 gens left. Got lucky and found the hatch first and closed it. Gates were far away but the last one didnt opened it but just opened the hatch in the last second. (Cmon pls dont do that, if you have a key and found the hatch, just leave instead of wasting my time just to annoy me, even got a ,,EZ" after that besides the fact they only finished 2 gens.

In the other 2 matches i slugged the third survivor to look for the hatch first but they got picked up and left throught the hatch with a key they found.

Well slugging is high risk -high reward.

Also this isnt a thread complaining about keys or hatches, even if they could use massive changes (same goes for moris, before someone trys trashtalk here)

Just wanted to ask if i am the only one or does this happens to you aswell if you are trying to get the trophy?


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