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Leveling the playing field for solo survivors

The main difference between swf survivors and solo survivors is swf groups are the most likely to be in constant communication throughout the game which is a big advantage, this means many survivors can strategize or coordinate, while others cannot. Leaving solo survivors in a much more likely frustrating situation and perceived bad matches. I’m aware that solo survivors can communicate by joining up with teammates in chat outside of game, but now with crossplay this is more difficult if even possible at all for solo players playing on different systems. A while back there was a bug that caused each survivors level to be shown while grouped together before the match starts, what I suggest is much like that unintended bug, every survivors item add ons and offering should be visible to all other survivors when waiting for the match to begin. This way solo players can coordinate with each other at least somewhat when going into a match. I believe this is needed. Another thing that would be nice is if survivors perks were also shown to each other, I just don’t know if all those icons above survivors heads would get crowded and confusing. But this would go a long way in leveling the playing field for survivors not in constant communication with the rest of the team


  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    How do they expect 4 ppl to use the same map offering to cancel out the new offering added with the update if survivors don’t know what offerings there teammates are gonna play

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 413
    edited September 2020

    If solo survivors really wanted to level the playing field, bring aftercare, and detectives hunch. Aftercare is more rewarding than bond and empathy because it lets both survivors see each other, and detectives hunch gives you the info needed to do bones.

    But they'd still be 2 perks down unlike SWF.

    I do like your idea though.60 seconds is not a lot of time to designate a strategy but such a change would help.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,141

    I think that new offering was made exactly against SWF, so they HAVE to use 4 offerings to get a map or risk getting cancelled.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,111
    edited September 2020

    That's not leveling the playing field, that's getting the same thing swf get, but spending half your perk slots on it instead of getting it for free. Perks cannot be a bandaid fix for solo-SWF gap because then solos have to pay an opportunity cost just to have things evened out, one that the SWF don't.

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    Even just being able to see another survivor is using a map token so I better wait to use mine so it’s not wasted, or sometimes it’s hard to notice a survivor carrying a key into a match, if I saw someone with a purple key then I’d know that might be a good time to use my rainbow map. Stuff like that so you could be a better team even if you’re all solo players

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    maybe a survivors perks could be shown next to each player or underneath

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    add UI elements for actions and hook states

    but it would probably break the game with how many bugs there are

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