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What Irl songs would be on the Legion's mixtapes?

EntitledMyersMainEntitledMyersMain Member Posts: 833

So this discussion was a thing last year, and I wanted to revive the conversation because I think it's really interesting.

Original Link:

Anyway, I decided to be a creative little scrub and not only made a tier list for the mixtapes, but I also thought why not put some modern era songs on there? So here it is:

(This is a copy and paste of my comment from the OG discussion lol)

i know nothing about music.

S tier: Frank- Definitely some metal on here AC/DC? Maybe even some White Stripes tracks because tf why not.

For some unexplainable reason I thought Oliver Tree, but probably doesn't suit Frank that well. It's on there anyway.

Fuming- Doctor laughing/screaming 10 hours bass boosted

A tier: Susie- For whatever reason I imagine her mixtape as more upbeat. Perhaps she has songs like that. Idk who she'd put on there.

From my limited perspective, Twenty One Pilots and maybe Some Imagine Dragons come to mind.

Joey- Tupac, Drake, Travis Scott, all those guys. I'd put Mr. Bombastic by Biggie Cheese on there too.

F tier: Julie- Because this b*tch is going to have only Billie Eilish, and that's not ok. She might put Sub Urban or someone on there, not like that's any better.

This is pretty sad because i feel like I only got Julie right, and I hate that gloomy genre of music.

The most disappointing part is I was pretty much drawing a blank on Susie although I share those kinds of music tastes that are mentioned in the Add-On description.

So what songs do you think would be on there? Do you agree with my tier list? (If you do, then I would be absolutely shocked)

And don't bully me in the comments :-(


  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 424

    Thinking about the time The Legion came from, I'll give 6 songs each that they may have had, from what I can see.

    Julie's Mix Tape:

    "Black" by Pearl Jam; "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden; "Hurt" by NIN; "Atmosphere" by Joy Division; "Lightning Crashes" by Live; "Disarm" by The Smashing Pumpkins

    Susie's Mix Tape:

    "No Good (Start The Dance)" by The Prodigy; "Who The F*** Is Alice" the Wonderland Rave Remix; "Something Good" by Utah Saints; "Together" by Hardcore Uproar; "Set You Free" by N-Trance; "Up & Down" by New Balance

    Joey's Mix Tape:

    "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys; "Rebel Without A Pause" by Public Enemy; "C.R.E.A.M" by Wu-Tang Clan; "Sugar Hill" by AZ; "U Don't Know Me" by Kid Rock; "Hate In A Puddle" by Illogic

    Frank's Mix Tape:

    "Shame" by Stabbing Westwards; "Dog Day Sunrise" by Fear Factory; "Ruiner" by NIN; "Missing Link" by Curve; "No More Love" by God Lives Underwater; "Discipline" by Throbbing Gristle;

    Fuming Mix Tape:

    "The Philosopher" by Death; "Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks" by Pantera; "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson; "Possessed" by Sevenchurch; "Suffer The Children" by Napalm Death; "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse.

    If nothing else, I hope this gives you guys some different music to listen to. :D

  • EndersanEndersan Member Posts: 54

    Frank listens to slipknot especially to the album called iowa.

    Susie listens to MIW I guess.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841

    They were taken in 96, so anyone who actually sticks to that year as the "no music past this year" rule, I commend.

  • En3ermostEn3ermost Member Posts: 60
    edited September 9

    CRAAAAWLING IIIIINNNN MY SKIIIIIINN!!! 24/7, even during Trials.

  • VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 360

    Chop suey - SOAD. Fits Frank AF

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,089

    Franks mixtape: Behemoth: bartzabel, Rammstein: du hast, metallica: battery, system of a down: toxicity, swans: bring the sun, death grips: the fever, iron maiden: fear of the dark.

    Joey: Wu tang clan: bring da ruckus, Kendrick Lamar: m.aa.d city, 2pac: California love, nas: new york state of mind, run the jewels: legend has it, a tribe called quest: can I kick it.

    Julie: My chemical romance: welcome to the black parade, green day: boulevard of broken dreams, Billie Eilish: bad guy, paramore: misery business, gorillaz: feel good inc.

    Susie: Nine inch nails: hurt, radiohead: karma police, death grips: hacker, king crimson: the court of the crimson king, American football: honestly.

  • MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 44

    Frank be listening to Music to go POSTAL by. Ya know, cause he wants to be a Chad like the Postal Dude.

    Music with lyrics:

    Tattoo the Scars - Bridges Burned

    Stands with Fists - That's the Break


    Takumi Sekiguchi Sloan - Claptodeath

    Takumi Sekiguchi Sloan - Dragged Away

    Michael Hunter - Soviet Connection

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 526
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