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Do you console players out there feel like you are at a disadvantage to pc players?

Im on Ps4, and I've heard PC is the better platform, and It totally understand why. But now with cross play and getting the oppertunity to play with PC players, I dont feel at any disadvantage or even really any change when versing PC players. So my question to you guys is: If you are a console player do you feel at any particular disadvantage when going against PC survivors/killers, and to PC players do you feel like you're at an advantage when going against console survivor/killers. Thank you for any feedback



  • TheWarNungTheWarNung Member Posts: 727

    As a PC player I can't really speak to the difficulties of playing with a controller, except to say that it seems like it would be way harder as killer.

    As far as playing against console players, I feel pretty good about it. I've gone against some really good console survivors. I respect that a lot. I've also gone against plenty of console potatoes, but root vegetable players are pretty prevalent on PC as well. No major issues there.

    I will say that when I see a full lobby of console players I relax a little internally. This is less to do with their overall skill level and more to do with the fact that console teams play a bit more chill most of the time.

    My only major complaint would be that console SWFs have some bad habits that have been carried over from the console meta. They're WAY more reliant on 360s, as they seem to believe they're a reliable strat against all killers. They're not. They also never seem to realize that I'm wearing headphones and can actually hear them following me around everywhere.

  • As someone who plays extensively on both; the differences are small, but there. Things like frames and movement are honestly the only major differences, and even then. I do way better as killer on Xbox and can generally wipe the floor with other platform players, whereas on PC i manage survivor way better. These "issues" only become major, depending on how sweaty you are

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 7,262

    Due to difference in optimization definitely. Console issues are bad on their own but when I had crossplay on they seemed to be even worse. Losing frames v someone that doesn't have that issue puts you at a disadvantage.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    OR I can go with the cheaper option that is consistently good, and be able to put petrol in my car so I can go to my JOB that pays for my HOBBY that I don't feel the need to absolutely try hard in because games are just that. Games. For fun.

    Consoles aren't exactly cheap either. My Xbox One X cost me $596 with a few games attached. Granted it was the Gears of War limited edition one with a 2TB hard drive, but that is money I could have used to pay for something like insurance and registration for a full year.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,821

    Yes absolutely.

    On both sides, the frame issues cause a lot of problems imo. Survivors vanish in the frames sometimes, and killers can jerk around as survivor.

    As a killer though? Oof. Landing a normal hit is harder because joystick limitations, not to mention any killer that has to aim. Something overlooked a lot is its a lot harder to mind game with controller because you cannot flick/turn your camera anywhere near as fast as pc. Your red stain will most likely give you away because of the turning speed that comes with controller. Its not impossible, just harder and less effective.

    Can'd do much about the controller issues, but the frames should not be this bad and it should not have taken cross-play coming out just to get it acknowledged. I'm most likely keeping cross-play off, but fixing the frames would help a lot of people and maybe make me reconsider.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    I don’t feel disadvantaged on survivor I just realize I’m boosted due to the bad rank reset. I only solo Q but as a killer main I just play enough survivor to maintain red rank and do daily/rift.

    personally I think that a lot of players have a hard time admitting that due to swf/rank reset they really aren’t that good and lash out at platforms and killers.

    just my opinion

  • BlightedAzraelBlightedAzrael Member Posts: 2

    Being that I can barely hook Survivors or break Pallets and Generators, yes. I never had this problem before the update on PS4. Survivors, as a whole, have a major advantage right now. It's insane how unresponsive R1 is while trying to perform an action! Surely I can't be the only one having this problem on PlayStation? What's going on?

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    You are most definitely not the only one. I am not playing killer for a while until it’s fixed. Gives me a headache atm.

  • JimPickens666JimPickens666 Member Posts: 326

    As a killer you are at a disadvantage, as a survivor it depends. Theres a handful of killers that are much better on PC than console (Nurse, Deathslinger, Huntress and to a lesser extent all the other precision killers like PH, Plauge, probably blight ect ect) But Nurse and Deathslinger really suck on console so i never see them, and even with crossplay I've only met one good nurse. I mean year it was a slaughter and would never happen with a console nurse so in that respect i was at a disadvantage but like i said it was only one in like 100 matches and most the huntresses aren't THAT good. Way better than console huntress but i've still escaped from them plenty.

    The reason that you are at a disadvantage as console killer vs PC survivor is the ease of 360ing and juking and ig the higher frames. I noticed against PC players my hits seem to miss a lot more even when im at their back. Also PC survivors are a lot more toxic and optimal, Ive been gen rushed before but on PC they've gone in like less than 5 minutes. It might be because its easier to hit great skill checks plus having 100s of brand new parts.

    I keep crossplay on survivor, turn it off as killer if i remember. Its not unwinnable because if you down them fast enough they DC 80% of the time but its not fun.

