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Compound 21 is the latest proof that the dev team has no clue how their game is played.



  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,399

    Not to mention you have Oni that has 2 literally useless ultra-rares, and a green add-on that's busted. It's bizarre what bhvr think is balanced and what isn't and I genuinely wanna know who is on this balance team and how much they play and how good they are because there are some changes that I would've never expected a dev team to make after working on the same game for over 4 years now.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 724

    it'll get nerfed. let em have the fun while the killer is still fresh. it makes getting used to them easier and is extra scary for survivors so they'll learn quicker as well.

  • ShadowRainShadowRain Member Posts: 607

    Just make it a pink, problem solved

  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 876
    edited September 2020

    I think they know exactly what it does. People stream new killer, call add on OP, more people buy DLC, nerf add on, rinse and repeat. For example: Would anybody buy Ash now for his current perks vs. original MoM?

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 10,945

    Yeah, from the gameplay I've seen, Compound 21 is seriously strong. Probably ought to be bumped up to at least Very Rare. Heck, I wouldn't say no to that being bumped up to Ultra Rare and the Iridescent Tag being Very Rare.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    I won't mind this addon getting swapped in ratiry and a bit of range toning down..but I do want blight to relieve the polishes he needs so he won't get exploited in the future..I'm just waiting for people to finally realize how bad his turning is

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 3,348

    Renjiro's Bloody Glove isn't useless. You can't just run it on a standard oni build and call it a day, but it's pretty effective with the right build especially if you use a map offering to go to a smaller map.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 3,433

    compound 21 almost seems required because his camera is so low.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    c21 is a strong add on that gives killers good info on survivors location on a near constant basis do you know what else give good info on a near constant location SWF on comms so how is it fair for SWF comms to have near constant information on killer but its not fair for a killer add on giving similar information?

    if the game was just solo survivors then you can make a argument that it might be to strong but since swf exsits then its not as strong as people are making it out to be

    just my thought on c21

  • DCashDCash Member Posts: 170

    You're not wrong there. I was chasing a nea around a short wall pallet loop couldn't even see her over the wall. Wasn't even sure I was chasing her until I caught up.

  • Terr0rwristTerr0rwrist Member Posts: 67

    The add-on is basically a wallhack. It should be iridescent rarity and only work when the killer is dashing.

  • SadLegionSadLegion Member Posts: 183

    Your thought or Tru3Ta1ents thought? Cuz thats exactly what he just said on stream lol.

    Yeah that addon is kinda busted, im sure they will change it. But hopefully devs wont mess with Blight himself and other addons. Because they are known for their ability to make useless addons and unnecessary reworks that ruin everything.

    This is the first update in a long time when im actually enjoying this game, and i think they unironically did a pretty good job.

  • TheMonkey5508TheMonkey5508 Member Posts: 15

    This. killer is brand new. Just wait a while, maybe a week or two before it gets nerfed. Just make it a pink and there

  • Liam282Liam282 Member Posts: 102

    So a killer, who quite EASILY loses his sense of direction by missing objects, over shooting the survivor is helped by seeing an aura for 6 seconds, have you actually played this killer? He is designed to be fast/clumsy and a challenge, an addon to allow the player to regain their sense of direction AFTER bumping into an object is a really clever way for the game to communicate to the player to keep it up, that they can still do this. I agree, yes maybe green is a tad too low on the rarity for him and should be maybe tossed into purple and bring his turn addons down to green (just an idea) This killer is very much so a fun aspect of Dbd and encourages the player to keep trying, this addon compliments that.

    NOW survivor side of this argument: Yes he can see you after he bumps into something, the same way a broken key can be included with a blood amber and extra time to see the killer, it's in no way game breaking or unfair. You have the exact same thing with Huntress with her addons to track you, it's nothing new to Dbd. there's many perks to see the killer (Which is fine!!) a simple changing or rarity from green to purple to bring it up to the blood amber level might be all it needs. This killer averages a 1 to 2 kill per match, he is made for fun and not for high level play (at least from what i've seen/played) survivors not once while i played have complained about this killer, if anything they know he is a good laugh and the more they get chased the more exciting the game is for them, im not denying the perk is too low in rarity, it may well might be, but seriously its has only been 2 days, 2 days you've given this guy. Seems hypocritical to me to nerf him right at this moment, we all take time to adjust. This same thing happens every new killer and they become a shell of their potential. Let the developers do what they think is right, I have faith in them and at some stage during development this addon was considered fine, don't second guess yourself just yet devs, let it have time and let the numbers come in on the actual killer.

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    You DO know that the blight has like 5 seconds before he can even BEGIN moving if he uses his power purely for the aura reading, right?

  • NickNick Member Posts: 828

    Oh no! A killer with (aura reading) information! Damn if only you had a thing like Survive With Friends (with no downsides). Oh wait, there is. No thats fine, good point.

  • BingbongbongBingbongbong Member Posts: 202

    I feel like blight could use some help but this add on is OP, It should most definitely be purple or ebony.

    It's just too strong when combined with other tracking perks and a recharge add on. I'd rather they make him easier to play with some changes to his power and camera height rather than make him rely on this add on.

  • Liam282Liam282 Member Posts: 102

    From how I play it, you charge, hit a wall, IF there is someone there you can MAYBE get a single hit in if the survivor is essentially right next to you, before he plays the vial injection animation. (since your NOT resuming your bounce attacks/movement.) It's essentially the same as a legion stabbing someone and seeing their heartbeats, same recovery, same one hit and choice to resume the chase. The Wraith has similar tracking perk addons too for his detection. There is a trade off for every single point you decide to use this addon, your sacrificing your momentum and speed to see an aura and go for the chase. the difference between this killer and the two previous ones i mentioned is legion and wraith have to slow down either before or after the first hit. If I was thinking outside the box I would perhaps either lower the seconds to..half? along with the rarity upped, I don't use it that much as i prefer using my adrenaline vial and the turning addon to counter the loss of turning. I still have to counter this with the blood amber addon (not to mention the army of perks to see the killer) which does the EXACT same thing for the survivors.

  • xxi_TJ_ixxxxi_TJ_ixx Member Posts: 14

    I would enjoy if the devs did look into this. If the add-on is actually this busted, I'm sure a range nerf would be a good way to nerf it unless it's a timer lowering. I haven't played the Blight yet so I can't say too much on the subject.

  • Liam282Liam282 Member Posts: 102
    edited September 2020

    I just wanted to add I play both sides, I love playing survivor with my pals and sometimes solo (im looking at your randoms not doing anything in the corner!) and have no bias towards either side, I feel the fact people think this addon may be op is justified BUT it does not need to be nerfed to the ground, the smallest of changes make the biggest of differences in this game and its so fragile to keep it just right for everyone.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 5,199

    So many people not realising

    Green rarity is the "rarest" a addon can be

    Between all the map/bloodpoint offerings there are and the 5 addons the blight has getting one in perticular is pretty uncommon

    Bump this addon to purple or iri and you'll see it every game

  • bala1236bala1236 Member Posts: 13

    Get outta here. Finally a killer gets a strong green addon and people are like Nerf ! Depsite there being a lot of strong stuff over on survivors side.

  • PineTreeKayPineTreeKay Member Posts: 13

    Then that must mean that scratched mirror miers is the most broken thing in the game and should be immediately nerfed.

  • Flawless_Flawless_ Member Posts: 167

    Lol scratched mirror Myers is so slow I can loop him for ages before I get hit once. The trade off makes if fair and unless he’s bringing an indoor map offering there’s no way he can get enough map pressure to be a real threat.

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