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Time to uninstall.



  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264

    I'm sorry that's happening to you , but if you need a break! take it,hopefully the game will be still up and running,but you're mental health is more important than any match so please take as much time as you need.

  • seki23seki23 Member Posts: 833
    edited September 2020

    take a break. i also take a break in time to time for example i played today and yesterday but i took like 4 to 5 days break before yesterday... it does good for you. i suggest you try it however is how the games goes. if you dont play hard agaisnt survivors they will ######### on you, so it is what it is. tahts the current meta survvors go rush damn gens as fast as possible and killers rush survivors as fast as possible unless he notices survivors are bad players so he gives them a break... i do it when i notice im going agaisnt potatoes...

  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264

    This game can be overwhelming sometimes, having a single player game that is less stressful for the breaks is also helpful because jumping from one multiplayer to another you want find the peace you intend to.

  • behave_ptbehave_pt Member Posts: 84

    I really wish before people made posts like this that they'd at least play killer for like a whole week. Everything survivors complain about they'll end up doing when they play killer. This is inevitable and the worst part is you wont even realize it. Also everyone has a different experience do not judge certain roles or even the game as a whole on yours alone.

  • BowlofTofuBowlofTofu Member Posts: 35

    As a killer main I agree that face camping is a major problem in the game. Why run off and chase a survivor when another can simply unhook the one guy who gave you so much trouble getting?

    I think there needs to be a change to the blood lust mechanic. I do like that the longer you chase you get progressively faster, but there should be a downside to it. For example if you've triggered bloodlust on the same survivor multiple times, the speed buff isn't as great as it once was. That would help with 'tunneling' survivors.

    Face camping I think needs a sort of punishment in game. For example, if you stay too close to the hook for an extended time, the next time you would hit a survivor and put them into the dying state you would instead put the deep wounds status effect and your basic attack recovery would slightly be increased for 20 seconds. I'd call it the Subdued Rage effect, where while you became complacent in one spot you've lost the urge to kill for a brief moment. That'd be an incentive to me to roam and look for the other survivors to put more pressure on them.

    I think these changes would help a lot with the face camping and tunneling problems running around.

  • mintchapstickmintchapstick Member Posts: 891

    Actually, the more you play killer the more frustrating scummy tactics usually are to see in matches when you're a survivor. Seeing someone that's playing badly (and you'll know they're playing badly because you have experience in the role) get rewarded for poor plays that shouldn't work is crazy tilting.

    I'm honestly a killer main and I don't camp, I try not to tunnel, and if the gens are powered and I haven't killed anyone I accept it as a loss and move on, so having to play against people who play like crap and get rewarded by crutch perks like NOED or get rewarded by standing under a hook is like... Wow, this game is absolute trash.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    Killers tunnel and camp becuz its easier that survs come to you that chasing for 80 secs and 2 gens done. Devs should try to balance for 3 escapes 1 surv not 2/2 specially having SWF.

    Identity V is on the same situation. Its a camping simulator and all killers use detention (Identity NOED ver) they wanted 2 escape 2 kills as devs here and we got it.

  • MalazanMalazan Member Posts: 8
    edited September 2020

    As a killer main, I've actually found myself playing Survivor more since they removed the MMR. SWF from crossplay are way more toxic than anything I ever encountered as killer before (playing on Xbox). I used to literally play nothing but killer and now I can usually only play a couple of games before I come off and play something else.

    Oh yeah, I play solo queue as Survivor and I've been tunnelled and face camped as well, I don't condone this behaviour.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    Yeah, I turned off crossplay almost immediately... games were toxic, mismatched and unappealing.

    Never found tunneling or face camping the appropriate method for handling any situation in a match, either.

    I like the idea of the killer who is completely fed up with being a puppet for the entity and doing the entity’s bidding, an jus wants to have a fun time with the survivors.

    Isn’t it sadly amusing how they watch the survivors running to freedom, yet they’re barricaded from that very sensation by the big boss’ tentacles.