  • BlightedAzraelBlightedAzrael Member Posts: 2

    This is just game-breaking. A patch needs to be released ASAP.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,584

    Depends on the killer

  • Kira15233Kira15233 Member Posts: 473

    On Switch, yes, since we lack of many stuff that pc has and it sucks to play, I just want my data on xbox 😞

  • xGodSendDeathxGodSendDeath Member Posts: 320

    I turned off crossplay for killer on PS4 and i still get instant queues. Frame drops are even worse when playing a crossplay match. I played a crossplay match on Lery's with PH and i legit couldn't see where people were going around corners because of 10 FPS. Turned that off immediately. I turn it on for playing survivor for the faster queues though. Killers on PC are much better than PS4 killers obviously

  • DrVeloxcityDrVeloxcity Member Posts: 300

    Gameplay wise it's completely fine. I've gone against a few really good PC Nurse's already and was able to have decent chases. So, in terms of gameplay difficulty, it's pretty similar and if you're already skilled at the game, then you'll do good against any platform.

    But, like others have mentioned, the framerate is the biggest killer. Maps like Midwich, Lery's, Hawkins, etc, lag frames insanely. They need to fix the framerate of this game on console. Then it would be much better.

  • Tibby87Tibby87 Member Posts: 43

    Besides fps, I've noticed PC survivors are more twitchy. So I try not to move the camera as much. Killers are the same besides some sharpshooter deathslingers or huntresses

  • Clocktower6Clocktower6 Member Posts: 80

    Yeah Im learning framerate do be a killer tho. Thx for the feedback!

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    Yes, because of frames and against a few certain killers I feel at such a disadvantage.

  • Murd3rousClyd3Murd3rousClyd3 Member Posts: 71

    I definitely notice a disadvantage as killer. Frame rate drops aside, killers on Xbox have quite the disadvantage against PC survivors, due to how much better controls are on PC. I've noticed that PC killers have a MUCH easier time playing mind games and hitting survivors that juke well.

    Before crossplay, I was able to consistently get 2-3k on any SwF team... But I can tell right away if a SwF is on PC. They can dodge and move in ways that no console player can. Plus, you have the fact that their PC probably runs circles over my Xbox performance wise, every time.

    Having said that, I'm not turning crossplay off, as I prefer the shorter wait times, and I still have fun.

    The one thing I wish they would do, is provide a checklist, allowing you to specify who you can connect to. It just seems reasonable to allow us to have crossplay. AND the ability to choose not to face this tryhard SwF squads... And let's not mention how much more sweaty PC killers are. Lol

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    lol no.

    There were god Nurses or whatever before the update hit. People just remember the ones that were trying to get the hang of her after unfortunately being in red ranks.

    There used to be a lot more Myers. That was a PS4 thing I guess. And red ranks were just Billys and Huntresses.

    Survivor experience barely changed. Post crossplay update its the usual "I hope my teammates are actually doing something" solo experience.

  • jisp3rjisp3r Member Posts: 312

    One thing I disliked about xplay are the PC streamers.. Idk if they play dirty due to public request or so but most of them play very scummy... I'm starting to prefer longer queue times than shorter ones with garbage gameplay.

    But that's not a pc X console thing... It's just human beings being trash. There are a lot of dirty killers on console too, but in a much lower ratio than on xplay.

  • xeravxerav Member Posts: 392

    Console Killers have a hard time with Nurse / huntress etc but there should be no reason why a console survivor is worse then a pc survivor...

  • xeravxerav Member Posts: 392

    Maybe you understand the "killer sees twitch.tv names - thats a mori" memes now :3

  • ohheyitsbobcatohheyitsbobcat Member Posts: 1,358
    edited September 2020

    As killer, a bit but not enough where I'd complain about it. It's mostly just frame issues really, I don't play Huntress or Nurse and a lot of survivors are still potato. I've also run into more good teams but no tournament squads where I felt it was impossible to win or anything.

    As survivor, not even a little. I don't notice any difference in killer skill outside of Nurse and Huntress and in solo queue and duos I'm still normally the only one doing most of the gens but not always. So, not much has changed really. That said, when I do get people that actually know how to play, that is a lot more noticeable then when it was only PS4. As in I've had a lot more "let's not heal in a corner and instead work on them gens" which has been fantastic.

    I'm also super happy that crossplay even became a thing since I've been able to go against some streamers as well, even ones I don't watch just because it's fun to see things from another perspective. Hell, last weak was a ride, went against a hacker, Zubat and Ralph pretty much back to back. That was great.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Honestly, I feel nothing.

    Oh, wait, DbD... Yeah, no, I don't feel like I have an advantage on PC except performance-wise, and even then it's an advantage I have over other PC players as well because not everyone can run DBD at 60fps.

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