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I want some kind of actual greed goal, like an extreme Prestige (prestige is way too easy, and you literally don't have to do anything to get it), so i already had this discussion on reddit

My solution:

A multiple stage system

Each stage would constist of extreme versions of the archive missions/dailies like do 500 gens, unhook 200 different survivors safely, do the main gen on every map while escaping etc

Each stage would have a certain amount of these, abd to slow down the process even more you'd have to reset your perks, means you, keep level, items, offerings etc, but loose all perks

As a reward you'd get, something like 30k shards + 800k bp, or some event items, and the last stage would give you a legacy like skin (but the skin would differ from legacy)

Each of these missions and stages would be charachter specific, like bubbas masks.


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