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PC Players are worse than console players



  • BDS22BDS22 Member Posts: 146

    I've played with both PC and console and both have good and bad players, just like any gamer of any game some people will be bad, while others will be good. There's no actual way to prove if either side is bad and even if their was, who cares? It's just a video game.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 94

    Statistically, console survivors are pathetically bad. Like truly, truly bad. ON AVERAGE: I am saying they're about 1% to 50% worse than PC players. Console killers tend to be about 40-60% better than PC players lmao.

  • ChilidawgChilidawg Member Posts: 58

    Great pasta, 10/10 bait would recommend!

  • Write_By_DaylightWrite_By_Daylight Member Posts: 126
    edited September 2020


    I'm not ignorant about anything, If I cared enough. I could gather a sample pool size for proving that P.C players generally do not like playing with console players and feel near/or the same.


    It's not arrogance, when the actual thread is about the opinion of an "arrogant" console player. Unfortunately, I cannot pull the winn0rates of conole/PC users. But if you'd like to conside it arrogant that I believe that PC would be much higher, then that's your buisness."


    I don't think you know what that word means, because if you did, you'd realize it doesn't apply to this conversation. As I am not agasinst being proven wrong [However very very unlikely that I would be.] Nor do I hate console players or am intolerant. I personally just don't want to play with them because they lack the skill and the ability to keep up comparitively.

  • voorheesgtvoorheesgt Member Posts: 765

    It was 'ignorant' to assume a console player doesn't have the weighted opinion as pc.

    It was 'arrogant' to place yourself and your opinions above someone else as a fact.

    Both of those statements prove the fact that you are bigoted.

    You also 'seem' to be a narcissist and an elitist.

    Please don't reply by acting like you are teaching ME definitions when the "definitions" were actually just you repeating your first post in segments.

  • BOT_EthanBOT_Ethan Member Posts: 29

    As a killer, potatoes are potatoes regardless of platforms

    However, as solo survivor, I met good console teams a lot, but never good solo console players, I differentiate that mostly based on their builds and strat while unhooking

  • Write_By_DaylightWrite_By_Daylight Member Posts: 126

    Strange how you need to reply to me with insults.

    Nice ad hominem.

    I won't even humour you anymore nor engage in to quoque.


    By strat with unhooking: Do you mean divebombing hooks over and over regardless of it's practicality?

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    You can typically tell who's PC if they have unsupported characters in their name. Or it's blatantly politically incorrect.

    But aside from that it's the age old argument of what side of the bread to butter, when the game is functioning correctly it's player versus player. There have been people that beat Guitar Hero with bananas. It's your game sense that matters in the end.

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