    Imaging all the killers teaming up to dispose of the entity so they can go back to a peaceful life, without someone telling them they’re forced to be maniacal murderers for the rest of their existence is pleasing, imo.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 2,045

    "I don’t expect people to care"

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • EqMonkVeeshanEqMonkVeeshan Member Posts: 416

    yea solo Queing as survivors is such a nightmare in balance because there is no balance the killer sides just gotten way to strong. so i have opted to quit playing survivor and I am strictly playing killer and i plan to play the most scummy possible killer I can be I will camp tunnel and destroy your fun as much as possible. with the entire goal being to drive away players from the game. lets fire up the campfire and make some smores!

  • BellizzBellizz Member Posts: 13
    edited September 2020

    Imagine thinking that all of your games are filled with campers and tunneling. That's just bias perspective.

    As a killer 99% of my games are DS, BT, Unbreakable, DH and a 2/2 split of purple flashlights and med kits. I hear the click clack of the flashlight overpowering my headphones while simultaneously staring at a survivor either running circles after dropping their 4th pallet of that chase or tea bagging until I initiate the break pallet animation.

    After breaking 11 pallets and getting 3 hooks I'm chasing my last survivor when boom adrenaline kicks in and off they go...only to be greeted by their 3 friends halfway to the gate who are body blocking and coordinating blind attempts.

    Do they leave? No. They tea bag at the gates.

    Now remember this is 99% of my games.

  • MalazanMalazan Member Posts: 8

    I would say, before crossplay, this was about 50% of my games. When MMR was active, I'd usually have a good game, followed by one of these. Now, if I see more than one crossplay survivor, I might as well leave the lobby.

  • TheShocktorTheShocktor Member Posts: 133

    It's always funny to me to see these posts. The game is so survivor sided that if you're having trouble it says more about you than the killer. All survivors have to do is run a meta build and run to the over abundance of pallets and various other loops on the map over and over while the rest of the team rushes gens. I don't and never will feel sorry for any survivors. Killers do what they have to do and run whatever they have to run to try and counter the survivors bs then you see the survivors crying about it here. DBD has to be there only asymmetrical mp game where the "power role " is anything but. Probably not a popular opinion but nobody can change my mind and I can't change yours. So the cycle continues. Such is the dbd experience. If you wanna leave more power to you, but I'd bet my last dime you, just like the rest of us, will always crawl back. Maybe not today or tomorrow but you'll be back.

  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 688

    Maybe just take a break. There have been two times that I have taken a break from the game and sometimes it's needed. Come back in a month, for example and then decide. If you spend so much time and money on the game, don't give it up forever.

  • storydovestorydove Member Posts: 54

    Glad you are only taking a break.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    Then how do i survive most of the time as solo survivor?

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,963
    edited September 2020

    Wrong. I've been watching rank 1 since 2016 and I see the bloodbaths. These survivors are not new, several hundred hours I am playing with dying and they are not necessarily making bad plays. They shouldn't be dying so easy every match. The killers are too fast, too many aura perks, too many slowdown perks, not enough defenses on maps anymore, and killers have way too much of an upper hand in a solo game. Don't pretend it is not a problem!

    You are not.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,283

    camping and tunnelling are the two most effective tactics to kill a (single) survivor.

    Especially at low ranks, this translates to multiple kills, since survivors don't know where gens are / don't work on them for reasons / try to do crazy saves without BT.

    At high ranks this is slightly different, since you won't see face camping, but proxy camping, which is much more deadly. Problem is that proxy camping and tunnelling at high ranks are a by-product of swf teams and/or gen rushing → killers get conditioned to be awful, like slug even at 5 gens, because one mistake can lead to a total loss.

    With this in mind, since you are talking about face camping I have to assume you are low to mid rank.

    Now, there are two ways for you to have fun and counter these killers in low to mid rank: play swf with even a single team mate that has BT, or git gud and use a build that basically makes you self sufficient: borrowed time, decisive strike, unbreakable, deliverance - you make sure you are not the first one to be hooked, then you go for a save even against a face camper, and then you are golden.

    ...or play Civilization 5.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,283

    also I completely agree with you. swf and merciless killers go hand in hand, but there's just no solution to this.

    We will never have separate queues, and we'll never have a "swf" icon on the pre-lobby screen so... everybody will just assume the worst.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    How will you know ? You dont have to right to talk abour stuff like that you know nothing about. Just because you lose everytime, it doesnt mean everyone loses everytime. I win 70-80% of my solo survivor games and you cant change that fact.

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