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Killer perk that disables all survivor perks = Balance



  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 1,139

    Suddenly I think of a Red offering for Killer that removing a random perk to each Survivor. And a Red offering for Survivor that removing a random perk of Killer.

    (Im scare of a SWF that bring 4 perk removal to make Killer perkless, just by thinking about it)

  • Kleer_mi1kKleer_mi1k Member Posts: 35

    Its neither honestly. Think these could be interesting mechanics to add to the game

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    Since the DS nerf/bug Killers are tunneling even more than before eating the 2 second stun to get someone out of the game.

  • KingMyersKingMyers Member Posts: 33

    I'll tell you what I've never ran ds in my life and I also mainly solo que the off times I don't I play with my gf, resilience iron will sprint burst and spine chill, only use items I get in match and yet somehow all these killer babies still justify face camping and utter toxic behaviors, I don't care about face camping but unless you solo que and don't take deliverance I don't think you understand how important those skills are to survivors. I've never been more tempted than with how the directions going to actually start taking those perks, the term "balance" goes for both parties and most pepole don't get that

  • Get_Beaned_B0IGet_Beaned_B0I Member Posts: 101

    What exactly does that have to do with what they said?

  • PoppaSquatPoppaSquat Member Posts: 78

    Ok so based on some of the comments here I wanted to offer up a way this idea might not end up god awful and completely deter survivors from playing the game:

    Hex: Enfeeblement

    You become obsessed with one surivior

    Whenever you hook a survivor who isn't the obsession gain a token up to 4 tokens.

    For each token seal one of the obsessions perks.

    When the obsession dies a new survivor becomes the obsession and receives the effect of the hex.

    Its a hex perk, so its not just blanket removing all perks from the survivor side.

    It effects the obsession, greatly increasing the chance you stop at least one person with DS from getting to use it.

    Since you have to hook someone it slowly builds in power overtime, and once you have 4 tokens you can kill off the obsession and transfer the effect to one of the remaining survivors allowing mid to late game snowballing.

    Also I guess you could raise the max tokens to 5, and at 5 tokens the survivor also loses the ability to use items and now you don't have to worry about the last survivor escaping via hatch unless they find and destroy the totem, which during end game adds a lot of pressure due to the ticking clock.

    Also since it only effects the current obsession the other survivors may not realize the perk is in effect until it transfers to them, meaning they're far less likely to work as a team to find and destroy right away.

  • JeffalationsJeffalations Member Posts: 32

    Sounds good if theres a survivor perk that blocks all hooks for the duration of the trial

  • Kisagi1990Kisagi1990 Member Posts: 184

    Toxic killer main, much? How about a survivor perk that disables killer perks? What all you privileged killers seem to not understand is that KILLERS ALWAYS HAVE THE UPPERHAND! LEAVE THE SURVIVORS ALONE!!! Jesus. I'm a 50/50 player. I play killer when I'm alone but when my wife is here, I play survivor. I win all my matches with at least 3k- 4k. I play 4 different killers mainly as well. I use legion, doctor, plague, and trapper. And every killer I do the same stuff. Killers need to calm down as you do not, in any way, deserve the kills.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,080

    What is wrong with borrowed time? It is an amazing anti-tunnel or anti-camp perk.

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