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4 gens in two minutes...

I keep putting off playing killer because its been non stop gen rushing at red rank but today l decided on playing and two games in l got gen rushed into oblivion. l downed a guy within the first minute of the game and than 10 seconds later l immediately find another guy, chase for 30 seconds and down him and l'm already at 1 gen left and forced to slug and camp after having a decent start to the game. They had two tool boxes and two prove thyself's... that's all they had and they got 4 gens in two minutes. l just want games to last longer and not have to slug and camp two minutes into the match because that's not fun for them or me.



  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 475

    I agree! I've been saying it since the beginning... it's because of the loops but I hope it will change with the rework of the maps ! Less loops, less time wasted to protect the generators!

  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 475

    When the 4 survivors know how to looper, believe me, you can defend your cases with rage and sweat they will put a big pressure on you from all sides.. before you start to crack (go crazy)!😀

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 539

    Considering how I currently view playing Killer, I would say I cracked a long time ago.

  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 475

    Youtube is your friend !

    It's not complicated, climb to the red rank and you'll know it!🤣

  • waffles4allwaffles4all Member Posts: 35

    I play michael so l already have a slow start at the beginning, l stalk the first guy down him and immediately down someone else. what am l supposed to do down someone every 20 secounds????

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    What are your perks? Corrupt is a must. It stops survivors jumping on gens immediately, stops them from spreading out, and shrinks the playing field during the early game so you can apply more pressure.

    Right now I’m running Corrupt, BBQ, Undying, Ruin.

    It’s quite strong. You’ve only got 4 gens to pressure for 2 mins and anytime you chase a survivor off the gens auto regress.

  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 475

    It is necessary to limit the number of repairs... Two generators at the same time is enough!🤔

  • waffles4allwaffles4all Member Posts: 35

    spirit fury, enduring, brutal strength and bamboozle so l can end chases quick

  • waffles4allwaffles4all Member Posts: 35

    yet l found someone early in the match and downed someone quick after hooking him so what difference does it really make

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,675

    That's just what happens sometimes. There's nothing you can do, so don't even worry. Just play what little game you get, try to have fun, try to get as many hooks as possible or whatever goal you want to set for yourself. Actual genrushing isn't really a thing that can be fixed without screwing over every other survivor.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 539

    I play both. I'm a red rank Survivor and WAS a red rank Killer. The main thing I've learned is that doing well with Survivor is pretty easy. Do Gens, and get the best person with mechanical skill and game sense to run the Killer. In my SWF, that's normally me. I have run Killers upwards of 5 Gens and the Exit Gate.

    Looping for a few seconds DOES give the team a bit of time, but it's just part of the game. It's also not 30+ seconds. If a loop looks bad and the Survivor is clearly going to cling to it, break the pallet. THAT Survivor will move to the next one, but it's also your cue to go look at what everyone else is doing. If that Survivor is using their time to get your attention for a chase, it's because it's their job. The others are doing Gens.

  • ChilidawgChilidawg Member Posts: 58

    Unfortunately right now I think Corrupt Intervention is almost necessary in red ranks. Survivors spawn across the map and usually on a generator so C.I. literally blocks them from working gens near them. They have to move around the map which increases the likelihood of you finding them and wastes their time because they aren't pressuring gens. C.I. blocks 3 gens so you only have to patrol 4 gens and you will find someone much easier. Also like some other people have said already and this is HUGE, you have to know when to drop a chase. If you're getting looped and hear a gen being worked on don't be ashamed to just drop the chase and defend your gens. I've noticed killers get that tunnel vision and refuse to drop a chase due to pride or because they are so focused on downing this ONE survivor which is a huge waste of time. Anyways good luck long post sorry.

  • waffles4allwaffles4all Member Posts: 35

    I chased the first guy off his gen and found the second guy 10 seconds after hooking the first guy... what the [BAD WORD] am l supposed to do????

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,876

    They were probably asking for strategies that work, not random stuff that someone came up with.

  • naughtyboyjamesnaughtyboyjames Member Posts: 700

    I think you should always run Thano anything to buy some time a killer can destroy teams in the same fashion as how much time those gens got done.,that's actually the crazy thing but sometimes they do go fast you just have to patrol there effort's

  • ChilidawgChilidawg Member Posts: 58

    Yup, that's a huge problem i think the devs need to address. It should be much easier to unlock perks because some of the locked ones are of course meta and almost required to use as a high rank killer.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Right and I saw you mention that you play Myers.

    Think about what’s happening. Survivors will be on gens within the first few seconds of the game, you’ll be stalking and chasing one and the rest will stay on gens. The gens themselves never lose progression unless you kick them and even then they regress at a really slow rate and only need a tap to cancel that.

    In the early game the gens are far apart. Survivors will be on multiple gens. No way you can pressure them all consistently as Myers so you’re gonna lose some early. Then without regression if a gen gets 60 charges out of 80, and you chase that survivor that gen is staying at 60 charges.

    I would honestly put Corrupt Intervention in that build. It stops survivors from jumping straight on gens and brings them into a smaller playing field towards you making stalking them easier.

    You probably dont need enduring/spirit fury/ brutal strength together. Swap out brutal for corrupt.

    I’d maybe swap a perk for Pop or infectious too. Pop to hard regress the gens or infectious so you can slug in tier 3 for pressure.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 1,401

    Since you like playing Myers I would recommend looking up stalky boi on youtube. He's a Michael Myers main, and he equips various perks that work really well on him.

    I like playing Myers too, but his game is really slow at the start which is why a perk like corrupt or pop is necessary. If you don't want a gen tracking perk, try Whispers.

  • CheyeneKLCheyeneKL Member Posts: 521

    Toolboxes already got nerfed to the point that some of them aren't even worth taking anymore, unless you bring BNP, double charges, or are planning on using the toolbox as a sabotage toolbox.

  • CheyeneKLCheyeneKL Member Posts: 521

    A lot of difference, obviously. Maybe you don't need tracking perks, but this post is literally proving WHY you need at least gen defense perks. I second everyone else who is saying that you should have Corrupt. Ruin is also a good pick for Myers as even though he has poor mobility, he's really good at chasing people off gens because they don't want to feed him to tier 3. Discordance also seems to be a popular pick for Myers for obvious reasons (two survivors in one spot? More stalk! Also would have been helpful against Prove Thyself)

    You definitely could get rid of a couple of your chase perks and replace them with anything else for gen defense.

    That said, I'm not surprised that you had several gens fly by. With Prove Thyself and toolboxes, they definitely were planning on getting gens done fast. Most people don't run builds for gen rushing, but it does happen sometimes and there isn't much you can do about it if they dedicate their builds and gameplay to it (without anti gen rush perks and meticulous gen protection play). ESPECIALLY if you play a character like Myers who has a slow start.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,675

    We were never talking about gameplay changes. We were talking about current, extant tactics. That's what you opened this with.

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 774

    Not that I disagree, bigger maps (not gen times) are problems on killers with slow early game mobility, but I think you could be exaggerating the times. Just a little bit.

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